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Divine Storm

I have been feeling a bit AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! Lately. Like stop the world I want to get off for a bit. Sit the next few plays out.

Life has been so busy there is not enough ME time. Don’t get me wrong some of the busy is good busy. Going to local city to see one of my favourite comedian and laugh so much I actually pulled a muscle. An impromptu weekend away which was most enjoyable and a last minute text that meant I spent all day with my two amazing daughters and don’t get me wrong I know how truly blessed I am compared to what the terrible situation the people in the Philippines are going through but writing is who I Am, it is my bliss and there just doesn’t seem hardly any time to feel my bliss and write/blog.

I have had time to come across Neville Goddard and done the usual obsessive thing of creating a tick list of his books I desire and ticking the ones I have downloaded.

I have set myself a little project to Imagine certain things REAL.

I even listened to recordings on Youtube from my phone instead of music whilst updating filing/ Matrix system in work.

And today my long-awaited new Rhonda Byrne book ‘HERO’ was downloaded from Pre-Order and I nabbed a break and read a couple of pages and in the first few pages the analogy “Divine Storm” describing a very uncomfortable period in someone’s life. It struck a Chord with me. Knowing in hindsight every difficult period always makes us stronger people, enhances our knowledge and usually can be a pinnacle that we can’t go back from in some shape or form and molds a better future made me think, maybe I Am not in the circumstances I wish to be in and feel I Am not getting sufficient time to do the mental work to change this, a more beneficial way to regard this period is as a ‘Divine Storm’ whilst in it – because like most storms they only last a short period and then there is usually an amazing rainbow and brilliant sunshine once it’s passed.

Not much time to observe or be aware of LOA at work but I have seen subtle nuances that have made me think ‘Ahh Cheers Universe, I know that was you !!” but the best one was when I thought as soon as I get a chance I will go on-line and find how I could donate money to the Philippines. Just as I sat down something flashed up on my phone and it was a new email from Pay-pal that you could use to donate money to the Disaster Emergency Committee. Effortless and Painless, big mega Cheers Universe, you are so clever !!!!!!!!!!!

If you wish to do the same please find attached the link


https://paypal. dec.org.uk/