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  • ARK 4

    Maybe not effectively an act of random kindness but definitely an act of kindness when this beautiful lady was introduced to Yoga http://nypost.com/2016/08/08/this-85-year-old-proves-yoga-can-keep-you-young/

  • ARK 3

      I love the film Evan Almighty which I watched again recently and was reminded about ARK’s Act’s of Random Kindness. It also reminded that I had been saving links of ARK’s. I haven’t felt like blogging recently but what I have been doing is saving the URL’s of positive stories I see on social […]

  • ARK’s 2

    ARK’s 2

    Last week I arrived in London at 5:30pm where I made a short tube journey to my hotel. At first the tube was surprisingly clear when a smartly dressed young man got on looking frustrated and angry. Rather bizarrely to me whilst huffing and puffing to himself he started tossing old tube tickets over the […]

  • ARK’s

      I love Tom Shadyak’s film Evan Almighty and I love when Morgan Freeman spells ARK and he asks “how do we change the world? One Act of Random Kindness at a time. My partners now picking up on the negative news vibe and doesn’t want to listen to it or Politicians trying to buy […]

  • I Feel a shift 2

      A few months ago I wrote the blog post “I Feel a Shift” because I had started to notice a happiness habit-forming despite of all the usual negative media we are bombarded with and asked the question was anyone else seeing too? I was seeing adverts on TV with a more positive slant. One […]