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Happy Song List 25/02/2016

I think my phone has linked in to my ‘Club Play List’ (that I haven’t actually made but is a good idea) judging by the tracks that came out today but who cares. Enjoy

No. 1 = Rihanna – Pon de Replay

This song always rises my vibration and makes me instantly think of one my Besties and the amazing times we had dancing to this baby. Some may think I am to old to dance like Rihanna but I don’t really care what other people think when I am dancing. I to much in my zone to know or is it cos my Vibe is so high ???

No. 2 = Sonique – It Feels So Good

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know who this song makes me think of but it was a long time after first hearing it that I clicked about the lyrics and vibes and feelings but I know that every time I listen to it or am around that person my vibration goes higher.

No. 3 = Sylvester – Do Ya Wanna Funk

Dancing to this baby and you will certainly have some good loving vibes.

Thank You to the Likers



My blog started out as writing about my observations of The Law of Attraction at work in my life.

The other day I wrote about watching the Matrix and how Morpheus tells Neo that most people aren’t ready to be unplugged and then last night I saw this on social media.

Yesterday morning I thought about a website that I had seen advertised that might help with something I needed but at that point could not remember the name of the company. Maybe some would say that I was reading too much in to this but the material I read says different. I had been quite busy but when I sat down for a coffee break the exact advert came on.

Random and trivial and again maybe coincidence but I had a passing thought that I haven’t heard much about the singer Rihanna recently when it felt at one point she was bringing out a song every other week.

The next day I sit down to unplug and I flipped on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Ellen says “coming up later we have Rihanna”.

One of my categories is called ‘just me rambling’ because that is what I do when I am writing but at the same time whenever someone takes the time to like a post or comment I am very grateful because I feel I have connected to like-minded people so this post is really to all the other unplugged people who realise there is more than meets the eye in this crazy beautiful Universe I want to say a humungous THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!