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Dream Day

I love a bit of Jakes energy in the morning and talking of energy in this video Jake explains how everything is energy and when I first heard this I intuitively knew it was right while all my other Peers were taking the mic (putting it politely) out of the lecturer that was explaining it to us so I stayed quiet but I could not shake this inner knowing that news I heard was true.

I now know it is scientifically proven but when someone tells us the chairs we are sat on and the table they are sat on is not solid and is just particles vibrating I appreciate it is “hard” to get your head around but I could not shake this feeling it was true

I am using this information to my advantage now since learning about The Law of Attraction and it seems so weird now how things have panned out since that day and that I recently qualified as a Practitioner in The Law of Attraction at the basic level and this weekend I will be taking the exam for the Advanced level

We are all born with an Inner Guidance System or Gut feeling which I experienced that day and I am so glad I did not dispel it. I do sometimes wonder what my Peers are doing these days that were so quick to laugh off the information

I am now living my Dream life and building bigger and better versions ever day talking of which. Jake gives a really good exercise towards the end of this video regarding ‘Your Dream Day’ so maybe it is worth not dispelling it and giving it a go. What have you got to lose? And like me that day when I heard about energy is everywhere and nothing is solid I just kept it to myself so no one needs to know until they see the results in your life and ask “What have you been doing? How did you get so lucky?”

Have a Fabulous Friday xxx

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Blog Post Challenge


The other day I was thinking of how my blog posts were becoming more and more infrequent and my dream life seems to be slipping away.

Well I think slipping away is the wrong phrase but the vision is a little foggy instead of crystal clear and then I spot something on Facebook that s draws my attention.

A 15 day Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson the author of and the ‘Suitcase Entrepreneur’. Hmmm maybe this is just what I need?

To be honest I haven’t had the time to read all the info of what is involved but I received and an email today and watched the attached video.

Natalie asked a question and asked the participants to write the answer in their blogs, post it and attached the link from the blog post into the YouTube video comments section.

So here I go ..

Here’s the question

Q.“What is your daily success plan?

A. Before I get out of bed I say to myself in my head “Thank you for all the miracles I receive today, I Love myself, I expect good things to happen to me” and then I remind myself of as many things I can that I am grateful for.

I  try listen to happy music from my happy play list as I get ready for the day.

I have a statement similar to what I say to myself before I get up set it my calendar that comes up at 07:30 am and 08:00am to keep me on track and says “I expect good things and remember there is a solution to every problem”

Just before I leave the house I pick an inspirational YouTube video to listen to as I commute.

I allow myself enough time to sit quietly in my car and take notes on what I have listened to if anything inspires me and write it in my digital journal and then I pick a happy tune to enter work with and I send love to all my colleagues and then the whole Universe (corny maybe but it makes me feel good).

The rest of the day is more random in as much as I always aim to stay positive and live in the moment and stay authentic to myself with what ever the day presents me with and when people maybe unpleasant I send them more love because I don’t know what motivated it and as Gary Zukav says “What ever you do, come from Love, always come from Love”

Any time I have free me time I try to use it as Productively as I can. As Jim Rohn says “You should work harder on yourself than you do on your job”

Well that’s me. Maybe not what was intended by the exercise but I Am just being true and honest to myself and follow the instincts that arose when the question was asked.

Maybe ask yourself the same question “What is your daily success plan?  . Have you got one? What are your dreams looking like? Crystal Clear or a little misty? Maybe you need to bring them back in to full focus

or  like me join the challenge …………