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  • Delicious Perfection – Thank you

    Currently I am setting up little reminders for the morning of things to do and todays was ‘look in attic for mobile phone case and Louise Hay Book “You Can Heal Your Life” as I have a current illness and a painful foot and I know deep down this is indicating some imbalance in my psyche showing up in […]

  • 2014 Curve ball for the better

    Whoa we’ll 2014 didn’t start how I expected but reviewing the first few days it’s not looking so bad. On New Years Eve I saw this picture and thought I Am having some of that. I decided to take daily action and build little rituals and document them. I feel I Am making progress. I truly […]

  • Are there 7 billion different Universes plus?

    Are the Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars) judges proof of ultimate Universes? The other day I considered, could my actual energy affect the physical world by my experiences I Am currently having or Am I actually just viewing my own personal individual physical world because of my current situations? Sometimes because of my attitude to […]

  • Even when we think we are alone, we’re NOT !!

    I was becoming aware that as my working week was so crazy there was no time for anything else. It was the normal box style living that I do NOT want Soooooo much and if there is no room for anything else how do I work on myself to get out of the box? Yesterday […]

  • Other peoples LOA is Buzzy

    This morning I came into work and a colleague felt compelled to tell me of a series of events that appear they will turn out very fortuitous to there grandson. They explained how their grandson who is starting out in a music career had a gig on Saturday evening and when they arrived it was a far from favorable venue and […]