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Never Say Never !!!

Never Say Never !!!

One big hurdle in my life has been overcoming my poor money mindset

This one goes deep and I have watched YouTube videos by the gorgeous Christie Marie Sheldon and I know where it originated from

I’ve read numerous books. Done affirmations but I’m still not Rockefeller

But wait ……..

Yesterday I caught myself subconsciously…… subconsciously doing something positive !!!

Something triggered me to think about my credit card bill and I instantly had an overwhelming sick, hot feeling and then my mind instantly exchanged that thought with a positive affirmation and I caught myself doing it.

I recently started reading Jack Canfield “The Success Principles” and in there I read about someone who keeps a Victory log and logs the smallest triumphs both business and personal ie: getting his son to tidy his room

I see this as a huge Victory for me and proof that I can change my mindset over money. Maybe slowly but surely and slowly is better than Never !!

As if validation … I was listening to “The 4 Year Career” by Richard Bliss Brooke and it came on to the success stories and it came on to a story about (Jordan Adler author of Beach Money) and maybe wording it differently but basically it said Jordan had massive credit card debts where he used his cards to attend seminars and buy stock for his Network Marketing Companies he was investing in and he saw his credit card debt as a necessary I won’t say it ….. a necessary requirement at the time shall I say to invest in the knowledge he needed to get him to where he needed to be and he never gave up on his pursuit despite numerous routes that didn’t work. I won’t say failure following the Edison analogy and now he is very wealthy and successful.

The card I was thinking of is my highest payment because I used it for something similar. I invested in B School with Marie Forleo and that investment is priceless as the resource is there constantly and ever year as an Alumni you get to do it all over again with the new B Schoolers. Something I highly recommend on all counts because I did it this year and I saw how much my knowledge etc had improved from last year which is a huge positive enforcement in itself.

And if I needed any more enforcement, every morning I put on YouTube as I dress and listening to something motivational and this morning tapping on one video and accidentally jumped on the video below …… or did I ??? 🙂

What ever you are doing to change or improve Never Say Never because once you take a positive step to improve something you can never go back to the person you were before you made that step.

You are truly a New Person

Have a good day. Much Love

Ali P x

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You are Awesome for a reason


My mind is hard to tame sometimes and while “trying” to focus on a task it sparks off ideas and it feels like speech bubbles are literally popping up above my head and then I am in this mental tug of war.

Stay on the game – do it now – stay on the game – DO IT NOW !!!

Just like now when I am watching a Marie Forleo – B School video and my mind is coming up with this post and “Do it Now” won despite trying to stay focused on the task in hand however if I didn’t do it now I know the moment would be lost and the method/content I want to convey would be lost (or at least not as effective).

I have a habit I try to stick to daily of listening to something inspirational first thing in the morning. This used to be from my YouTube app on my phone on my commute which has adapted to YouTube on my TV app as I dress and recently instead of searching I have picked the first of the recommended having Faith in the Universe that this is meant for my ears and the other day I heard Earl Nightingale talk of a man who took (in his 60’s) his ideas that his employers wouldn’t let him develop and turned them into a multimillion dollar business.

This stuck with me and reminded me how in various jobs/roles I have had ideas that I felt would improve the company but weren’t appreciated or developed because …. “that’s not how we do things around here” or “things are working fine as they are” “we don’t like change here” etc.

I love change. I love personal development but I tried to stay compliant. I tried to shut down my ideas, my thinking, to stay in the role but eventually it worked against my nature and my well-being and I or the Universe conspired my exit and boy am I so glad !!!

Those ideas are implanted in you for a reason. They are what makes you “YOU” so never suppress it like I did. They are your individual Awesomeness. Your reason for being and when they come embrace them in the moment.

Jot them down on some spare paper laying around and stick them in your pocket or write them on your hand but remember to still jot them on paper at the earliest convenience before you wash your hands (if you know what I means :0 ).   Voice note them, set a reminder with a note attached on your phone to revisit them asap. With todays technology the varieties are endless to capture what could be your million dollar idea or just your opportunity to not work for people who shut down your uniqueness.

If you can relate to this I would love you to comment and let me know.



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Twisted Happy Song List – 20/02/2016

Bit of a twist on the Happy List today and instead of 3 Happy Songs today I am replacing them with three video’s that help me or make me feel happy and re-energized and get me back on track and reconnected to the Source.

No. 1 = Louise Hay – ‘I Can Do It – The Power of Affirmations’

I have listened to the video more than any other video on YouTube and the results after I have listened to it are incredible.

No. 2 = Wayne Dyer – The Shift

On the second on January 2015 I bought a ticket to see Wayne Dyer in London on October 1st. If you are a fan or aware of Wayne you will know that he passed away in August 2015. Just over a month before I was due to see him. I was in London when I saw the news and I was getting so excited about being in the same room as his energy I could not process what my eyes were showing me at first. Thankfully there was a Tribute to Wayne that I attended that was hosted by Anita Moorjani and Rob Holden and was a real gift. Talking of gifts. We were given free books that evening and I haven’t read a flesh and blood book since 2011 so I was given mine away as gifts however I hand three left and instinct said “It is time to give yourself a gift” and yesterday I started to read my physical version of “The Power of Intention” and I must say it feels quite nice to actually hold a book and a red pen to underline with rather than a tablet with finger poised to swipe.

If you haven’t watched this film, it is probably one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself.

No. 3 = Marie Forleo interview with Elizabeth Gilbert – How to Live a Creative Life

I had heard of the book and film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ but I didn’t actually watch the film until after watching this interview but I am glad it worked out this way. When I watched this interview I was inspired to buy Big Magic instantly and write several blog posts as Elizabeth was like cream for my soul.

What is cream for you soul? Maybe some of the above will become ‘Cream for your Soul’.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I Love you ALL.


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I Love Lucy


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – 

                                                                                                                   Charles Dickens

As I child I was fascinated when I heard that the majority of our brains are unused and marvelled at the idea of tapping into the untapped. We all thought that right ?

My best times are when I remember that I am an infinite being having a human experience and I have the capacity to tap into the All and life just flows like liquid bliss and my worst times are when I am being human and forgetting I am infinite. Then I am treading through excruciating mud. But we all do that, right?

Recently I did a worksheet exercise in a book I am reading “The Fire Starter Sessions’ by Danielle LaPorte which I bought after listening to an interview with Danielle on Marie TV (Marie Forleo) where you are at the most awesome life changing cocktail party ever with the most interesting empowering people who all want to contribute to your career and then there are a set of questions what, where, when type of stuff now that you have these awesome people at your finger tips and what I found is I am still that little girl who wants that brain tapping power.

Actually in the words of Craig David (just awesome that he’s making a come back by the way) – can I have a rewind.

I have absolutely no doubt about that power potential of my and while I still have human mud wrestling days where it is more like tap out than tap in actually what I wanted/want to do is share that message to as many people about the capacity we all have available to us.

After carrying out that task I had an exciting thought or should I say feeling. I felt that some day soon the world will wake up and what feels alien to most, if in fact they are even aware of it at all will be the norm and we will be using our infinite power source at 100% capacity, 100% of the time.

So why I love Lucy?

The other day needing to give my awesome brain a break from filtering through endless information I decided to download a film with no real idea of what it entailed. Instinct drew my attention to “Lucy”. Not sure why but learning from reading “The Richest Man in Babylon I remembered to take advantage of opportunity.

I started watching when my partner came home unexpectedly early and sensing it wouldn’t be his cup of tea I switched off saving it for later. Later came and the other half was flipping through our TV planner and saw Lucy asking had I watched it?

I explained I was only 10 minutes in. He then said someone he knew put on Facebook it was the worst film they had seen and that it was 90 minutes of their life they wouldn’t get back. He said shall I delete it and save us the same fate?

He deleted it but instinct would not let this baby go and our TV system has the ability to bring back from the dead ie: undelete deleted and as fate would have it he later told me in bed that it was boys pool night the next evening.

I remember reading in a Greg Kuhn’s book once and example of two people going to the cinema and one thinking it was the best movie they had ever seen and the other, the worst and it was an analogy of how everything we experience is a perception. It has always stuck with me and while I am not going to take responsibility for your watching it if you so choose but I loved it.

I love how movies have messages in them or maybe they don’t and maybe I am reading too much into them but I saw messages in Lucy telling the viewer of how we never really die if they haven’t ever heard that before. The energy source that we are made up of is infinite and everywhere – basic quantum physics or law of attraction stuff which ever definition floats your boat and now that you know that you human tuning fork you what are you going to do with your unlimited capacity?

What are you going to manifest? What are you going to use your capacity for or on? I’d love to know !!!!


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I’m a coffee Revel and proud

Coffee revels

I have previously mentioned that I was in London recently. I was on a Training course which left me quite deflated afterwards. It made me feel that being me was wrong and that I should tame down my personality traits but that felt wrong and made me think ‘do I want to be in a job that is saying I need to compromise my personality?’

Then I wrote a post about being the girl on the right and something happened after that, that felt like something was saying ‘you shouldn’t be proud of your individuality, join the girls on the left’.

You can probably tell by ‘The secret of not being judged’ that I didn’t concern myself about it to long but when I listened to the video below it just confirmed all my beliefs.

You have probably heard that the Universe is sending us messages all the time to support us with what ever is going on. It could be the next person we meet, a book we hear about or …………… a video on YouTube !!

You’ll have to watch the video yourself but when I heard a particular piece at the end my initial thought was I am a ‘Coffee Revel’ and proud.

I know some of my followers are not from the UK but here we have some confectionery called Revels and it is often commented on how people hate getting the coffee ones but I love the coffee ones so here I go again with no intention at all being the girl on the right again and the video contained here within is telling me that is absolutely fine.

And if I was an ice cream I would be coffee and walnut yum yum.

What ice cream flavor are you ???

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A Perfect Moment

perfect moment image

Just now I literally wanted to burst in to tears because I had a perfect moment.

No I hadn’t won the lottery or been offered a million pound contract to sit at home and blog or, or, or.

I was just reminded that where I am right now is exactly where I am meant to be.

The other day I blogged about wanting to eat a shit sandwich and I nearly blogged a post called “Mind Your Language” and that was completely unrelated to what I am writing here …… or is it?

“Mind Your Language” was inspired about spending the weekend with loved ones and hearing them say habitual negative comments without even knowing but me knowing the power of the Universe and the power of our spoken and unspoken words how dangerous this can be.

Habitual comments about age, habitual self put downs etc.

“What do you expect, that’s bound to happen at my age” Bollocks !!!

“I have a terrible memory, there is nothing I can do about it” Bollocks !!!

“It’s easier to lose weight when you are young and harder when you are older” Bollocks

“Your trouble is you are to fussy, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, lower your standards” Bollocks. (This wasn’t aimed at me by the way).

Only if you buy into this crap and believe it.

I love my family and extended family but I know at this present moment in time there is no point in trying to explain the power of thought but the worlds coming around. I see evidence every day.

I heard not just once but several times from various different self-aware people “You become the sum of the 5% of the people you surround yourself with” advising to choose careful, be aware of this fact and not get drawn in or distance yourself from negative influences.

Right from the earliest age I felt isolated from my peers etc because I seemed to have different inspirations and aspirations and not much has changed but now we have the luxury of finding our crowd online so it doesn’t bother me what my 5% are because they bring so much more to the party that I love.

However I am still guilty of believing the hype, falling into the old patterns, not minding my language and bringing on a huge shit sandwich in my direction.

It probably started about 3 weeks back now but I wasn’t aware then that this gradual process of letting the negative mind worms gnawing at my brain was happening but the spiral really happened towards the end of last week when I went in to victim mode and joined in the negative party posse conversations.

Was I really expecting things to get better by doing this?

As the anxiety I was putting myself through grew I did try putting sticking plasters on it like listening to Dr Wayne Dyers ‘Erroneous Zones” audio on YouTube on the way to work. Reading motivational material and saying affirmations and asking for assistance from the infinite source and infinite part of me. Who knows how bad it would have got if I hadn’t done this but at the same time I was not minding my language and to the extend I was feeling sick with anxiety by Thursday afternoon.

Despite this I had asked the Universe for help with some topics and instinct said do this, this and this and the task I had to complete for that day went perfectly. One down only one to go. Well actually I am not giving myself credit because I was achieving tasks all the time and the fog was beginning to clear but all this really started to spiral the previous week when I missed a deadline and read an email a certain way and I let self-doubt begin to fester.

I wish it could be 6 months time and I had more knowledge, I wish I had the knowledge and experience of my peers, they are so much better than me. Why is it that I am working and working and keep running out of time? What am I doing wrong? I must be really crap at this? I’ve never failed in a role before, I wish I could win the lottery so I don’t have to be accountable to a boss, I wish I was self-employed so I could be my own boss. Welcome to my pity party.

On Monday I had found an invitation to a 121 with my boss for the Friday PM and immediately felt it was to berate me for my poor performance on the missed deadline completely forgetting the fact that this has been the most loving, fantastic supportive, motivational boss I have ever had and always felt inspired and energised after speaking to them. I wasn’t minding my language and letting self-doubt win and comparing myself to everybody else so no I couldn’t recall all these facts or previous interactions.

The reality was – none of the stuff I had imagined happened. None of the stuff I expected to get raised got raised and all the things that happened in our previous interactions happened and then some and there were reasons for the 121 that were completely unrelated and one of the main reasons was that my bosses boss who was the other person who interviewed me as well as my boss was concerned about a comment I had made that showed I had doubt in myself and they wanted to check I was OK and reassure me that I was OK and I knew this stuff and reminded me off all the things that I bring to the party that my peers who have been in the job longer don’t have and what an asset I am.

That’s not the perfect moment (even though it was pretty awesome). The prefect moment came after listening to the video I am going post below.

I was stood in my kitchen area in my partially completed house looking at the chaos that I usually hate with a coffee in my hand, wearing my partners dressing gown (not sexy at all but warmer than mine) not-self employed, not a millionaire blogger but it is OK. This is exactly where I am supposed to be at this point of time, I’m ok and things are working out perfectly.

As the video shows I am not alone in my recent feelings, sadly not even close to being alone but thankfully these days we have our Online Family with the right language to bring us back on track.

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I nearly peed myself while I wanted to eat a Sxxt sandwich 


Inspiration to blog hits me in varying rates and sometimes its non stop in the most inappropriate moments with no practical time to live stream my thoughts into a physical written word.

Today it hit me whilst driving and I grabbed my laptop the instant I walked through the door.

The content was my previous blog post regarding internet V Universe where I documented about Mike Dooleys example of how the Universe can bring you a desire.

I believe the adage ‘there are no accidents’.

So instead of accidentally I will say ‘I pressed most appropriate button at that point in time’.

The other day I found (at the most appropriate moment) some tutorials on YouTube about MacBooks and I have been hooked ever since. It never dawned on me to look for tutorials before but that was another series of appropriate moments and I try to watch as many as I can when ever I can and I wanted to try out something I learnt so I went on YouTube and just tapped on a window, any window just to try it out but as the words started to play out something struck me.

I am liking the sound of this material I will listen to this. Remember it was a completely random hit, or was it? Well it was on my part but was it so random on the Universes part?

I can’t really articulate or won’t for your sake the whole interview so I have included it before but OMG. The information I heard got me so excited I nearly peed my pants.

I have dreams like we all do and I start but then fear, self-doubts, lack of confidence, perfectionism, anxiety gets in the way and they remain dreams.

What I heard in the content below made me realise that I am not the only one to feel like this and more surprisingly was to hear people who appear fearless have exactly the same feelings I outlined above. It’s normal, it’s not going away so what we need to do is find a work around and for me the information contained in that interview was the work around. I found it so inspiring I actually embraced the thought of eating the Sxxt sandwiches that come with following your dreams and bought the authors book “Big Magic” instantly, thanks to the power of the internet.

PS: Catch the Speech on YouTube that Marie refers to as that will make you want to pee your pants as well.

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