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My Happy Song is Yazz

I am grateful for all the words I have read by the amazing authors over the last 15 years or so since being handed Susan Jeffers “Feal the Fear and Do It Anyway”

My circumstances may not have changed much on the outside but over the past few days I have come to learn I have definitely changed mentally because if I had to face what I have faced before reading the books I have read and more so since reading ‘The Secret’ in 2010 I would have been an emotional puddle right now.

Two days ago my partner and I were meant to fly to Jamaica for a dream holiday and my daughters wedding but instead it is 5am as I write this and I am laying in bed after having surgery following breaking my leg in three places just by carrying out such a mundane task as carrying out the trash.

Yes I was heart broken and in devistating disbelief at first with the multitude ofconnotations.   Missing such a presious time, not being there for my daughter, depriving her of my partner giving her away, not being able to continue temporarily with the course I have been training for, loss of income etc however despite going through these feelings almost instantaneously I felt there must be a purpose and I have met twi people in unexpected circumstances who have asked me the same question and I have constantly reminded myself nobody has died and there are people far worse off.

I have also noticed crazy amounts of Little LOA’s in action as I call them when I see the Law of Attraction at play in my life. One being, I have recently thought how nice it would be to have a swanky camper van and having the time luxury to travel to see numerous amazing places and as we are traveling to the hospital yesterday morning shortly before arriving we follow a brand new swanky camper van with ‘LOA’ in the registration place ?.

There was a possibility of permanent nerve damage following the op and I sensed anxiety in the staff as more and more time passed and I couldn’t move my toes or feel their touch and I began to feel it rise in me but refusing to be ruled by fear because I feel that subconscious fears may have been a contributor to my situation. At 3am I Asked for the ability to move my toes and went to sleep making positive statements regarding my health and I woke an hour later with this little piggy going wee wee wee all the way home.
I then chose a Bob Proctor meditation from my YouTube app to aid me to sleep and instead of making me sleepy it has inspired me to think “The Only Way is Up”

Maybe this time recuperating I will finally write my book and start to make artwork again.  

Happy Song just because


I haven’t posted recently because I have been flat out investing in myself and using every spare moment.

I am currently employed but retraining to gain a skill and qualification to enable me to do something in a self-employed capacity and this is only a facilitation to the next step.

As long as I am breathing I shall be learning and growing.

I have been getting up early to study my books and to take my tests before embarking on my current paid job and meeting my Trainer in the evenings and at weekends.

My Trainer told me this week he had not known another candidate in his time of Training who had progressed as much as me at this point in the syllabus which just goes to show if you want something, anything bad enough it is possible.

On the drive home this song came on the car stereo. I was already buzzing but this heightened the intensity.

I thought ‘ahh this is a good one for a song list’ and it made me think. I wonder how much listening to Happy Music contributes to raising my vibration to a level that enables me to attract so much goodness in to my life?

If you have read my other posts you will know I have a habit of listening to YouTube and inspirational videos as I commute, travel, shop. An idea I stole from Ali Brown and I was listening to a Bob Proctor video the other day about becoming anything you desire and sometimes the information you already know packaged in a different way with a new eye catching bow, grabs you attention.

It was actually a guest speaker on the video who talked about this all prevailing energy that we have in this Universe which I have no doubt exists and the speaker said “This energy is everywhere 100% of the time and if it is everywhere 100% of the time it is in you 100% of the time.” Now I have read many times about going within, the power in you etc, etc but to hear it is in us 100%, 100% of the time. Really struck me. Yes, yes !! Available to call on whenever, where ever I need it to assist me in anything and everything I require. To facilitate the next step and the next and the next. What have we really got to fear? Really ???

What would give you such a good feeling of total ecstasy?

Have you asked yourself that lately. Are you living it? If not, what’s stopping you?

Remember 100%, 100% of the time – just saying 🙂

Have an ecstatic day !!!

Happy Song List whenever

My WordPress appears to be having a ‘Brain Fart’ Sorry heard that analogy recently and it tickled my sense for humor 🙂

I nearly didn’t do a happy song list today due to what I have just mentioned as my WordPress appears to be publishing some of my lists on random days that don’t relate to pub date and made me question should I continue?

However I have had some likes to recent published lists so I thought I will continue as I ‘like’ the thought that the music I hear and like may have a positive effect on someone else. I was also aware that I may not always have the time to write a post everyday as I have a busy time coming up. I also hear songs in the car etc that make me happy and are not necessarily from the first three of the day which is having the habit of duplicating anyway so I might randomize the list and the subject.

For instance due to an unforeseen sequence of events my partner and I ended up in a Frankie & Benny’s on Saturday night and they were playing quite loud Motown and 50’s music and it made me think how many Happy songs there were in the 50’s ie:

and reminded me that while I respect the artists for their vocal talent a lot of the music I hear in the car can be quite negative and spend a lot of time station hopping to find something more joyful or I opt for my ‘if all else fails’ that I have on a CD permanently in the car =

and while I was youtubing Tutti Frutti I came across this that made me smile and bring back happy memories of watching Elvis films with my dad

Kindness extended, received or observed beneficially impacts the physical health and feelings of everyone involved 

Be aware that unkind thoughts weaken, and kind thoughts strengthen, your connection

                                                                                                                                                                   both taken from Wayne Dyer’s “The Power of Intention”

Happy Song List 06/03/2016

Good No.1 song to start the day with but not a wanna jump out of bed song. Just wanna wallow song. No.2 soon stopped that and No. 3 awesome !!!!

No. 1 = Crowded House – Don’t Dream it’s Over

However much it seems that your goals are never going to fulfilled ‘Don’t Dream it’s Over’ because – There is freedom within. We all have a power house inside us that the majority to forget to tap into. What dream are you going to ask for assistance with.

No. 2 = Eddie Cochran – C’mon Everybody

Perfect song to start the weekend and get the energy pumping – wooh (I love that bit)

No. 3 = Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

Don’t stop me now I am having such a good time (with my air guitar)

Whatever you’re doing this weekend I hope you are travelling at the speed of light towards what makes your energy feel supersonic 🙂

Happy Song List 04/03/2016

A lot of my happy songs are energetic or with powerful lyrics or both and sometimes they are just cream on my soul. Today is a mixture of both

No. 1 = Style Council – Speak Like a Child

When ever I hear anything Style Council my whole body just goes- ahhhhhhh

No. 2 = Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered 

When I hear Stevie’s voice on the intro I get goosebumps

No. 3 = Hazel O Connor – Decadent Days

I was (still am) always attracted to the strangely weird and wonderful like Hazel O Connor and David Bowie (RIP). The Universe through a little LOA in after I heard this song because I forgot that I had it and it hadn’t played on shuffle and it mentally took me down a trip down memory lane and wondered what happened to Hazel and then shortly after I had a quick peek on social media and there was Hazel on Facebook coming to a venue near me.

Have an LOA spotting day 🙂

Happy Song List 03/03/2016

Hope you enjoy and shake a tail feather to todays three Happy Songs 🙂

No. 1 = The Supremes – The Happening

It Happened to me and it can Happen to you. Realise that life is full of miracles and we attract it all to ourselves through the right guided thinking.

No. 2 = Ray Charles & The Blues Brothers -Shake a Tail Feather

Ray Charles is one of my hero’s and this baby …… well I’m not sure if it is something I should admit to but usually I dance with my daughters too this one when we’re just messing around.

No. 3 = Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

Always good for a bit of chair dancing, car dancing or anywhere dancing. Just makes those boxes baby …. big or small and you are connected to Radio Universe.

Push the Feeling UP today, not down 🙂

Happy Song List 02/03/2016

I dare you “not” to shimmy to these beauties 🙂

I am not as daring as Pam Grout to erupt into spontaneous dance in public places yet (apart from my car in full view of other drivers) but I do totally agree with the gorgeous Pam about the benefits of dance and the ability it has to raise your energy and enable you to connect to Radio Universe (or the FP as Pam calls it) and not ‘Radio i’m going GaGa with all this negativity’

No. 1 = Mark Ronson (Feat. Bruno Mars) – Uptown Funk

No. 2 = Alesha Dixon – The Boy Does Nothing

No. 3 = Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight

Oh wait !! Now I think about it I may have done a little two step in a supermarket isle as I listened to Olly ;0

Watch out for Pam’s post I am going to reblog straight after I posted this.

Have a great day on the dance floor of life everyone ……………………….. love you all !! 🙂

Happy Song List 01/03/2016

This is where I’ve realised how weird and eclectic my Happy List is. I won’t say any just see for yourself. Enjoy

No. 1 = Kirsty MacColl – In These Shoes?

1.26 minutes in is when I think I can Salsa 😉

No. 2 = Paul & Paula – Hey Paula

First heard this song song in the film “Animal House ” which I only watched once but where I fell in love with Donald Sutherland ahhhh !!!! Some think Kiefer has the ahhh factor but for me it is always Dad !! Love the discussion about atoms and the Universe.

No. 3 = D Train – You’re The One For Me

If you could eat music with a spoon I would lap this one up. Just listening to it takes away my every fear and transports me to another dimension called Boogie Wonderland

Happy Song List 28/02/2016

I do have my Play Lists on shuffle but even on shuffle the Universe said it is Van Morrison day. It was a Van Morrison sandwich with another song in between but I decide to take the Universe’s lead and make it Van Morrison Day. Enjoy

No. 1 = Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

Just love this song. It’s simple as that.

No. 2 = Van Morrison = Days Like This

It is a sandwich. A sponge sandwich and heres the cream and jam in the middle

No. 3 = Van Morrison – Bright Side of the Road

It may appear an odd happy memory but one rainy Saturday afternoon my daughters and I watched the film Micheal with John Travolta. We blubbed our eyes out but when the film ended and they played Van Morrison we were all happy again, so when ever I here this song it reminds me of that rainy afternoon and it makes me happy.

Happy Sunday Everyone 🙂

Happy Song List 26/02/2016

Let’s go old skool

Here’s one to shake your melon’s to. If you brought them of course 😉

Have an amazingly high vibrational day.

No. 1 = The Contours – Do You Love Me?

I won’t say anything else. I think I said enough above.

No. 2 = The Temptations – Get Ready

Go on, tell me you didn’t copy the moves. Please say ‘Yes, just a little bit’

No. 3 = The Velvelettes – Needle in a Haystack

Finding a positive person in your everyday goings on can be like looking for a needle in a haystack but don’t let them get you down.

See you tomorrow 🙂