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  • Stop it !! Stop it right now !!

    Stop it !! Stop it right now !!

    Stop it !! Stop it right now !! Stop expecting perfection !! Why, why, why do people expect perfection on the first attempt? So I am not great with reality TV and on screen drama and bitchiness but I saw this program recommended and as it was about luxury property and I love architecture and […]

  • Be More Like Elsa … and let it go

    Be More Like Elsa … and let it go

    Ali here, AKA the Law of Attraction Lover and I am just going straight to the point because I believe certain people need to hear this Ok I lied, I’m not sure if you are aware I now have a podcast that is called The Fab Over Forty show so if you prefer listening the […]

  • It’s finally time and I Am so Excited !! 😆

    It’s finally time and I Am so Excited !! 😆

    It’s finally time and I am so excited 😆 What are you Passionate about? I’m passionate about helping others using or finding their Passions to unlock a future of Freedom by using my skills and expertise to hone in on what makes individuals tick and then taking the pressures off of setting that up into […]

  • Jealousy is Your Friend

    Jealousy is Your Friend  The things you are jealous about are the Desires The Divine or Universe (enter any preferred choice of word) put in your heart A pang of jealousy is a signal you don’t have those desires in your life Your desires are not wrong. See Jealousy as your friend reminding you what you […]

  • Why Pooh is My Motivator to Manifest

    In this episode I explain why pooh motivates me to see what I don’t want so I can know what I do want and how contrast is natural and it is also good for us to focus our Intentions  A year previously from recording this episode I was just dealing with my shop being vandalised […]

  • Your Net Worth is in Direct Relationship to Your Self Worth

    “Your Net Worth Is in Direct Relation to Your Self Worth” If people do not appreciate the value of your product or service…. That’s OK … they are not “Your Ideal Client” I recently I took this affirmation from Catherine Ponders book 📚 “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” tweaked it slightly and write it in […]

  • Followers Please Read

    OMG I love you All To All the Followers of The Law of Attraction Lover I have moved Since becoming a qualifed Advanced Law of Attraction Practioner I have transferred by blog from to as I am building LOALover into a proper website instead of blog only as I have other projects besides […]

  • Wave like Your Life Depends on It

    I just noticed I have subconsciously started waving very enthusiastically when I greet people The other day I heard the quote “women over 50 don’t wave, right” 🤔 I sat puzzled for a second. Then I waved. Went thoughtful and then got the lightbulb 💡 Oh woman over 50 shouldn’t wave because of bingo wings […]

  • Monday Motivation

    I Love Monday’s and my wish for today is that I motivate 1 person to also Love Monday’s Ask your self what it is you most desire and believe it is possible Write it down as a goal and ask the question “what is the one thing I can do today to step towards it?” […]

  • Who are they anyway

    I started reading personal development books in the late 90’s I learn’t about The Law of Attraction in 2010 I started listening to motivational videos in 2012 I started implementing Personal Development as consistently as possible then made it a daily practice However I didn’t share these practices with others concerned of peoples reaction to […]