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Thank You to the Likers



My blog started out as writing about my observations of The Law of Attraction at work in my life.

The other day I wrote about watching the Matrix and how Morpheus tells Neo that most people aren’t ready to be unplugged and then last night I saw this on social media.

Yesterday morning I thought about a website that I had seen advertised that might help with something I needed but at that point could not remember the name of the company. Maybe some would say that I was reading too much in to this but the material I read says different. I had been quite busy but when I sat down for a coffee break the exact advert came on.

Random and trivial and again maybe coincidence but I had a passing thought that I haven’t heard much about the singer Rihanna recently when it felt at one point she was bringing out a song every other week.

The next day I sit down to unplug and I flipped on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Ellen says “coming up later we have Rihanna”.

One of my categories is called ‘just me rambling’ because that is what I do when I am writing but at the same time whenever someone takes the time to like a post or comment I am very grateful because I feel I have connected to like-minded people so this post is really to all the other unplugged people who realise there is more than meets the eye in this crazy beautiful Universe I want to say a humungous THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Song List 18/02/2016

It felt a bit ironic to post this, this morning but the Voice said I had to. Why is it ironic? Because despite saying to myself every morning “Today is going to be amazing. Today is going to be the best day of my life and miracles are going to happen today” it’s been a bit rubbish since the weekend with one bad bit of news after another and despite trying to fight it with affirmation after affirmation I still felt a bit sick in my stomach but here is the proof that music can change your mood.

No. 1 = Madonna – Holiday

You can turn this world around and bring back all of those happy days. Put your troubles down. It’s time to celebrate. I am a bit of a contradiction in terms and the moment because one part of me feels my thinking must be off whack somewhere or I wouldn’t be experiencing this and another part of me is saying ‘hold the faith, trust the process, let it go, it is all going to work out perfectly’ and listening to Madonna made me feel positive and I can turn this world around. Take a holiday from my thoughts and I find something to celebrate to get those Vibes high again.

No.2 = Katie Perry – Roar

Katie reminded me of a time that wasn’t so good before and I used this song to give me strength to go into an unpleasant situation and speak my truth and how empowering it was.

No. 3 = Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop


Don’t Stop thinking about tomorrow it will be here better than before. This song reminded me that if I keep focusing on the positive and trusting the process it can’t help being better than before because whatever negative thinking from the past I am reaping now can only be replaced with a brighter future if I hold a positive outlook so no looking back

Bonus Track – Katie Perry – Firework

Katie Perry didn’t automatically play today but after hearing Roar and Don’t Stop I thought a bit of Firework was just what I needed.

This song was released in 2010 very shortly after I first read the book ‘The Secret’ and while this book and all the subsequent books I have read since have changed my life negative situations were a way of life and a daily occurrence as I was reaping what I kept sowing. Not just a blip in the Matrix like this is and virtually every time I got in my car feeling overwhelmed this song was playing or came on shortly after and the line about maybe the reason all the doors are closed is so you could open one that leads to the perfect road got me through so many, many times until out of the blue one April day in 2011 literally a miracle of the Universe blew my mind and yes the perfect road did appear.

It also reminded me that after a Hurricane comes a rainbow so that is what I am focusing on now ……. Rainbows !!!!!!!

The Matrix

My partner mentioned he watched the Matrix again the other evening while I was out and forgot how good it was.

The Matrix for me is full of subliminal messages about the reality of our Universe.

Today I decided to watch it again myself as instinct was telling my to.

When Morpheus tells Neo that most people aren’t ready to be unplugged and will fight to protect the system reminds me when Guglielmo Marconi suggested that he believed messages could be sent without wires via energy frequencies he was sent to an insane asylum. Why do the majority fight the inevitable she says writing wirelessly a blog post that may be read who knows where.

Below is a photo I saw via Marconi’s wireless frequencies the other day. Thankfully most people come to the party even if it is a little late otherwise if  I lived between 1864 – 1889 I to may have been institutionalised to, several times over. I’ll leave it to your imagination to decide for which reasons …..


Morpheus the Ancient Greek god of dreams. Morpheus has the ability to mimic any human form and appear in dreams.

When Neo goes to see the ‘Oracle’ the oracle has a plaque above the door that translated says “Know they self’.

The truth is we are all energy frequencies and everything is energy waves/frequencies and we can know they self any way we want to starting right now. First we dream it and then we will Morph in to it.

Interesting line towards the end of the film where it is said the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world where no one suffered and everyone would be happy but no-one would accept it.

That reality still exists if were are only willing to accept it.

the spirit of learning and creative thought was lost in strict rote learning 

                                                                                                                        – Albert Einstein

I dream of an education system that encourages creative thought and teaches us we can be anything we desire and lead happy , fulfilled lives by visualisation and subsequently manifestation.

The other day I read that scientists have evidence of gravitational waves that Einstein was anticipating around 100 years ago. So maybe I am manifesting that dream as in the last 5 years or so I have seen and read more and more about The Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics in the public domain and eventually in the education system? I believe so I just don’t know how long until it becomes the norm like sending text messages.

I just have to keep focused on and do what Morpheus said ‘there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Don’t think you are. Know you are. Let it all go, fear, doubt, disbelief and free your mind.’

Because what we are being shown now is what was always there …………….. a world where Anything is Possible !!