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Why does it always surprise me!

Why does it always surprise me that the information I read etc is just right for my eyes at exactly the right time for what I Am feeling, thinking, experiencing.

I had journalled but not blogged about an experience that had made me think that’s it enough is enough my life has to change and then a sequence of events makes me buy Jen Sincero’s book “You are a Badass” and within the first few pages I Am thinking this is so spooky this is so what I need to be reading right now. I bought glossy magazines (so unlike me) but also instigated by my decision and it has inspirational articles related exactly to my current way of thinking plus a new author and book I wasn’t aware of but also appears ideal.

Later I Am thinking of how many books I have recently bought and should I be being more proactive than gaining more info in books and not having time to read post by Hay House earlier I click on to Hay House Facebook page to revisit the post and I see a post by Louise Hay saying that she is 87 on the 8th of October and she believes the best thing you can do for yourself is constantly be willing to learn new things and that she still attends as many events as she can and constantly trying to learn as many new things as she can.

Thank you Louise for answering my question about should I be reading so many books – answer ‘Yes’. Thank you once again for helping me pass my driving test (first time) and thank you for being an amazing inspiration full stop.

Happy 87 birthday xx