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  • The Biology of Belief

    When I woke up this morning I spotted a post about Noel Edmunds getting back lash about suggesting that negative thinking can create cancer. I was pleasantly surprised to read the comments under this post were mainly positive and in agreement and if anyone has read or listened to anything by Bruce Lipton or read […]

  • I Love Lucy

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times –                                                                                      […]

  • Stress Makes You Thick

    Pollyanna is back Even Pollyanna had her down days but it was the love of the people that she showed kindness to that helped her back. It was me showing love to me that brought me back. Being authentic to myself. Acknowledging I deserve better and standing up for myself despite the consequences is an […]

  • Oooo !! Excited about being born

    I am tingling with anticipation about being born For a long time I have focused on stories about people finding success in later life. I especially focus on this when I am struggling, feeling like giving up or angry at myself for not achieving certain things after all these years and thankfully I hardly do […]

  • I Feel a shift 2

      A few months ago I wrote the blog post “I Feel a Shift” because I had started to notice a happiness habit-forming despite of all the usual negative media we are bombarded with and asked the question was anyone else seeing too? I was seeing adverts on TV with a more positive slant. One […]

  • I’m just winding up Baby !!

      I Am approaching 50, well in less than two years and several people I know have recently passed this milestone and what I have noticed is their conversation content. One is constantly referring to limitations they believe they have and always contribute it to ‘Well you know I am 50 now’ Another is consciously […]

  • Happy Meat Suit

    Or rather I am not a meat suit Today I chose the attached Bruce Lipton YouTube video to listen to on the way to work … I knew I couldn’t listen to it all on my commute (I don’t work on Mars) but I always follow my instincts when they say “Pick that one, pick […]

  • The Biology Belief

    This is the video I chose to listen to as my morning motivational material. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjj0xVM4x1I Just prior to listening I overheard on the TV a Pop Singer in the UK has chosen to call her Tour “Entanglement” as she is interested in Physics and is considering studying it and she likes to keep her mind […]