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Feeling honoured, feeling blessed and amazingly grateful

The other day I read, the easiest way to get to where you want to be, ask the question “what would my life feel like if I were free.”

This made me think of another question which I journaled, which was” what do I need to do NOW to ………”. And wrote down a persistent desirable goal.

Then randomly a post on Facebook by Ali Brown attracted my attention, I clicked on the link and downloaded a free audio. It made me come alive and I went to bed excited and inspired.

It activated me to listen to a YouTube clip of Tony Robbins on the way to work and I used my lunch break to re-listen to the free audio and take notes. My brain went into overdrive brainstorming all the things I needed to do. I even improved in my performance at work and when approached and was requested to do something for a colleague it flowed out of me instantaneously and I achieved the task in 5 minutes. I realised this is just the way I Am, this is my  “Aliness” working at her normal, well Aliness !! But it wasn’t until this moment that I recognised that I hadn’t truly been, being Ali.

Later I watched a Wayne Dyer Youtube clip talking to Anita Moorjani (author of “Dying to be Me”, a must read) and Anita had said what she learnt from her experience was that our purpose was not to be positive, our purpose is to be ourselves.


In the Ali Brown audio it reminded us that when you make a decision the Universe supports you and offers you opportunities and not to operate from fear operate from faith and I knew thus to be true because ….

it reminded me of times that I had made a decision and gone, ‘right that’s it enough is enough’ I am amazed at the seemingly ‘miracles’ that show up and I go whoa that’s a coincidence (Universe supporting me, no coincidences but naive me didn’t know that back then) then something negative would happen and confidence comes crashing down and fear sets in, all self belief flies out of the window … Back to same old same old until the next time – Fish Tank syndrome (check out Greg Kuhn)

From my new perspective and knowledge about the Law if Attraction I can see now why the “Coincidences!” showed up and know NOW I have to give fear the boot and walk on in faith because thoughts become things and as my desire is now my most predominant thought (Napoleon Hill), if I maintain the right vibration ‘I Am THAT, I AM, it is done, thank you !’ (Neville Goddard/Moses Code inspired quote say to myself more and more when I think about a desired outcome).

As if a gift from the Universe saying “well done, keep doing what you are doing.” I had written a blog post based on an experience I had just had and called it “Playing the Pam Game” and Pam Grout actually tweeted me and liked my post, hence – feeling honoured, feeling blessed and feeling amazingly grateful.


For me if I was a 14-year-old girl, getting that tweet from Pam Grout was like getting a tweet from One Direction !!

Look for the blessings, look for the signs and look for the things to be grateful for because they are there and the more you look, ye shall find and the more you find the more things you will have to be grateful for …… remember we are all tuning forks really and we can only attract what we focus on ………….. FREEDOM PLEASE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH – I AM THAT, I AM !!!!


A few months ago during reading a book (which slips my mind) the author started talking about people who by their attitude of mind over came the most horrendous situations where many others had perished and some via the most indescribable life experiences actually thrive and become stronger or are actually defined by it, giving them as Napoleon Hill calls it ‘a definiteness of purpose’.

I’d forgotten about this book until whilst getting ready for work and doing up my shoe laces up, I was listening to Nelson Mandela’s daughter talking about the film “Nelson: A long walk to freedom” due to be premièred that evening in London about the film and her father.

The presenters on the morning TV program asked how Mr Mandela was and commented that would it fair to say that you are not ready for him to go just yet and she agreed. Zindzi  did explain that at the end of the day her father was 95 and frail but did not allude to a very imminent passing.

At the weekend I was unusually and expectedly low and wondering was I deluding myself about the power of my thoughts creating my reality as I haven’t seen much evidence of late that it’s working and holding the Faith was becoming more and more difficult. Thankfully John Assaraf posted a very poignant quote on Facebook and via asking for higher guidance my instincts moved my attention to a Neville Goddard iBook I had not yet started to read “You Faith is your Fortune”. I Am loving it I don’t think I have ever highlighted a book so many times, it’s a multicoloured array of blobby paragraphs.

Listening to Zindzi reminded me of the book I mention above and how it describes what Nelson Mandela has gone through and what an amazing guiding inspiration he is to all of humanity. “My goodness” I thought to myself. What right do I have to feel sorry for myself and feel like giving up on my goal when my goals/dream are nothing compared to what this man not only aspired to but aspired to even more via atrocious circumstances that I shall never need endure and yet only showed dignity, generosity, comparison, peace and forgiveness to his perpetrators and all of man kind and all with an amazing humour and positively.

Get over yourself and get on with it I told myself because here is proof that you can and will achieve whatever it is you so desire because Nelson Mandela had a vision that was so huge it seemed impossible and as the man himself said :

photo (17)


And he is living proof of that you can achieve anything via the power of your imagination to become manifest.

I felt liberated and optimistic on my way to work and spilling out gratitudes Willy nilly because I felt grateful that I shall never have to endure what this great man did. My life seems gifted and privileged.

How ironic then that on a day that started so magnificently ended with me sitting in still numbness apart from the physical pain in my heart that felt like someone shot me in my heart the minute I heard the words that Nelson Mandela had passed away.

I have read that sometimes people hold off death because of a loved one so desperately wants that person to stay, they wait for them to be out of the room etc and here’s Nelson Mandala’s daughter who openly admitted that she was not ready for her father to go is here in England for the premier of the film of his life and he passes away whilst she and many, many others were actually watching the première.

The Universe surely does work in mysterious ways.

What warmed my heart the most was President Obama’s words “He has gone home”

Rest in peace Madiba

Divine Storm

I have been feeling a bit AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! Lately. Like stop the world I want to get off for a bit. Sit the next few plays out.

Life has been so busy there is not enough ME time. Don’t get me wrong some of the busy is good busy. Going to local city to see one of my favourite comedian and laugh so much I actually pulled a muscle. An impromptu weekend away which was most enjoyable and a last minute text that meant I spent all day with my two amazing daughters and don’t get me wrong I know how truly blessed I am compared to what the terrible situation the people in the Philippines are going through but writing is who I Am, it is my bliss and there just doesn’t seem hardly any time to feel my bliss and write/blog.

I have had time to come across Neville Goddard and done the usual obsessive thing of creating a tick list of his books I desire and ticking the ones I have downloaded.

I have set myself a little project to Imagine certain things REAL.

I even listened to recordings on Youtube from my phone instead of music whilst updating filing/ Matrix system in work.

And today my long-awaited new Rhonda Byrne book ‘HERO’ was downloaded from Pre-Order and I nabbed a break and read a couple of pages and in the first few pages the analogy “Divine Storm” describing a very uncomfortable period in someone’s life. It struck a Chord with me. Knowing in hindsight every difficult period always makes us stronger people, enhances our knowledge and usually can be a pinnacle that we can’t go back from in some shape or form and molds a better future made me think, maybe I Am not in the circumstances I wish to be in and feel I Am not getting sufficient time to do the mental work to change this, a more beneficial way to regard this period is as a ‘Divine Storm’ whilst in it – because like most storms they only last a short period and then there is usually an amazing rainbow and brilliant sunshine once it’s passed.

Not much time to observe or be aware of LOA at work but I have seen subtle nuances that have made me think ‘Ahh Cheers Universe, I know that was you !!” but the best one was when I thought as soon as I get a chance I will go on-line and find how I could donate money to the Philippines. Just as I sat down something flashed up on my phone and it was a new email from Pay-pal that you could use to donate money to the Disaster Emergency Committee. Effortless and Painless, big mega Cheers Universe, you are so clever !!!!!!!!!!!

If you wish to do the same please find attached the link


https://paypal. dec.org.uk/