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  • And Breathe …

    And breathe … There have been some very long days this week as I attempt to finish the majority of the Christmas orders and honestly frustration as many took longer than expected But there have also been positives as decisions have been made that sooth my soul With the full backing of my partner as […]

  • Stop it !! Stop it right now !!

    Stop it !! Stop it right now !!

    Stop it !! Stop it right now !! Stop expecting perfection !! Why, why, why do people expect perfection on the first attempt? So I am not great with reality TV and on screen drama and bitchiness but I saw this program recommended and as it was about luxury property and I love architecture and […]

  • Be More Like Elsa … and let it go

    Be More Like Elsa … and let it go

    Ali here, AKA the Law of Attraction Lover and I am just going straight to the point because I believe certain people need to hear this Ok I lied, I’m not sure if you are aware I now have a podcast that is called The Fab Over Forty show so if you prefer listening the […]

  • It’s finally time and I Am so Excited !! 😆

    It’s finally time and I Am so Excited !! 😆

    It’s finally time and I am so excited 😆 What are you Passionate about? I’m passionate about helping others using or finding their Passions to unlock a future of Freedom by using my skills and expertise to hone in on what makes individuals tick and then taking the pressures off of setting that up into […]

  • Edges are fine

    Edges are fine

    Edges feel scary They can cause us to reverse But edges are good …. If … We can see them for what they are … Signs we are growing … Transforming Every-time we grow we interact with the new and unknown and it can FEEL scary Don’t be scared It’s just a sign A sign […]

  • Jealousy is Your Friend

    Jealousy is Your Friend  The things you are jealous about are the Desires The Divine or Universe (enter any preferred choice of word) put in your heart A pang of jealousy is a signal you don’t have those desires in your life Your desires are not wrong. See Jealousy as your friend reminding you what you […]

  • I had a Vision but now what is happening? …

    I had a Vision but now what is happening? …

    What ideas have you NOT acted on because You could not see how it could  possibly manifest or it seemed so far out of reach in time, space and reality?

  • One simple thing changed my life …

    One simple thing changed my life …

    When I followed “Inspired Action” to get up a few minutes earlier every day and “write” 3 things “I Am” Grateful for every morning I couldn’t have anticipated the impact that small action would have on me.

  • Let’s be honest !! I Am Not the finished article

    Did you know while Napoleon Hill was researching and writing Think and Grow Rich he was himself, not rich and had many, many trials and tribulations and financial disasters and it took him over 20 years to interview the most successful people in the world to learn their secrets so he definitely was not an […]


    It’s a journey, not a destination and even when you try to trick yourself to think You have reached a destination it may only be the beginning of another journey What I love about Gabrielle Bernstein the most is something she said in one of her books Super Attractor that has stuck with me and […]