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Light Bulb Moment

When I started this blog, I felt compelled to (burning desire that wouldn’t go away) for a start, I wanted to share my observations of The Law of Attraction in action in my life and called the category “Just Me Rambling”

And I suppose in an arrogant type of way I wanted to try and say “Hey, this is happening in my life and it is happening to you in yours and hopefully generate a thought that would make people question both the good and the bad in their lives and see there are no accidents (blogged about that) and then start using deliberate creation to attract life’s circumstances intentionally

What I didn’t mention was that when I started I was terrified. Terrified of pressing the publish button. Terrified about my content (despite being from the heart) Terrified of telling people I know and love that I created this blog. I would tremble, my heart rate would rise so much I swear it was going to fly out of my chest and take flight like one of those moths above

I literally didn’t know one single soul who talked about The Law of Attraction. Practiced daily Personal Development. Watched Video’s on YouTube. Read Personal Development books and books on Quantum Physics. I got a lot of stick about my books from my partner. How it was all rubbish and I should throw them away but still I felt compelled to read them but just tried to be more discreet. iPad and iPhones are great for that with YouTube & iBooks, Kindle apps ūüėČ

It did always stick with me what Jim Rohn says about being the sum of the 5 people around us and I thought “Ok, I’ll have to create my 5% virtually” but still I stayed in the shadows and practiced my Woo Woo in secret.

It has always been a dream of mine to be self-employed and in 2016 whilst off work (from a job I hated) due to a broken leg that I broke the day after making a Bob Proctor inspired goal card saying “I Am Successfully Self-Employed Doing What I love and Loving What I Do” and I know, extreme way to get time away from it and making me miss my daughters wedding in to the bargain (more blog posts) I started writing a book about experimenting attracting things via the path of least resistance, however hands up I still haven’t finished the book because I returned to work quicker than diagnosed because I decided to self heal inspired by Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to Be Me” and every morning on my return I placed the goal card in front of me by my PC screen and after a very strange series of events when I least expected it in a path of least resistance way a business opportunity arose almost 2 years ago doing what I love and loving what I do but that’s not the point of this post (just a little back story that fell out of my brain)

The point is about something that only just occurred to me today …….

Whilst doing what I love I listen to a lot of podcasts, ebooks, YouTube Video’s etc and as well as the physical business (Painting Wooden Ducks) in the summer of 2017 another business opportunity arose in Network Marketing and learning from the previous situation that to get anywhere you have to take risks and do the things that other people aren’t willing to do to get where you want to be

Now, I knew nothing about NWM and I have probably been the worlds worst NWM because I followed the advise I saw from the ‘Lives’ and Training video’s and despite the products being amazing and Training material contributors getting amazing results I got none. Before implementing them I felt icky in my gut (and despite always aiming to be a gut listener) I tried their way because I didn’t know any different and talking of trying and my gut recently something said stick with it but aim to be more authentic and come from a place of alignment and not a sheep. Thanks Universe, no soft soaping there Baby.

This morning I listened to an incredible Ali Brown Podcast about how we hide our important messages in our safe space and challenging us to get our true message out there in full public view and of course it resonated with me with my new desire to be completely authentic and aligned in ALL things regardless of the consequences but to be perfectly honest …….

Network Marketing has given me the confidence to do that for a long time in regards to my own personal offers about myself but I just wasn’t doing it in my Networking practices with my products because I didn’t have the confidence in my own abilities in that business arena

I have other aspirations now in business for 2019 and I am 100% assured I only move forward doing something for this venture when it is authentic and aligned (and gut checked) and the authentic and aligned in all areas is getting more natural now

Wow this is longest Blog post I have written in months … thank you so much if you have stuck with it this far. I appreciate you so much

And while I have been doing the authentic and aligned in recent days I have attracted more friends and followers than I have done …. ever !! And most of them have been in the business and MLM environment and this is where is shows authentically complete honesty …..

I had the thought …. I really hope they don’t try to spammy pitch me their opportunity and try to poach me because I love my company and it’s products and I am staying put (and we are NO.3 in the top Ten MLM Companies to work for in 2019) and we have a no spam policy but usually when I get business followers this happens (Yuck) so I checked my messages …. no eggy spam – Hoorah !!

And then I thought the light bulb thought …. I maybe wrong but maybe they added me as a peer, or they liked my (authentic) content and genuinely want to follow me because I put out my Woo Woo on my wall and they relate to it.

See, I am not terrified who knows the real me any more so it is all out there for everyone to see

I love Frazer Brookes, seriously check him out because he is all about the authentic message in Network Marketing and the other day Frazer posted “Be so positive that negative people delete you on Facebook”

And the negative partner who said throw the books away …. now he’s all positive, positive and eradicates the negative. No News in our house or Negative people on his social feed

And the 5%? I have to admit it still surprises me and I don’t know why. When I joined my NWM Company I joined because I felt it was a great opportunity but I never expected a community of people who like me, watch motivational material every morning. Read Personal Development books all the time and openly talk about The Law of Attraction on their Social Media platforms

I secretly wanted to be self-employed with as Bob Proctor advises ‘Multiple Streams of Income and I secretly wanted to connect to like minded people who would stimulate me and I attracted both it almost feels like, by accident or should I say “The Path of Least Resistance”

The Biology of Belief


When I woke up this morning I spotted a post about Noel Edmunds getting back lash about suggesting that negative thinking can create cancer.

I was pleasantly surprised to read the comments under this post were mainly positive and in agreement and if anyone has read or listened to anything by Bruce Lipton or read Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be Me” you would totally understand where Noel was coming from.

I’m not sure if it was before or after reading about Noel that I saw the picture above posted by Skye Dyer but later in the day I recalled it and thought it’s contents were relevant to this situation.

As soon as I read it, it reminded me of when I read “21 Days to Master Success and Inner Peace” by Dr Wayne W. Dyer when Wayne suggested ‘Be open to everything’.

It is most likely because I have read and listened to material by Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton and Anita Moorjani I am stood in the reality I have created today.

After I had a recent accident I was determined to think positively. It wasn’t until a few weeks later I recalled the thoughts I was having in the hours running up to the accident. I had one working week left before travelling to enjoy a luxury holiday and a joyous event but instead of thinking about this I was feeling overwhelmed by all the things I had to achieve in that working week and the lack of belief that I could achieve it all. I had allowed fear and doubt to occupy my thoughts instead of belief and trust that as always everything would work itself out.

My accident immediately wiped out all the things I was concerned about but it also wiped out the opportunity for something blissful and joyous. I take responsibility for my actions and my thoughts and realise that if I had acknowledged my anxiety I could have changed that chain of thought and none of this would have happened but am proud that I haven’t chosen to adopt the thoughts and opinions related to an accident like mine.

If I had chosen to believe what I have heard, at least I will have to endure severe pain every winter or more severe, crippling arthritis.

I have chosen to believe I am 100% healed and I already have the evidence that is the case.

Initially I as given a diagnosis of being in plaster until mid June with further treatment to be assessed. Last week I had a check up that required my plaster to be removed to have an X-ray to assess how the healing was going. My partner discussed possible outcomes with a member of staff removing my cast and they suggested that if I accept that I may have another cast, on anything else was a bonus but other options were surgical boots etc but quietly in my head I told myself I was already healed as I had said many times previously.

I believed it and already accepted that I will be 100% fully functioning in the future but never being through something like this I had nothing to gage against time wise.

A short time later I was called back in to meet the consultant who showed me my X-rays and told me that my break had completely healed and I could start weight baring immediately as much I could tolerate. So two weeks before I was due out of plaster cast I don’t have as much as a support bandage and¬†today I had my first (and only) physiotherapist appointment. The word ‘exceptional’ was used several times as the Physiotherapist’s body language gave away that they were literally flabbergasted by my flexibility and mobility in my joints. She actually said that she had never had anyone at this stage with this amount of movement and demonstrated with her hand how much movement people normally have which was barely anything. I have received a sheet of 3 exercises to improve to some tightness in my calves and I have been discharged.

Feeling blissful and full of Gratitude I decided to go into the garden, enjoy the sunshine and listen to something on YouTube and as if to reiterate what I, Noel and many others believe the video below was on my recommended list.

It’s not in our gene’s. It is in our thoughts. Anything and Everything.



I Am a spark from the Infinite. I Am not flesh and bone. I Am Light.

Paramahansa Yogananda

The above is the picture I took whilst waiting for Robert Holden and Anita Moorjani to come on stage to pay tribute to the Wonderful Wayne Dyer.

Rob talked of his relationship with Wayne and how he felt Wayne’s work had evolved into three different stages. He showed pictures that you may have seen on the internet of his children spreading his ashes on the waters he swam in and the picture that appears to have Wayne’s face in the water. Rob told of an event about a butterfly in his car that he relates to a sign from his mother that recently passed and how a friend rationalised it and then discussed that many people have documented strange occurrences since Wayne’s passing. I had to in the first few days and didn’t feel confident to share them and rationalised them also and then Anita told her story of orange flowers and an orange on her table at the “I Can Do It” conference days after his passing which I already learned about from Pam Grout’s¬†blog post and Anita gave a description of how she felt in the other realm in her NDE (Near Death Experience).

If you haven’t already read it. Read Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be me” and it will make sense. I read it as soon as it came out because of Wayne’s recommendation and it blew me away. I have told everyone for years that Wayne Dyer is my favourite author but I have bought more copies and recommended Anita’s book to more people because I felt inspired to as I felt it would help people in pain or fear from dying or when they have lost a loved one.

Anita explained how when she was in her NDE she was part of all things all at once and could be in all places simultaneously. I had read Wayne saying how he called upon the spirit of people and if you wanted an answer on a particularly hard question you could ask Einstein for help or you wanted to express your artistic side you could call on Picasso’s spirit. Despite reading this and ‘Dying to be me’ I only really got it when Anita and Rob discussed people may want to call on Wayne but feel he needs to be with his children right now so calling on Wayne would be selfish.

Anita said from what she learnt from her NDE everybody could call on Wayne and no one would be pulling him away from anyone else as he can be everywhere all at once and that Wayne’s purpose was to teach and reach as many people as possible and despite touching so many people with his books and audio and via the internet he could still only reach a certain amount of people and now he has the capacity to reach the whole Universe and there would be nothing more Wayne would like than everyone to call upon him.

This is when I understood what Wayne was referring to when he said he calls upon St Francis and now I didn’t feel so silly when I thought I was receiving messages from Wayne.

Perhaps he was trying to tell everyone who knew him and loved him that he knew it.

On entering the Troxy, the Venue where Wayne would have been in the physical but now entered in his Infinite state I was handed a green band which I must admit assumed was my sign to say I was part of this event if I wanted to go outside for some not so fresh air etc. Towards the event Rob Holden explained how in his latter chapter Wayne emphasised the importance to meditate and use a method called the “I AM MEDITATION” and Rob said he has practised this for three years now and his life has changed phenomenally. We all then took part in a ‘I Am Meditation’. Now I have to admit, despite hearing over and over the benefits of meditation I am rubbish at practicing any kind of practice and I do not have anyone physically close to me on my wavelength to share with the stuff I share here but when I took part in what was only around 6 minutes of the ‘I Am Meditation’ with everyone else in that beautiful Art Deco auditorium I was hooked and thought that’s it, surely I can find 6 minutes somewhere each day and the pay offs sound amazing.

This morning as I unpacked (all my free books because I was given two goodie bags of Wayne’s books which I already own so have decided I will give copies to people when the ‘Inspiration’ calls) I found my green band and I noticed in the day light it had some writing on it and it said “I AM LIGHT” – DR WAYNE W DYER.

What I know now more than ever is that “WE ARE ALL LIGHT'” and should meditate to get in contact with that part of us that is “LIGHT” and our lives will be truly phenomenal.

Namaste perfect beings

Delicious Perfection – Thank you

photo 1

Currently I am setting up little reminders for the morning of things to do and todays was ‘look in attic for mobile phone case and¬†Louise¬†Hay Book “You Can Heal Your Life” as I have a current illness and a painful foot and I know deep down this is indicating some imbalance in my¬†psyche¬†showing up in my physicality plus re-read a certain Wayne W Dyer (my¬†favorite¬†of¬†favoritious¬†authors) book.

Last night I had this idea of how amazing it would be to write a book and have Hay House publish it but ‘Hay’ that is the ultimate of¬†ultimate’s¬†and they must get inundated with authors all with the same wish as me and seeing as I haven’t written my book yet – need to do a bit of work on this one !!!!!

I remembered reading a couple of books of people working out of Hay House that I had seen recommended on Facebook, the most memorable to me Pam Grout and the amazing “E-squared” and Anita¬†Moorjani¬†and “Dying to be Me” . I remembered reading how it was Wayne W Dyer that approached Anita and a¬†synchronized¬†series of events that had¬†occurred after her¬†NDE.

The other day I wrote a blog post that I was about to post which is below but decided to stop by in my emails first as I am awaiting a phone call and didn’t want my flow flawed and my jaw dropped.

The post was intended to be called ” A change in consciousness” and it was going to go like this –¬†

It’s not just a wish and a hope it’s a done deal

Often I marvel at the relationships in material I Am consuming at any one time. Either in their relationship to each other, my current thinking or in answer to a current question and I know and tell myself time after time I¬†shouldn’t¬†be¬†surprised¬†but I still love the deliciousness of it.
Recently I was having a light bulb ‘well hello girlfriend’ moment in how my own actions are corrupting the Universal Flow getting a chance to do its¬†thang. My¬†biggest fault re LOA is¬†impatience.¬†¬†In the impatience is the seed of doubt, lack of Faith and therefore negative belief that scuppers things¬†manifesting¬†but when I¬†analysed¬†it,¬†it’s not always lack of Faith in a thing happening because I believe its going to happen. It’s more about being frustrated that it is not happening as quickly as I want which equally gives what ever I desire a huge big¬†negativity¬†bath.¬†
Because of this as I was going to bed I was saying an affirmation¬†“I Am very grateful Universe that you ALWAYS manifest EVERYTHING I ever ask for in the correct time sequence”¬†this affirmation was very calming and reassuring.
Whilst falling asleep I recalled a TV conversation I had ¬†heard earlier in the day of a model who was earning a six figure sum at 16 and admitted earning ¬£60,000 in an hour. I then thought about how ¬†I read Jim Carey (according¬†to¬†Wikipedia¬†is an¬†advocate¬†of The Law of Attraction) used to write himself $10,000,000¬†cheques¬†and visualise himself being paid this amount for films and his first pay was for …. you can fill in the blanks. I thought about how musicians, artists, actors, writers etc ¬†bring so much joy to our lives and get paid these large sums almost it seems for having the courage to follow their dreams and bring their gifts and how I too have every right to¬†harbour¬†my dreams, visualize on them and follow any¬†Inspired Action that grips my gut.

Also earlier I had read a Pam Grout blog post and it had a guest YouTube tape by Dr Joe¬†Dispenza¬†about his daughters Ultimate Shopping Spree and felt it was so¬†inspiring¬†and I’d meditate the following morning on what I wanted to¬†manifest¬†most ¬†predominantly¬†however the following morning before even meditating on it I realised I already have an inner knowing that it is a done deal. “I know like I know like I know” and I don’t have to figure out how or when because the Universe knows the best time sequence and always delivers it far better than I could have ever¬†imagined¬†in such a way my head always spins but this time in a good way (not linked to my current illness).¬†

As previously mentioned I had a stop by to look in my emails and keep them clear. The only one I saved was an email that Pam Grout had posted on her blog, so I clicked on the link and followed through to Pam’s post.

The first thing was a quote from a course in miracles which was one of my 2014 daily rituals to read some ‘A Course in Miracles’ every day but it wasn’t just about the quote being from ACIM it was what the quote said. First jaw drop (but you’ll have to check out Pam Grouts blog for that). Then it featured a picture of Louse Hay. Second jaw drop. Hello? Then I revisited the title of the blog post because I hadn’t really checked it out as I just love reading Pam’s blog.

5 top reasons choosy inspirational authors choose Hay House

Third jaw drop.

In the first lines, well it just gets to spooky for words and I don’t want to rewrite the blog post but someone was referred to as saying when they recalled their job as an actor “Can you believe we get paid to do this?”. The post ¬†mentions Wayne Dyer¬†details how wonderful it is being part of Hay House publishing and how different it is compared to other publishing organizations and how couldn’t it be as the Brain child of the admirable Louise Hay then it mentions¬†Louise’s¬†book “You Can Heal Your Life”, the very book I had been scrambling around the attic for only hours earlier. It even closed with keeping channels open and be ready to¬†receive.

The other day I listened to a recording by Earl¬†Schoaff¬†who said you can have anything you want but get¬†specific¬†and don’t even think about how or when and don’t keep digging it up but if you see anything that reminds you of what you have asked for just say “Thank You” and take it as a sign that it is on its way.




Feeling honoured, feeling blessed and amazingly grateful

The other day I read, the easiest way to get to where you want to be, ask the question “what would my life feel like if I¬†were free.”

This made me think of another question which I¬†journaled,¬†which was” what do I need to do NOW to ………”. And wrote down a persistent¬†desirable¬†goal.

Then randomly a post on Facebook by Ali Brown attracted my attention, I clicked on the link and downloaded a free audio. It made me come alive and I went to bed excited and inspired.

It activated me to listen to a¬†YouTube¬†clip of Tony Robbins on the way to work and I used my lunch break to re-listen to the free audio and take notes. My brain went into overdrive brainstorming all the things I needed to do. I even improved in my performance at work and when approached and was requested to do something for a colleague it flowed out of me¬†instantaneously¬†and I achieved the task in 5 minutes. I¬†realised¬†this is just the way I Am, this is my ¬†“Aliness” working at her normal, well Aliness !! But it wasn’t until this moment that I¬†recognised¬†that I hadn’t truly been, being Ali.

Later I watched a Wayne Dyer¬†Youtube¬†clip talking to Anita¬†Moorjani¬†(author of “Dying to be Me”, a must read) and Anita had said what she¬†learnt¬†from her experience was that our purpose was not to be positive, our purpose is to be ourselves.


In the Ali Brown audio it reminded us that when you make a¬†decision¬†the Universe supports you and offers you opportunities and not to operate from fear operate from faith and I knew thus to be true because ….

it reminded me of times that I had made a¬†decision and gone, ‘right that’s it enough is enough’ I am amazed at the seemingly ‘miracles’ that show up and I go whoa that’s a coincidence (Universe supporting me, no coincidences but¬†naive¬†me didn’t know that back then) then something negative would happen and confidence comes crashing down and fear sets in, all self belief¬†flies¬†out of the window … Back to same old same old until the next time – Fish Tank syndrome (check out Greg Kuhn)

From my new perspective and knowledge about the Law if Attraction I can see now why the “Coincidences!” showed up and know NOW I have to give fear the boot and walk on in faith because thoughts become things and as my desire is now my most¬†predominant¬†thought (Napoleon¬†Hill), if I maintain the right vibration ‘I Am THAT, I AM, it is done, thank you !’ (Neville Goddard/Moses Code inspired quote say to myself more and more when I think about a desired outcome).

As if a gift from the Universe saying “well done, keep doing what you are doing.” I had written a¬†blog¬†post based on an experience I had just had and called it “Playing the Pam Game” and Pam Grout actually tweeted me and liked my post, hence – feeling honoured, feeling blessed and feeling amazingly grateful.


For me if I was a 14-year-old girl, getting that tweet from Pam Grout was like getting a tweet from One Direction !!

Look for the blessings, look for the signs and look for the things to be grateful for because they are there and the more you look,¬†ye¬†shall find and the more you find the more things you will have to be grateful for …… remember we are all tuning forks really and we can only attract what we focus on ………….. FREEDOM PLEASE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH – I AM THAT, I AM !!!!

I would love to know if you like this blog post
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Freaky Friday

Marvellous Monday, Tremendous Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Phenomenal Thursday (OK I know it doesn’t start with a T but it rhymes) Freaky Friday and so it continues Sensational Saturday

The other day sat at a Red stop light (where Wayne Dyer says you can meditate and I’ve been trying) I gave myself a mental pat on the back for the fact that changing my thoughts and therefore my beliefs is becoming a daily practice something I¬†realized¬†when I first read The Secret was where I was going wrong. The type of mental work I am doing it not¬†consistent¬†as in, it’s not a¬†religious¬†daily practice of certain¬†behaviours¬†but there is daily practice of something. Usually last thing at night and first thing in the morning before rising, spattered with what ever randomness that is going on in my head during the day.

Over recent weeks seeing ourselves as physical tuning forks vibrating at a certain frequency depending on our thoughts and therefore hitting likewise vibrating circumstances that we draw to ourselves via those thoughts has been resonating with me (boom boom !!) I even made a picture of tuning forks as my laptop wallpaper to remind me to keep my thoughts good.

“As a man¬†thinketh, in his heart so is he”

                                                                                                            by James Allen

Last week I¬†blogged¬†that I had¬†allowed myself¬†to fall into an overwhelming negative situation at work and how brilliant it felt to say “stop” and take action. Now it has come into my awareness I have taken responsibility for it. I have taken responsibility that¬†I¬†needed to change¬†my¬†thoughts for a more desirable set of circumstances and¬†respect myself¬†so I have been affirming in my head that¬†“I Am a worthy person and deserve respect”.¬†I have also been drawn to revisit old material I had read in the early days of discovery The Law of Attraction/Quantum Field. This week it was “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I Am only a few days in but something else that resonated with me was that we were/are meant to live joyous lives so I have also affirming¬†“I Am living Joy”¬†as frequently as I can remember and when faced with a situation or person that makes my belly role (Fear, Anxiety and Doubt your fired remember) I reaffirm it.

Well !!! ………………………………………………………………………….

A member of staff who thought last week could use me as his bitching board sent me a very nice unexpected email offering support to arrange some training I Am putting into place. (Good feeling inside).

For some random reason thought about a boy I recently Inducted who I had to let go because the job was not for him and I hoped he was alright and the next day he was in the bank and he went out of his way to say hello and gave me a beautiful smile so I Am guessing he’s¬†OK¬†and doing well. (Good Feeling).

Stunning morning driving to work but windscreen/shield¬†unexpectedly¬†misted up and I drove badly as I manically tried to see and find the¬†demister¬†button at the same time to be faced with my¬†neighbour¬†who I nearly drove into. Feeling bad I hoped I’d have the opportunity to¬†apologize¬†for poor driving skills and later coming home popped in local shop to pick up some milk and the¬†neighbours¬†were going in also.¬†apology¬†made (Felt better).

Unexpectedly a colleague I normally get on with came into the office and spoke to me in a¬†disrespectful¬†way and instantly and effortlessly words fell out of my mouth that weren’t in an¬†aggressive¬†manner but letting them know in any uncertain terms .. you don’t speak to me like that. The situation could have been one of those that turn me into the¬†subdividing¬†cell again but I knew I’d had done everything¬†correctly¬†and I will not be pulled away from my task in hand because of a failure of communication on other peoples parts. My instincts told me to approach the over seeing manager for advise instead of acting¬†irrationally. Now this person, shall I say has not a¬†favourable¬†reputation with other members of staff but labels aside my gut said discuss it with them and I did. This person said leave it with them and a short time later the¬†disrespectful¬†colleague came back and said “apparently I have upset you, I haven’t upset you have I?” and I replied honestly “Yes actually you did” They explained the stress they were under and the lack of¬†communication¬†they had experienced but I pointed out that none of that was my fault and that I appreciated the situation they were in but that didn’t give them the right to take it out on me. I emailed the Manager and thanked them for their help in this matter (It felt good).

In my personal relationship my opinion has felt undervalued by comments my partner has been making and last night a conversation ensued whereby I was able to point out in a non hostile situation these recent comments, that when harboured had made me feel bad and resentful and when expressed as not acceptable Рfelt good.

The strange thing is the way I conducted myself in these above situations when the circumstances came about happened in a subconscious way that appeared to fall out of me as if directed by the non-physical part of me, that I know¬†inherently¬†was¬†simply¬†by making the decision to change my thoughts, setting some personal boundaries and saying a few¬†affirmations¬†in my head. It indicates to me the immense personal power we truly do have at our fingertips and to¬†Freakishly¬†confirm this another set of circumstances literally made me go “Whoa !! wait a¬†minute”:

I Am a complete book whore, I admit it and have admitted it before. I jump from one text to another all week long and another thing that has resonated with me along with ‘Ask and it is Given/ Ask, believe, Receive’ and tuning forks is the quote from the bible¬†“I Am that I Am¬†and that some conformist religions of which I Am not a fan as I have¬†previously¬†blogged I cannot feel comfortable with a belief in a God that judges and segregates and yesterday (Friday) I had a meeting with a colleague over a couple issues that had come up during the week to discuss there completion. When I first went to work at this company seeing this persons name on the Company Structure did make my stomach role¬†slightly¬†as they were the only name I¬†recognized¬†and they did have a bit of a hard man reputation but as it turns out, perfect example of not putting ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ labels on things we¬†probably¬†have the closest working relationship, has been the most supportive and have has some freaky conversations over my period with the company (one that instigated me to buy them a copy of Anita¬†Moorjani’s¬†book – ‘Dying to be Me’). The meeting went off on a bit of a tangent about¬†different¬†cultural and¬†belief¬†systems within the various¬†nationalities within our company and his own wife’s religious beliefs and again misinterpretation of scriptures. So I said funny you should say that, I’ve been reading about that recently and the phase¬†“I Am that I Am “¬†and that it is actually saying that we are equally capable of anything Jesus is said to have done but religious¬†misinterpretation¬†has lead us to, in some cases to¬†create¬†and ¬†follow a judgemental man like image of God then later when I got home I was finding it¬†difficult¬†to concentrate so decided to go¬†on-line¬†to find¬†something¬†to listen to,¬†to relax. First I see a post by Ricky¬†Gervais¬†(‘Derek’ – best bit of TV writing, in my eyes ever)

then I just randomly click on a post in the recommended for you list on You-tube and watch this.


Well after that, there is no mistaking that I Am one big mass of vibrational energy because every molecule of my physical being was vibrating.

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