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The Matrix

My partner mentioned he watched the Matrix again the other evening while I was out and forgot how good it was.

The Matrix for me is full of subliminal messages about the reality of our Universe.

Today I decided to watch it again myself as instinct was telling my to.

When Morpheus tells Neo that most people aren’t ready to be unplugged and will fight to protect the system reminds me when Guglielmo Marconi suggested that he believed messages could be sent without wires via energy frequencies he was sent to an insane asylum. Why do the majority fight the inevitable she says writing wirelessly a blog post that may be read who knows where.

Below is a photo I saw via Marconi’s wireless frequencies the other day. Thankfully most people come to the party even if it is a little late otherwise if  I lived between 1864 – 1889 I to may have been institutionalised to, several times over. I’ll leave it to your imagination to decide for which reasons …..


Morpheus the Ancient Greek god of dreams. Morpheus has the ability to mimic any human form and appear in dreams.

When Neo goes to see the ‘Oracle’ the oracle has a plaque above the door that translated says “Know they self’.

The truth is we are all energy frequencies and everything is energy waves/frequencies and we can know they self any way we want to starting right now. First we dream it and then we will Morph in to it.

Interesting line towards the end of the film where it is said the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world where no one suffered and everyone would be happy but no-one would accept it.

That reality still exists if were are only willing to accept it.

the spirit of learning and creative thought was lost in strict rote learning 

                                                                                                                        – Albert Einstein

I dream of an education system that encourages creative thought and teaches us we can be anything we desire and lead happy , fulfilled lives by visualisation and subsequently manifestation.

The other day I read that scientists have evidence of gravitational waves that Einstein was anticipating around 100 years ago. So maybe I am manifesting that dream as in the last 5 years or so I have seen and read more and more about The Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics in the public domain and eventually in the education system? I believe so I just don’t know how long until it becomes the norm like sending text messages.

I just have to keep focused on and do what Morpheus said ‘there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Don’t think you are. Know you are. Let it all go, fear, doubt, disbelief and free your mind.’

Because what we are being shown now is what was always there …………….. a world where Anything is Possible !!

The Biology Belief

This is the video I chose to listen to as my morning motivational material.

Just prior to listening I overheard on the TV a Pop Singer in the UK has chosen to call her Tour “Entanglement” as she is interested in Physics and is considering studying it and she likes to keep her mind motivated.

The TV anchors were mocking her but I thought good on her.

The most productive successful people in the world are so because they want to keep growing and keep learning as do I.

As Bruce says in the video above “Knowledge is Power” and one of my favourite quotes is

“I Am still learning” by Michelangelo at age 87

Where would we be without inquisitive minds? In the dark still living in a cave probably.

So today I Am giving heart-felt gratitude to all the so-called mad people like Michael Faraday, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niel Bohr, Erwin Schrodinger, Richard Feyman, Wolfgang Pauli, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and many many many more

Like attracts Like – Part 2

I remember a long time ago when I was learning about affirmations reading somewhere that the Universe doesn’t acknowledge the words ‘NOT’ & ‘DON’T’ so “I don’t want to be late!” reads “I want to be late!”.

Wednesday was going to be a busy day. Straight from work a quick change, drive 40 miles to shopping Mall, something to eat, Christmas shopping then seeing Anchorman 2 with pre-bought tickets online. During the day, knowing it was going to be a rush I remember it crossing my mind thinking “I must NOT forget my purse as it has the card in it to retrieve the cinema tickets”. In all the hustle and bustle of getting ready I was thinking what I needed to take and I remembered I’d specifically bought some Weight Watchers Popcorn for the cinema and thinking I must not forget to get it out of the cupboard. Very shortly after leaving the house I exclaimed “Oh Pooh” (or words to that effect) very loudly. “What ?!!” my startled partner asks. “I’ve left my Weight Watchers popcorn in the cupboard. This led me go to my phone to delete the ‘Points’ I had previously tracked and as we travelled on I started to feel sleepy and placed my phone next to me on the seat, in my drowsy state thought I must not forget to put my phone in my bag.

As we walked in to the Mall there was some serious weather going on. Storm force winds and heavy rain and we made a mad dash for the entrance to shelter and as I shook myself off I said “phooey” (or words to that effect). “What?” came another startled response. I’ve left my phone on the seat. Story short, we went to Nando’s  and I delved into my bag to retrieve my Nando’s card and I looked at my partner “You are going to kill me ………. I’ve forgotten my purse (wallet)”. My partner replied that it wasn’t a problem but I explained I needed my card to get the tickets out of the machine at the cinema.  Deathly Silence !!!

Before finding LOA and for quite a long time after I’ve always been a panickier but as time goes on with the help of LOA and other materials I Am so much more calmer and less fearful so I acknowledged the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, took a deep breath and said “Thank you Universe for your help in getting our cinema tickets” and then breathed again and I knew and felt it was OK. After our meal I asked “I know it’s blowing a hoolie but we can just go and see if we can get the tickets so we know where we are at” IE: do we have to drive home and get my purse – sad face !!.

As we walked towards the entrance I could see a cinema employee standing next to a dead looking ticket machine. I thought that’s handy I’ll ask him for advise. Before I even opened my mouth he said “Sorry its cash only I’m afraid, no cards. There’s something wrong with our system”. I explained I’d prepaid and he said that is fine, as long as you have your booking reference number (on confirmation email on my phone that I had picked up off the seat on the way over to the cinema) you can collect them at the till over there. Thanks Universe for your help, bit drastic for all the inconvenience to other cinema users who wanted to use their cards that evening but once again I asked you for help, stated it as already fact, relaxed, let it go and therefore no longer vibrating at a negative energy level and enabling it to manifest.

I’d remembered “The Universe doesn’t acknowledge DON’T” in the shower the following morning (My Universal Telephone) which is also my new Pam Grout styley messaging service, I’ll explain later but I had one more “Dont forget” that I’d forgotten about.

Just before work I quickly picked a Tony Robbins post from YouTube to listen to on the way to work. (New daily ritual, which is a bit ironic if you listen to my choice which I have attached). Before getting into my car and pressing play I asked the Universe “Please help show me what I need to do to make a living off of Internet Marketing, succeed and help my partner. Without even knowing it I had the answer in my ears  with my Tony Robbins pick of the day. Todays choice was particularly inspiring and ironic at the same time in its messages from the point of what I’ve been experiencing and thinking. My partner was very P’d off the other day coming home from work. He’s self-employed, works his guts out but is only making a living, not a profit. He’s not the same mind-set as me but it made me think and decide  to really investigate and learn about Internet Marketing over the Christmas period hence my question.


Todays Tony Robbins was just about this subject and how and why some people achieve and some don’t. In the clip he had two guests and one John Reese tells a story of working in a video rental store where every day he’d take two magazines. Entrepreneur Magazine and Auto Trader. 1) to get into the mind-set of successful people and learn from them and 2) to pick out the car he was going to drive. He explains that one day his boss asks why he has these magazines and his boss advised him not to do that to himself as it was very, very unlikely to happen. This triggered a memory of only two days earlier that I did not acknowledge the resonance of at the time, which is a usual thing for me. I need a sledge-hammer or 3 times before the Thomas Edison moment and the light bulb finally goes on. Two days earlier as I was walking in to work, earphones in, listening to Tony, I passed a colleague outside on his phone. We graciously raised hands and moved on.

Later the same day I see the same colleague and he unexpectedly asks “Do you normally do that ritual?” (his actual words) “What ritual?”. Walking to work with the head-gear in”, “Oh that’s a new thing I Am doing, listening to Tony Robbins every morning”. Now I thought this person was actually an intelligent open-minded person and that’s why I confided in him but he replied “Awwww, you ought to stop that habit, it will get you in all sorts of trouble” bemused and taken back and not confident (then) to defend my actions I ditheringly replied “It’s just something I’m doing each morning, randomly picking a YouTube vid to listen too” and he replied “Well you need to randomly listen to something else”. “Obviously I didn’t take his advise as I was listening to Tony Robbins this morning as mentioned and I Am so glad I did in more ways than one because hearing John Reese’s story about choosing his Porsche, defying his boss plus proving him wrong then remembering my colleagues responses was my trigger and I thought “Right”, I’ll prove you wrong as well. I WILL break out of this paid employment and I will find a way and thanks to John Reese and Tony Robbins, because of you I’ll find it sooner than later.

I pulled up in work and reached for my  security fob. Fob, that was the thing I told myself I must not forget to pick up.

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