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The Magic Path of Intuition indeed



The other day rightfully so I was advised that miracles were actually the standard operating  procedure of the Universe however yesterday I noticed when I stopped believing in miracles they have appeared to stop happening.

However I am still aware of the magnificent power of the Universe and that we are being sent messages all the time.

Something I have been putting my energy in recently hasn’t worked as planned and I have been a little ‘Ok what next Universe’ whilst still holding my focus on thinking the perfect opportunity will arise at the perfect time and I shall have to accept that and accept that time may not be tomorrow or next week or the next decade. I reminded myself of my heroine ‘Louise L. Hay’ and how for Louise some of her achievements I admire she hadn’t achieved until she is older than I am now.

I never take any notice of adverts on the sides of Facebook but this afternoon something caught my eye. A book by Florence Scovel Shinn (The Magic Path of Intuition). Someone else I admire. ‘Do I have this book? I don’t recognise the cover.” I thought.

I decided to check both forms of eReaders I use. “Nope, not in my collection”

I have had several gut feelings today and the thought that I never take any notice of adverts and that Florence was referred to in another book I was reading only two nights ago made me think I should buy this book.

I just started reading it and there was a introduction by Louise Hay of how she felt a kinship towards Florence for a very long time and that this manuscript was only found in 2012 despite Florence passing in 1940 and how Hay House was approached as possibly the most appropriate publisher for this type of material and Louise wrote how she is still continuously astounded in how life works in wondrous ways.

If Louise L. Hay still gets astounded by the miraculous workings of the Universe I to am going to keep believing in miracles like the miraculous way this book came to my attention even if really it is actually the norma way of things.

We are ALL Miracle Magnets



Yesterday I wrote about flipping it, switching it. After hearing Jim Rohn say UNTIL after I nearly gave up on a dream  I decided to do something constructive and I switched it and flipped it and started to refocus on what I want, not want I don’t want.

After finishing reading “The Richest Man in Babylon” I decided to make a tick list of the recommended reading list and tick them once completing them. I had already prepped a reading list of 2016 but this was after reading several articles of how successful people are avid readers, Bill Gates being one of them so that every time a finish a book I add it to my list so I can actually see all the books I have read during 2016 and the first book I picked from the Babylon list was “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World” by William Walker Atkinson.

This gave me some good starting pointers as reminders to get back on track. You’ll have to read the book but I have adopted a couple new habits when ever fear or doubt creep in and that is to immediately switch it and say “I now have All the Courage of the Universe in me” and the other thing I say is when I think that I can’t have what I desire “I Am the Heiress of the Universe”.

My old subconsciously inherited Thought Forms are pretty darn stuck in those neural pathways and still require some conscious effort to switch and flip so I decided I needed to refocus on world view 2.0 not 1.0 so I dipped in to my kindle app to start rereading Pam Grouts “E:cubed” and make it playful.

In E:cubed Pam has added some communications that Pam received after writing E:squared (highly recommended if you haven’t read it) and it reminded me how people when faced with something they actually started saying they would ‘E:square it’ so yesterday after doing the ‘Happy Dance’ I decided to E:square things when faced with something that tried to flip me back to world view 1.0 and remember the Universe has our back 24/7 and to look for the miracles.

Well yesterday was filled with more miracles than I could shake a stick at and the Universe definitely has a sense of humour constantly sending me little messages to show we me that I am a human transmission tower with even the most random of thoughts creating an impact.

I decided this morning I would also adapt something else Pam does and before I get out of bed I would say “Something amazingly awesome is going to happen to me today !!”

Well it already has – My eldest daughter is getting married soon and I still haven’t got a dress. I’m not scared as I trusted that I would find a dress as I have always found something fantastic and perfect at very short notice on previous occasions however I was very disappointed when I found the perfect dress on line several months ago but it was late in the season and only stick insect sizes were left. I copied and pasted the dress name in to the internet but still the same – insect sizes only then this morning a series of events happened that made me come across the dress again in insect size but I don’t know why I felt inspired to copy and paste it again and also inspired me to click on available sizes. Could I being seeing right? This dress that I could not find for love or money previously was staring at me in my size and not only that, reduced to £90 of your British Pounds instead of the original £230.

I flipped it and switched it and I am now a Miracle Magnet.

My advise is read Pam’s books. Just by reading the books it changes your vibration to world view point 2.0.

Have a miraculous day

I nearly peed myself while I wanted to eat a Sxxt sandwich 


Inspiration to blog hits me in varying rates and sometimes its non stop in the most inappropriate moments with no practical time to live stream my thoughts into a physical written word.

Today it hit me whilst driving and I grabbed my laptop the instant I walked through the door.

The content was my previous blog post regarding internet V Universe where I documented about Mike Dooleys example of how the Universe can bring you a desire.

I believe the adage ‘there are no accidents’.

So instead of accidentally I will say ‘I pressed most appropriate button at that point in time’.

The other day I found (at the most appropriate moment) some tutorials on YouTube about MacBooks and I have been hooked ever since. It never dawned on me to look for tutorials before but that was another series of appropriate moments and I try to watch as many as I can when ever I can and I wanted to try out something I learnt so I went on YouTube and just tapped on a window, any window just to try it out but as the words started to play out something struck me.

I am liking the sound of this material I will listen to this. Remember it was a completely random hit, or was it? Well it was on my part but was it so random on the Universes part?

I can’t really articulate or won’t for your sake the whole interview so I have included it before but OMG. The information I heard got me so excited I nearly peed my pants.

I have dreams like we all do and I start but then fear, self-doubts, lack of confidence, perfectionism, anxiety gets in the way and they remain dreams.

What I heard in the content below made me realise that I am not the only one to feel like this and more surprisingly was to hear people who appear fearless have exactly the same feelings I outlined above. It’s normal, it’s not going away so what we need to do is find a work around and for me the information contained in that interview was the work around. I found it so inspiring I actually embraced the thought of eating the Sxxt sandwiches that come with following your dreams and bought the authors book “Big Magic” instantly, thanks to the power of the internet.

PS: Catch the Speech on YouTube that Marie refers to as that will make you want to pee your pants as well.

Dah Hello !!!



I hope the title doesn’t come across as to abrupt but the ‘Dah Hello’ is for me.

So many miracles happen to me now I am getting a little blazé about it.

The other day I did my usual commute habit of stubbing a finger at something on the watch list on my YouTube app, plugging in my headphones and off I go.

I have been everything Abraham-Hicks at the moment but it was a Louise Hay one this time.

OMG !!!

It was just the breath of fresh air I needed even though I wasn’t feeling stressed or anything but it just cranked up my vibration a notch.

I sent the link to a colleague who is having a hard time at the moment and thought it might help them improve their perspective a little.

If you want to check out what I felt so great about I’ve added the link below for you to see for yourself.


I then went up stairs to get ready to go for a walk and I was sat on the bed putting on my trainers when something moved my head sideways and I found myself looking at my vision board at the side of my bed.

At first I just stared at it blankly not really realising what I was focusing on at then I was all like “Omg , Dah hello”.

I was staring at a picture of a MacBook Pro something that the Universe delivered to me several weeks ago and I had completely forgotten I had placed it in my vision board and above that was a picture of two white Ducks.

No I don’t want two pet white Ducks but two white ducks had a very significant part in a stage of my career reassuring me that everything would be ok when I was in my infancy of understanding the Law of Attraction and as it happens I am at that place again so I saw this as no accident that something was making me aware that they were there on my vision board and reassuring me once again that everything would be ok and work out as it always inevitably does.

When I manifested the MacBook I felt inspired to email my story to Mollie Player and Mollie published the story a couple of weeks ago. See full story below


Sometimes I think I am making no progress when external subjects do not appear to have changed but I know something has changed when I am calm and happy almost all of the time whist others are talking and acting negatively and my vibration is not effected.

In some ways it is good I manifest miracles so often that I have become blazé about them but I don’t want to become so blasé I forget to be grateful for all the amazing things that have happened or I have acquired.

Another thing is my vision board looks a bit bare because I remove a picture once it has manifested so I need to fill all those blank spaces !!! How exciting Is that ? –  but this time I am going to fill it with images of clean drinking water in Africa and the eradication of Ebola etc.

I hope you are experiencing many miracles in your life too !!

Hand’s up I’m Human

quote-prints_14602-0 - Copy


With all my spouting about Joy and Happiness and the Law of Attraction and my observations of how it works (positively) in my life and try to help others allow it in to their lives and blaa blaa blaa !! A few weeks ago I let fear get into my heart and sure enough I attracted the thing I feared.

Acknowledging my mistake I asked the Big Kahuna for some help with this matter.

Not sure if it was really help or a cop-out, I got sick and have been sick for a few weeks. I’m on the mend now and the time at home has allowed me the luxury to work on myself and find ways of mastering (or slightly overcoming) my fear.

I saw the opportunity as “Right I’ll use this time productively and finally get my SxxT together and finish my book, and then I’ll self-publish it and then, and then and then and then”

Easy their Tiger. What I wasn’t acknowledging was ….. I was sick !!

And the more I tried to write the more I got distracted by other stuff, couldn’t concentrate or just didn’t have the energy.

It’s been hard but I have been making a practice of (trying) to let go and follow what inspires me to do in any given moment and trust that this is exactly what I need right there right then and Trust that everything is working out perfectly and my job is to what ever makes me feel good there and NOW.

I have watched films and read books and listened to inspirational material on YouTube and I can see a synchronicity in this as a theme has echoed throughout the material.

Always focus on the Solution, not the problem.

Following my instinct something I read made me think of the film Patch Adams, then I had the thought ‘I wonder if I can get Patch Adams on download on my TV?’ Seek and Ye shall find – Only a few minutes in I heard this fall off the sofa, stop, pause, “Did I just here what I think I heard”, rewind, “Yep I did” moment.

My last post was about a slap in the face I needed and can see despite all my efforts I have been definitely focusing on the problem more than the solution and then trying to change things from the vibration of still seeing I have the problem.

Abraham Hicks says that life is full of contrast and contrast is good because it is from the contrast of seeing what you don’t want you launch a rocket of desire about what you do want but you certainly won’t get what you do want whilst still focusing on the lack of not having what you do want and coming from a place of focusing on what you don’t want – Did you get that ?

If not maybe listen to this:


I was reading a lot of this before I watched Patch Adams so maybe that’s where I heard “Focus on the Solution” first but it has definitely a running theme and thanks to the material in the book I have been doing a lot of daily practices that have helped me focus on raising my ‘Disc’ and last night as I was going to sleep out of nowhere I had an amazing Rampage of Appreciation experience that literally felt amazing so I must be doing something right.

We live in an amazing age that allows us to have a multitude of incredible information at our finger tips in seconds for when we find ourselves (like me occasionally) out of alignment or have never felt in alignment. Like the clip from Patch Adams says we have the opportunity to see the whole world anew, each day and like the equally amazing Pam Grout says “Wake up Expecting Miracles”.