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  • Who are they anyway

    I started reading personal development books in the late 90’s I learn’t about The Law of Attraction in 2010 I started listening to motivational videos in 2012 I started implementing Personal Development as consistently as possible then made it a daily practice However I didn’t share these practices with others concerned of peoples reaction to […]

  • Have I mastered my Money Mindset

    As the name says I am The Law of Attraction Lover and I believe it , love it, use it, get it to work for me but Money or should I say Mega Money … Blaaaaa !!! That’s a discription of my stomach rolling over at the thought of it. I literally told myself I […]

  • Captain Joy

    Today Matthew I Am Captain Joy, Over !! Migraine, Stinking Cold (never get colds) fall down stairs on Monday (still see & feel the effects of the bruises) dodgy digestive system since Tuesday I think mentally I feel fine but I believe physical conditions are connected to emotional unrest so today I am on project […]

  • Don’t need hump days

    Today I am going with the Tom Ford because….. Just because it felt like a Tom Ford day and it’s my favourite Don’t save your favourite things for special occasions Tell yourself everyday you are worth it. Go first class in your life and the Universe will respond with a first class life #dontneedhumpdays #loalover […]

  • You are not an impostor, you are awesome

    The last couple days I have been getting excited that B-School is coming up soon and I get to take it again for the third year running and forever. Once you are in your in but if you don’t want to be a B-schooler do yourself a favour get yourself on Marie’s MF insiders email […]

  • Don’t dream it – Goal it 😜

    The thoughts you think today are creating your future so think intentionally not by default So just for today what if you started focusing intentionally your thoughts on that dream you are capable of achieving but instead of calling it a dream reframe it and call it a goal. And then start to notice any […]

  • You Can Visualise

    My morning motivation from Youtube this morning was Wayne Dyer. This quote really struck me when I first read it. In which book, I am not sure as I have read so many Wayne Dyer books but I do or know I was sat on a Coach on my way back from London after spending […]

  • Meditate, Meditate, Meditate & then Meditate some more I can’t even remember the last time I posted on my blog ….. but that’s ok. I am acknowledging that, that is all part of the Experiment I am running on myself at the moment. Several weeks ago I was feeling complete overwhelm over a circumstance. More so than I had done for […]

  • Do not wait

    “Do not wait. The time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” Napoleon Hill I agree and disagree to a certain extent. Procrastination is the thief of time they say and that […]

  • Red Hot Minute

    “We can start over. Every day. We get second chances to become who we always wanted to be. We can leave our past behind or we can learn from it and honour it. We can decide it is never to late to change” I nicked the above from an episode of Greys Anatomy ages ago […]