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  • Happy Song List 03/03/2016

    Hope you enjoy and shake a tail feather to todays three Happy Songs 🙂 No. 1 = The Supremes – The Happening http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTMlexpWRBw It Happened to me and it can Happen to you. Realise that life is full of miracles and we attract it all to ourselves through the right guided thinking. No. 2 = […]

  • Happy Song List 23/02/2016

    Today’s tunes have a laid back all is fine vibe. Enjoy. No. 1 = The Supremes – Automatically Sunshine This song is automatic sunshine No. 2 = Jem – Just a Ride Last week I had some bad news and I challenged my thinking but then that news lead me to investigate an opportunity I […]