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Multiple income streams – Don’t put your Eggs in one basket ~ Part 2

Note: I suggest you read part 1 of this post first – I thought it was a long old dog and should be made into two parts as it actually naturally fell in to two parts

What’s your idea of multiple income streams ~ Have you heard the phrase multiple income streams before?

I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section 

I will tell what I believe multiple income streams are ….

You could have J.O.B (Just above the breadline) where you earn a salary/wage but you could also be passionate about vintage clothes and spend you weekends joyfully searching Flea Markets and charity shops for hidden Gems then put them on eBay to make a small profit and you post about them on your Facebook profile and or Facebook business page and resonate with liked minded people who may tell you of the best spots to pick up bargains or may ask to buy your latest find and you create a whole community around your passion on social media 

Then you could be on WordPress ( I recommend .org not .com and siteground.com as the host ) and blog about your passion and or have a YouTube channel and most of us have heard the possible beauty in that as another revenue stream 

This vintage clothes Queen may have a stall at Vintage/Craft Fairs etc once a month just for the pure joy of connecting with like minded people “Belly to Belly” and building her social network and making new friends while making a little extra money in to the bargain 
She may then meet or connect with just the right person who knows someone that is looking for someone else to come and speak at an event or write a regular article about restoring vintage clothes because she mentions in the evenings while watching telly the Vintage Clothes I am now going to call her Goddess sits happily ensuring despite being vintage these beautiful garments are restored to their former glory ~ it’s funny how the Universe presents these opportunities while you are living your Joy 😉

The Goddess is now having so much fun she doesn’t want to do her J.O.B any more but she isn’t earning quite enough money “YET” to leave it and she’s has also decided she would like to travel to other countries and cities and explore them and find different styles of clothes and share her adventures with her online fans but the J.O.B doesn’t give her the time and location freedom to do that but she is determined and committed this is what she wants to do at some point in the future and like my favourite quote says “Once you make a decision the Universe conspires to make it happen” and the very next day she bumps in to someone “literally” in a queue as she is searching for her purse to pay for her morning coffee fix on her way to , you guest it. The J.O.B and distracted she knocks into the their back . Full of apologies and in awe of the woman’s beautiful Vintage coat they strike up a conversation and they ask what each other does and Vintage Coat lady says I am in Network Marketing and I have just flown in from Milan to meet some of my team and attend an event we are holding to recognise the Leaders in our organisation. 

Learning the Lady makes a residual income while flying all over the world to meet and inspire her Team that just keeps growing and growing and so does hers and theirs residual income our Goddess is intrigued and they arrange to meet after the J>O>B and for her to attend the event ….

Now she has a business opportunity that will allow her the freedom to travel to those Countries and Cities if and when she desires whilst still earning from it and whilst still selling on eBay and attending Vintage Fairs and connecting with her like minded people on various Social Media platforms and writing her blog and now a regular article in a magazine and meeting with her Up line for coffee …. in Milan and oh did I mention the book deal and the TV show and the string of Vintage clothes shops that some of her friends she made via connecting over their passion for clothes love running for her whilst being part of her Network Marketing Team so they were able to give up their J.O.B’s but those income streams are in the future because even our Goddess doesn’t know that is coming and the J.O.B ? 

Oh that is history Baby. Our Goddess is now living her best life of Freedom and Joy 

That is to me one example of what a Multiple Income Stream looks like.

It can be connected to one passion but to me it is NEVER about having all your eggs in one basket and I didn’t even mention being an affiliate 😂

Before I finish did I tell you this Industrious Ladies age? No because it could be any age and it could be you !!!!

My personal Goddess I looked up to and sadly no longer in Physical form was Louise Hay who I learnt of 20 years ago and how she started probably the most incredible Publishing Company in the world, Hay House in her late 50’s 

I learnt of her as I mentioned 20 years ago and I am still not the age she was when she started building this incredible Company and oh by the way has now many, many, many multiple forms of income and is still going strong in her absence and her legacy still drives forward
I have always seemed to resonate to Idols far older than me achieving their dreams in later life (male and female. I am particularly inspired by Colonel Sanders story) proving to me and now hopefully you that “You are never to old”

So what are you waiting for ? As Jim Rohn so rightly says “work harder on yourself than you do on your job” Just don’t tell your boss 😉 

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Thank you Louise Hay for all that you have given me x

I did try to find a blog post I did that included this video to re-share as a tribute to Louise Hay but it doesn’t want to be found so this is a new post and an opportunity to say Good Bye from this earthly plane to a woman that inspired me so much and changed my life for the better.

Louise was my go to lady for so many situations, positive negative (definitely negative), health wise and inspirationally.

I used Louise’s book to help visualising me passing my driving test. I referred to her books when I had pain to establish what it was telling me and the youtube video  belowI listened to over and over again via the youtube app on my phone while I drove to a job I hated to inspire to attract the life I desired but what inspired me the most and kept me going when times were hard was the age Louise was when she started her publishing house because I haven’t reached that age yet so anything is possible for me.

I am grateful that while you are physically gone Dear Louise we have the technology today to access your wisdom anywhere at any time.


The Magic Path of Intuition indeed



The other day rightfully so I was advised that miracles were actually the standard operating  procedure of the Universe however yesterday I noticed when I stopped believing in miracles they have appeared to stop happening.

However I am still aware of the magnificent power of the Universe and that we are being sent messages all the time.

Something I have been putting my energy in recently hasn’t worked as planned and I have been a little ‘Ok what next Universe’ whilst still holding my focus on thinking the perfect opportunity will arise at the perfect time and I shall have to accept that and accept that time may not be tomorrow or next week or the next decade. I reminded myself of my heroine ‘Louise L. Hay’ and how for Louise some of her achievements I admire she hadn’t achieved until she is older than I am now.

I never take any notice of adverts on the sides of Facebook but this afternoon something caught my eye. A book by Florence Scovel Shinn (The Magic Path of Intuition). Someone else I admire. ‘Do I have this book? I don’t recognise the cover.” I thought.

I decided to check both forms of eReaders I use. “Nope, not in my collection”

I have had several gut feelings today and the thought that I never take any notice of adverts and that Florence was referred to in another book I was reading only two nights ago made me think I should buy this book.

I just started reading it and there was a introduction by Louise Hay of how she felt a kinship towards Florence for a very long time and that this manuscript was only found in 2012 despite Florence passing in 1940 and how Hay House was approached as possibly the most appropriate publisher for this type of material and Louise wrote how she is still continuously astounded in how life works in wondrous ways.

If Louise L. Hay still gets astounded by the miraculous workings of the Universe I to am going to keep believing in miracles like the miraculous way this book came to my attention even if really it is actually the norma way of things.

Excited about the Pow, pow, pow to come.



The other day whilst playing with my new toy, some basebuds I listened to a podcast on Hay House radio with Mike Dooley.

It was only a snap shot of an even longer cast but it still had some great content to relate to.

The final words were on the subject Understanding your Power,  Mike said when you understand you are an extension of God the truth will set you free, you become excited and optimistic. You realise there are no bad things that happen in time and space everything makes you more, everything was in alignment and what actually looks like a train wreck was actually a set up for the best of your life.

Now I am not normally a God person. I don’t partake in the old man with a white beard sitting saying that’s good, that’s bad, you’re right, you’re wrong, you’re in, you’re out philosophy.My God stands for ‘Good Orderly Design’ and is the energy that permeates everything, that is everything and in everything so is in us and that’s why I get what Mike Dooley is saying about the Power within us.

When you can’t see the abundance etc you think somethings wrong or you are doing something wrong, (yep done that many, many times) no  !! don’t draw conclusions with your physical senses, know that everything makes you more and in hindsight it will be clear.

5 years ago my life felt like a Train Wreck now I can see that everything was working out perfectly but at the time I was like ahhhhhhhhhhh    !!!!!!!!!!!

Mike said at a time in his life when he felt the rug was pulled from under him he still had his dreams and tried to do something every day to stay focused on his dreams whilst pulling together a Vision Board.

I was struck particularly by one of his 4 goals,  creative fulfilling work.

At the moment my work life is like a Train Wreck but unlike the uneducated me of 5 years ago I am not going ahhhhhhh !! any more.

Only this morning I was making up affirmations up about the gratitude I have for the amazing opportunities and abundance that have come my way like they have already arrived because at the same time there was this voice telling me, reminding me this is all part of the path, this ALL has a purpose and I am finally getting it now, not to get stressed or try to figure it out. It’s already done and the magic of the Universe will go pow, pow, pow and do something mind blowingly miraculous when I least expect it and I get that now, I trust that now. I can let it ALL go now in Faith and get excited about the mystery about it now instead of trying to make it work. The work is not my job staying positive and happy and in FAITH is my job.

I have manifested bottles of perfume to Audi A4 convertibles and MacBook Pro’s so far, why not every thing else on my vision-board and beyond. This is not a Train wreck, I am just changing lines.

Mike says – When we realise our power. We realise that life is beautiful, we are powerful. We are literally the eyes and the ears of God come alive in the dream of life. Inclined to succeed, pushed on to greatness every single day. Someone grounded in that truth becomes and unstoppable race horse.

Get excited about the Pow, pow, pow of life like I am and remember there is a solution to every problem.



It’s all a matter of perception



Perception has been my buzz word this week.

Someone I know despite me trying to cheer them up and see the blessings in situations surprise surprise always has a new terrible tragedy to relay recently told of someone they knew who has had a life changing challenge to face literally over night and discussed their incredible attitude towards the situation. Despite it happening to the other person who was being proactive and has to live with the situation my friend was becoming emotional and upset at the thought of it happening to their friend and as they relaid what they had they said to their friend it was almost like they were trying to talk their friend round to their way of thinking and see it as something tragic instead of facing it in their positive manner like doing that was the most ridiculous thing possible.

This reminded me of who my  heroes are. My Hero’s are:

Viktor Frankl for despite being imprisoned in two of the most horrendous concentration camps in history Auschwitz and Dachau and losing his family in these camps chose to believe despite the most inhuman or painful a situation there was always meaning in it and in life.

Another Hero is Martine Wright who see’s losing her legs in 7/7 a blessing because without this happening she wouldn’t have been able to compete in the 2012 Olympics and I was also very inspired similarly by watching a TV program where a man whose name I do not have to hand but I have written about previously lost limbs in Afghanistan and found a love of cycling that he felt wouldn’t have happened without this experience and described only having one down day because there were other people in the same hospital who hand lost both arms and both legs so he felt blessed to only have lost his legs.

I have more Hero’s. Immaculee Ilibagiza who hid in a bathroom for three months to avoid being murdered during the Rwandan Holocaust of 1995. Louis Zamperini who defied the odds and survived on a raft beyond what was classed as humanly possible because he refused to believe the statistics and then when found was imprisoned in a Japanese prisoner of war camp but still held Faith and hope and created recipes and visualized the food he would cook on his release.

And Louise Hay is my first Hero who despite experiencing  dreadful abuse used it and brought peace to millions with her books helped me in so many ways and started Hay House at 60 which inspires me everyday, it is never to late.

I see quotes on Facebook etc by people like Wayne Dyer advising how to see the beauty in things and people actually comment that people like Wayne make it sounds so easy BUT comment how can they be positive because of this, this and this and none of it they state is stopping them from being grateful is anywhere near as terrible as what some of these situations the people above went through but yet they remain victims and concentrate on how terrible their life is ….. And guess what? as The Law of Attraction states what you focus on you attract so the “vicious” circle continues.

If my Hero’s can experience these, what most people would consider as nightmare situations and come out still being positive and loving there is nothing on earth, literally nothing we have to be sad about.

It is literally a choice to perceive it as good or bad and that’s a choice we can change in a heartbeat.



Delicious Perfection – Thank you

photo 1

Currently I am setting up little reminders for the morning of things to do and todays was ‘look in attic for mobile phone case and Louise Hay Book “You Can Heal Your Life” as I have a current illness and a painful foot and I know deep down this is indicating some imbalance in my psyche showing up in my physicality plus re-read a certain Wayne W Dyer (my favorite of favoritious authors) book.

Last night I had this idea of how amazing it would be to write a book and have Hay House publish it but ‘Hay’ that is the ultimate of ultimate’s and they must get inundated with authors all with the same wish as me and seeing as I haven’t written my book yet – need to do a bit of work on this one !!!!!

I remembered reading a couple of books of people working out of Hay House that I had seen recommended on Facebook, the most memorable to me Pam Grout and the amazing “E-squared” and Anita Moorjani and “Dying to be Me” . I remembered reading how it was Wayne W Dyer that approached Anita and a synchronized series of events that had occurred after her NDE.

The other day I wrote a blog post that I was about to post which is below but decided to stop by in my emails first as I am awaiting a phone call and didn’t want my flow flawed and my jaw dropped.

The post was intended to be called ” A change in consciousness” and it was going to go like this – 

It’s not just a wish and a hope it’s a done deal

Often I marvel at the relationships in material I Am consuming at any one time. Either in their relationship to each other, my current thinking or in answer to a current question and I know and tell myself time after time I shouldn’t be surprised but I still love the deliciousness of it.
Recently I was having a light bulb ‘well hello girlfriend’ moment in how my own actions are corrupting the Universal Flow getting a chance to do its thang. My biggest fault re LOA is impatience.  In the impatience is the seed of doubt, lack of Faith and therefore negative belief that scuppers things manifesting but when I analysed it, it’s not always lack of Faith in a thing happening because I believe its going to happen. It’s more about being frustrated that it is not happening as quickly as I want which equally gives what ever I desire a huge big negativity bath. 
Because of this as I was going to bed I was saying an affirmation “I Am very grateful Universe that you ALWAYS manifest EVERYTHING I ever ask for in the correct time sequence” this affirmation was very calming and reassuring.
Whilst falling asleep I recalled a TV conversation I had  heard earlier in the day of a model who was earning a six figure sum at 16 and admitted earning £60,000 in an hour. I then thought about how  I read Jim Carey (according to Wikipedia is an advocate of The Law of Attraction) used to write himself $10,000,000 cheques and visualise himself being paid this amount for films and his first pay was for …. you can fill in the blanks. I thought about how musicians, artists, actors, writers etc  bring so much joy to our lives and get paid these large sums almost it seems for having the courage to follow their dreams and bring their gifts and how I too have every right to harbour my dreams, visualize on them and follow any Inspired Action that grips my gut.

Also earlier I had read a Pam Grout blog post and it had a guest YouTube tape by Dr Joe Dispenza about his daughters Ultimate Shopping Spree and felt it was so inspiring and I’d meditate the following morning on what I wanted to manifest most  predominantly however the following morning before even meditating on it I realised I already have an inner knowing that it is a done deal. “I know like I know like I know” and I don’t have to figure out how or when because the Universe knows the best time sequence and always delivers it far better than I could have ever imagined in such a way my head always spins but this time in a good way (not linked to my current illness). 

As previously mentioned I had a stop by to look in my emails and keep them clear. The only one I saved was an email that Pam Grout had posted on her blog, so I clicked on the link and followed through to Pam’s post.

The first thing was a quote from a course in miracles which was one of my 2014 daily rituals to read some ‘A Course in Miracles’ every day but it wasn’t just about the quote being from ACIM it was what the quote said. First jaw drop (but you’ll have to check out Pam Grouts blog for that). Then it featured a picture of Louse Hay. Second jaw drop. Hello? Then I revisited the title of the blog post because I hadn’t really checked it out as I just love reading Pam’s blog.

5 top reasons choosy inspirational authors choose Hay House

Third jaw drop.

In the first lines, well it just gets to spooky for words and I don’t want to rewrite the blog post but someone was referred to as saying when they recalled their job as an actor “Can you believe we get paid to do this?”. The post  mentions Wayne Dyer details how wonderful it is being part of Hay House publishing and how different it is compared to other publishing organizations and how couldn’t it be as the Brain child of the admirable Louise Hay then it mentions Louise’s book “You Can Heal Your Life”, the very book I had been scrambling around the attic for only hours earlier. It even closed with keeping channels open and be ready to receive.

The other day I listened to a recording by Earl Schoaff who said you can have anything you want but get specific and don’t even think about how or when and don’t keep digging it up but if you see anything that reminds you of what you have asked for just say “Thank You” and take it as a sign that it is on its way.




Feeling honoured, feeling blessed and amazingly grateful

The other day I read, the easiest way to get to where you want to be, ask the question “what would my life feel like if I were free.”

This made me think of another question which I journaled, which was” what do I need to do NOW to ………”. And wrote down a persistent desirable goal.

Then randomly a post on Facebook by Ali Brown attracted my attention, I clicked on the link and downloaded a free audio. It made me come alive and I went to bed excited and inspired.

It activated me to listen to a YouTube clip of Tony Robbins on the way to work and I used my lunch break to re-listen to the free audio and take notes. My brain went into overdrive brainstorming all the things I needed to do. I even improved in my performance at work and when approached and was requested to do something for a colleague it flowed out of me instantaneously and I achieved the task in 5 minutes. I realised this is just the way I Am, this is my  “Aliness” working at her normal, well Aliness !! But it wasn’t until this moment that I recognised that I hadn’t truly been, being Ali.

Later I watched a Wayne Dyer Youtube clip talking to Anita Moorjani (author of “Dying to be Me”, a must read) and Anita had said what she learnt from her experience was that our purpose was not to be positive, our purpose is to be ourselves.


In the Ali Brown audio it reminded us that when you make a decision the Universe supports you and offers you opportunities and not to operate from fear operate from faith and I knew thus to be true because ….

it reminded me of times that I had made a decision and gone, ‘right that’s it enough is enough’ I am amazed at the seemingly ‘miracles’ that show up and I go whoa that’s a coincidence (Universe supporting me, no coincidences but naive me didn’t know that back then) then something negative would happen and confidence comes crashing down and fear sets in, all self belief flies out of the window … Back to same old same old until the next time – Fish Tank syndrome (check out Greg Kuhn)

From my new perspective and knowledge about the Law if Attraction I can see now why the “Coincidences!” showed up and know NOW I have to give fear the boot and walk on in faith because thoughts become things and as my desire is now my most predominant thought (Napoleon Hill), if I maintain the right vibration ‘I Am THAT, I AM, it is done, thank you !’ (Neville Goddard/Moses Code inspired quote say to myself more and more when I think about a desired outcome).

As if a gift from the Universe saying “well done, keep doing what you are doing.” I had written a blog post based on an experience I had just had and called it “Playing the Pam Game” and Pam Grout actually tweeted me and liked my post, hence – feeling honoured, feeling blessed and feeling amazingly grateful.


For me if I was a 14-year-old girl, getting that tweet from Pam Grout was like getting a tweet from One Direction !!

Look for the blessings, look for the signs and look for the things to be grateful for because they are there and the more you look, ye shall find and the more you find the more things you will have to be grateful for …… remember we are all tuning forks really and we can only attract what we focus on ………….. FREEDOM PLEASE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH – I AM THAT, I AM !!!!

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Why does it always surprise me!

Why does it always surprise me that the information I read etc is just right for my eyes at exactly the right time for what I Am feeling, thinking, experiencing.

I had journalled but not blogged about an experience that had made me think that’s it enough is enough my life has to change and then a sequence of events makes me buy Jen Sincero’s book “You are a Badass” and within the first few pages I Am thinking this is so spooky this is so what I need to be reading right now. I bought glossy magazines (so unlike me) but also instigated by my decision and it has inspirational articles related exactly to my current way of thinking plus a new author and book I wasn’t aware of but also appears ideal.

Later I Am thinking of how many books I have recently bought and should I be being more proactive than gaining more info in books and not having time to read post by Hay House earlier I click on to Hay House Facebook page to revisit the post and I see a post by Louise Hay saying that she is 87 on the 8th of October and she believes the best thing you can do for yourself is constantly be willing to learn new things and that she still attends as many events as she can and constantly trying to learn as many new things as she can.

Thank you Louise for answering my question about should I be reading so many books – answer ‘Yes’. Thank you once again for helping me pass my driving test (first time) and thank you for being an amazing inspiration full stop.

Happy 87 birthday xx
I would love to know if you like this blog post
I appreciate Your Feedback and would love to know if You have any topic ideas based around The Law of Attraction you would like me to write about
Are You aware since starting this blog I have Qualified as An Advanced Law of Attraction Practitioner and Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner  and I have a Club based around The Law of Attraction called … of course The Law of Attraction Lovers Club and can be accessed at loalover.club where I add videos based around what I learn and continue to learn about what works and more importantly what doesn’t work in regards to The Law of Attraction
I also finely Attracted my Life Long Dream of having My own business in my 50’s thanks to the Power of the Law of Attraction and I Now help people learn how to turn Their Passions into Online Location Free Businesses so they can Wake Up Doing What They Love and Love What They Do after so Many People Approached me for Advice
You Could Learn to by accessing my Fabulous Freedom Passion Finder at fabfreedom.live
I Am on Mission Now to Help as Many People see that is Never to Late to Wake Up Happy and I give away My Life Changing Morning Routine at mywakeuphappy.com
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