Tag: Gratitude

  • Playing the Pam Game

    Today I’ve been Playing the Pam Grout game. For any of you, as I am, are aware of Pam Grout you’ll be aware she often blogs “Why I Am the luckiest Person on the Planet” Sorry Pam but today without planning it I was playing the “Why I am the luckiest person on the Planet” […]

  • Don’t mess with my MOJO Flo !!

    It’s been a challenging week at work and at first my ego won but then I turned up the Gratitude at bedtime and before rising. I sent out LOVE to all my colleagues and then to ALL that is. Every-night I gave thanks for an amazing day and the amazing day to come and every morning I […]

  • I Am attached t…

    I Am attached to nothing, open to everything, grateful for it all.