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I love the film Evan Almighty which I watched again recently and was reminded about ARK’s

Act’s of Random Kindness. It also reminded that I had been saving links of ARK’s.

I haven’t felt like blogging recently but what I have been doing is saving the URL’s of positive stories I see on social media to prove good things are happening in the world as well as the all the stuff normal media like to thrust in our faces given half the chance

Here’s one of them below. Enjoy ūüôā

Have a great weekend



ARK’s 2

Last week I arrived in London at 5:30pm where I made a short tube journey to my hotel.

At first the tube was surprisingly clear when a smartly dressed young man got on looking frustrated and angry. Rather bizarrely to me whilst huffing and puffing to himself he started tossing old tube tickets over the floor of the tube. He also threw away a plastic Oyster card and someone handed it back to him thinking he had dropped it accidentally . He snapped at the kind commuter that it was rubbish.

The next station a man got on and if I am honest was scruffily dressed with a long grey pony tail carrying a guitar. Nievily I just assumed he was a musician on his travels.

He then started playing said guitar.

I was actually enjoying the impromptu performance but even more enjoyable/amusing was the way people acted like nothing was happening.

The tube got busier with ever stop and he kept on playing and people were squeezed in like sardines and I watched as people looked miserable and annoyed having to share the tube with busker but the busker however had a big smile on their face.

When the angry smartly dressed young man squeezed passed me to get off the tube he turned to a boy in school uniform and said “stay in school or you might end up like that” I thought it was quite cruel and uncalled for but I also thought ‘who had it made’ because the busker appeared far happier than Mr Suited and Booted.

Tonight I saw this video and made me happy.

Let me know how it makes you feel?




I love Tom Shadyak’s film Evan Almighty and I love when Morgan Freeman spells ARK and he asks “how do we change the world? One Act of Random Kindness at a time.

My partners now picking up on the negative news vibe and doesn’t want to listen to it or Politicians trying to buy our votes and insulting our intelligence so we have switched to happy music in the morning instead.

I started this post two weeks ago but never got the opportunity to finish it. This is ARK part 2 as ARK part one was drafted and never finished but that was before Christmas and didn’t seem appropriate now and during this time I had a seedling germinating inside me to start a string of blog posts showing there is good in the world and not just negativity and I have been avidly sending myself emails of articles that fit the bill but with no time fulfil my desire/goal.

I have been beaten to my intention to spread a little bit of positivity but I don’t mind.

Two days ago I caught a TV news article explaining about a stranger making a gesture (Act of Random Kindness) to a young mother and she was trying to track him down to say thank you.

The mother was on a train with her son when a man who was leaving the train alerted her that she had dropped something and then went on his way.

Thinking she dropped something from her handbag she bent down to retrieve it and found a £5 note and a message written on a scrap of paper. The message was commending her on what a great mum she was. The mum started a social media campaign to track down the kind stranger to be able to thank him fully.

I’ve added a link below about the full story.


I love this story on so many levels. 1, that there are people like this out there in the world. 2 This man’s kindness got media attention (Something positive – hoorah) and that following this, the program I heard it on was inspired to ask people to contact them with their stories are Random Acts of Kindness so spreading the world message further and when I heard the stranger being interviewed after being tracked down because of the social media campaign I loved how he explained prior to leaving the train he reached into his pocket to get his ticket and found the scrap of paper and the ¬£5 and just felt inspired to write the note and give it to the mother.

He had a nudge from the Universe and he followed his gut instinct. There are no accidents, there is always a bigger picture unfolding.

What’s your story of ARK ???


I Feel a shift 2



A few months ago I wrote the blog post “I Feel a Shift” because I had started to notice a happiness habit-forming despite of all the usual negative media we are bombarded with and asked the question was anyone else seeing too?

I was seeing adverts on TV with a more positive slant. One showing people carrying out Random Acts of Kindness that was having a chain reaction.

Talking of Random Acts of Kindness I watched Evan Almighty again and the weekend and for many of a year I have planned to have everyone do the dance at my funeral before they leave the venue so they leave on a High, as well as play Louis Armstrong’s ‘Wonderful World ‘ and Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’.

A couple of days ago I learnt I must confess from one of my favourite past times … Reading Pam Grouts Blog about women from my country but not county unfortunately or I would shake her hand was requesting her followers retweet the idea that we are seeing more good news and getting the idea we should love our enemy. The the other bit of information gained from the fabulous Ms Grout was that this lady had tweeted about a former anti-Muslimist¬†who went to his local Mosque to apologize. I clicked on the Huff Post article and reading it made my heart want to burst with happiness.

It’s easy to feel happy about things and people we love but not so easy about things we don’t like and people we don’t love (No SxxT Sherlock! I hear you cry) but the other day reading more about Epigenetic’s and how negative thinking can have a harmful effect on our bodies I ¬†knew it was in my best interests to love even my enemy.

I also read recently (I read a hell of a lot, it is my passion and it was probably by Ms Grout ¬†but I have read so much by so many I lose track,) some advise that when someone is annoying you, unpleasant etc say silently inside “Bless You”. Well reading this fitted right in with my loving my enemy help myself philosophy¬†because when someone is unpleasant I just remember to say “Bless You” followed by their name.

Shortly after gaining the information that other people are sharing the, or encouraging the Happiness Habit I watch on TV a British Celebrity discussing the sequence of events that led him to write a book containing short funny poems and until the “Sequence of Events” or the Universe doing what it does best he had never written a poem before in his life and his motive was to make people happy because as he said in his words “There appears to be a lot of not so nice things going on in the world and we seem to forget that there ‘IS’ things to be happy about and we spend so much time worrying about things that aren’t even going to happen, I just wanted to make people smile and have a little bit of happiness”

Well after shouting a loud “Yes” at the TV I felt inspired to write a post about the “obvious growing” shift in happiness and just as I consciously made the decision I saw my phone light up. I’d been tagged in a post by my daughter. When I investigated she had nominated me in something that must be going around on social network, to upload 5 photo’s that make you happy.

Yep there is definitely a Shift happening