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Dream Day

I love a bit of Jakes energy in the morning and talking of energy in this video Jake explains how everything is energy and when I first heard this I intuitively knew it was right while all my other Peers were taking the mic (putting it politely) out of the lecturer that was explaining it to us so I stayed quiet but I could not shake this inner knowing that news I heard was true.

I now know it is scientifically proven but when someone tells us the chairs we are sat on and the table they are sat on is not solid and is just particles vibrating I appreciate it is “hard” to get your head around but I could not shake this feeling it was true

I am using this information to my advantage now since learning about The Law of Attraction and it seems so weird now how things have panned out since that day and that I recently qualified as a Practitioner in The Law of Attraction at the basic level and this weekend I will be taking the exam for the Advanced level

We are all born with an Inner Guidance System or Gut feeling which I experienced that day and I am so glad I did not dispel it. I do sometimes wonder what my Peers are doing these days that were so quick to laugh off the information

I am now living my Dream life and building bigger and better versions ever day talking of which. Jake gives a really good exercise towards the end of this video regarding ‘Your Dream Day’ so maybe it is worth not dispelling it and giving it a go. What have you got to lose? And like me that day when I heard about energy is everywhere and nothing is solid I just kept it to myself so no one needs to know until they see the results in your life and ask “What have you been doing? How did you get so lucky?”

Have a Fabulous Friday xxx

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Nothing, Something to Everything

conor quote


“I am still learning” –  by Michelangelo at aged 87

I love quotes and the one above is one of my favourites and today learnt a bit more.

I have always loved Audi R8’s. Well that is not entirely true I loved Audi A4 convertibles until I set my eyes on an R8.

Last night my partner and I were watching the 3rd in a film franchise and a character was driving an R8. And I mumbled “They always fall on their feet, why don’t I drive an R8?” my partner fair play to him, I couldn’t dispute his reply “Well with all your positive thinking if it attracts things, stuff, if it works you should be driving it by now” – touche.

My first thought was ouch followed by just because it isn’t on the drive yet doesn’t mean it ain’t gonna be in the future but later in the day Conor McGregor taught me why the R8 Spyder is probably not on my drive ‘yet’

Sometimes we can hear something several times and not get it, sometimes we do get it but we forget it and need reminding. Conor reminded me how detrimental the word “WANT” can be. So detrimental I underlined it, bolded it and exclaimed it.

Don’t want something, Have it. Have it in your mind before you have it on your drive or anywhere else.

In 2003 I was working in a factory and reading a book by Paul McKenna, ‘Change your Life in 7 days’  in my breaks. The people I was working with, if I am totally honest took the piss out of me relentlessly whilst I held that book and I moved rooms away from that environment and long before I knew about the Law of Attraction or read that we become the sum of the 5% of people you surround yourself with if you don’t consciously do something to change it I knew I didn’t want to work there any more and thought about a job I would like to do and of course once I made that decision the Universe conspired before I knew the Universe conspires to help us and because I didn’t know the Universe conspires to help you – ‘ALWAYS’ I thought small and a set of circumstances came about that created a job in the exact type of industry I wished to be in and while I was in that factory and reading that book I read if you wanted something for example a car you visualise yourself driving that car, even if you are sitting in an arm chair at the time. Go to a dealer, sit in it, get a brochure and I did all that and it might have taken a longer than it should have because I didn’t monitor my thoughts as well as I should have but I am driving that Audi A4 convertible today as she is beauuuuuuttifulllllllll !!!

As we approach 2016. I don’t want anything, have everything like Conor does and he is living proof it works.

2016 our best year yet. I am so ecstatic about the amazing lives your have created for yourselves – enjoy every juicy second of it !!!

I’ll give you a wave from my R8 Spyder as I drive by

Mystic Mack

I blogged the first video several months ago when I accidentally clicked on it and it was the first thing that came to mind yesterday morning when I learnt the outcome of the Conor McGregor fight.

Love or hate MMA, love or hate Conor McGregor but you can’t dispute he believed in and used The Law of Attraction and Visualization to the max.

During Saturday on the run up to the fight my partner and I were discussing it and my partner wasn’t so sure about the outcome where I had no doubt Conor would win because I had seen the video above and tried to explain to my partner in Conor’s mind he has already fought the fight and it is a done deal, even down to the details.

During Sunday my partner spent all day playing programs and saying things like “Did you here that?” and playing back snippets where Conor was recorded in 2008 stating his intentions or just prior to the fight predicting how and when he was going to defeat his opponent.

Eventually I had to play him the video above and say “See this is why I knew Conor would win”.

It was my intention to blog about the fight at my first opportunity to evidence the power of The Law of Attraction however one of the sites I follow on Facebook has beaten me to it  “Educate Inspire Change” has posted the link below but I have also attached the video they have in their link of Conor being interviewed after the fight.

MMA Champ Is Asked How He Predicted His Victory So Accurately.His Response Blew Me Away.

Like I said love or hate you cannot dispute the power of The Law of Attraction and Visualization.

Now you have seen what Conor McGregor achieved with it.

How are you going to use it in your life?

How are you going to make 2016 the best year you have ever had?

I am not rubbish at it !!

I get I’ve got what I’ve got by the quality of my thoughts.

I get that if I don’t like what I’ve got, change my thoughts.

I get that you have to focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

I get you have to imagine already having received what you want.

I get that visualization is the key.

And I get that I am rubbish at visualising

Well I thought I was, when the Universe gave me this gift.


If you can visualise and orange you can visualise Everything

Don’t You Dare Give up Pt2

Well I read more of Dr Wayne W. Dyer’s new book and relax into the fact that it is all happening perfectly as my weekend draws to an end and I have to prepare for another day of cut sore hands amongst other things I know my dream is already in my possession.

After watching our favourite TV program I channel hop and see Bruce Almighty.

As I watch the question comes into my mind. Has Jim Carry made anything recently. So I google and a link catches my eye and I click on it.

This is what I see and watch.

The magnitude of what is unseen within our Universe strikes square on in the chest and ….. I love it. I feel magnificently ecstatically alive and grateful for every iddy biddy intsy bitsy quantum molecule of it ALL.


There are no accidents