Tag: Anxiety

  • Passion for Passions sake

      The other day I brought all my art materials together inspired by the fact my daughter has kindly given me the project of designing her wedding dress. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the little doodles I had found in my many part completed sketchbooks and created an album on Facebook called Art […]

  • Are there 7 billion different Universes plus?

    Are the┬áStrictly┬áCome Dancing (Dancing with the Stars) judges proof of ultimate Universes? The other day I considered, could my actual energy affect the physical world by my experiences I Am currently having or Am I actually just viewing my own personal individual physical world because of my current situations? Sometimes because of my attitude to […]

  • It’s all in the ‘K’

    The other day I read an article that struck me more than most things I read and has stayed with me ever since but today I could see how it related to me. It was the Law of Attraction magazine Fall 2013 edition ‘Editors letter’. The editor explains they made a typo and instead of […]