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  • Deflect Negativity Like Neo

  • Thank You to the Likers

      My blog started out as writing about my observations of The Law of Attraction at work in my life. The other day I wrote about watching the Matrix and how Morpheus tells Neo that most people aren’t ready to be unplugged and then last night I saw this on social media. Yesterday morning I […]

  • Happy Song List 18/02/2016

    It felt a bit ironic to post this, this morning but the Voice said I had to. Why is it ironic? Because despite saying to myself every morning “Today is going to be amazing. Today is going to be the best day of my life and miracles are going to happen today” it’s been a […]

  • The Matrix

    My partner mentioned he watched the Matrix again the other evening while I was out and forgot how good it was. The Matrix for me is full of subliminal messages about the reality¬†of our Universe. Today I decided to watch it again myself as instinct was telling my to. When Morpheus¬†tells Neo that most people […]