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Happy Song List 03/03/2016

Hope you enjoy and shake a tail feather to todays three Happy Songs 🙂

No. 1 = The Supremes – The Happening


It Happened to me and it can Happen to you. Realise that life is full of miracles and we attract it all to ourselves through the right guided thinking.

No. 2 = Ray Charles & The Blues Brothers -Shake a Tail Feather

Ray Charles is one of my hero’s and this baby …… well I’m not sure if it is something I should admit to but usually I dance with my daughters too this one when we’re just messing around.

No. 3 = Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

Always good for a bit of chair dancing, car dancing or anywhere dancing. Just makes those boxes baby …. big or small and you are connected to Radio Universe.

Push the Feeling UP today, not down 🙂

Happy Song List 23/02/2016

Today’s tunes have a laid back all is fine vibe. Enjoy.

No. 1 = The Supremes – Automatically Sunshine

This song is automatic sunshine

No. 2 = Jem – Just a Ride

Last week I had some bad news and I challenged my thinking but then that news lead me to investigate an opportunity I was ignoring and now I couldn’t be happier. I read over the weekend ‘Never judge any situation and be thankful for everything’ One because judging is a bad vibration and blocks good coming to you and two we never know what the real reason for this so called disaster maybe. I can certainly vouch for that and as the song says sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down

No. 3 = Booker T & The M.G’s

I was an incredibly shy child but I loved to dance and I suppose looking back my Mum was trying to help me overcome a little of that shyness and entered me in to a Holiday Camp Dance Competition as a teenager and ironically this is the song they played and I won the competition. Ironically? It is ironic as it was a Disco Dancing competition. I had never heard the song before but I do feel the rhythm when I hear music so I just let it flow.

Which is I guess what we should do with all aspects of life, go with the flow. As Jem tells us – ‘it’s just a ride’ any way.

Enjoy life’s Highway today 🙂