Like attracts Like – Part 2

I remember a long time ago when I was learning about affirmations reading somewhere that the Universe doesn’t acknowledge the words ‘NOT’ & ‘DON’T’ so “I don’t want to be late!” reads “I want to be late!”.

Wednesday was going to be a busy day. Straight from work a quick change, drive 40 miles to shopping Mall, something to eat, Christmas shopping then seeing Anchorman 2 with pre-bought tickets online. During the day, knowing it was going to be a rush I remember it crossing my mind thinking “I must NOT forget my purse as it has the card in it to retrieve the cinema tickets”. In all the hustle and bustle of getting ready I was thinking what I needed to take and I remembered I’d specifically bought some Weight Watchers Popcorn for the cinema and thinking I must not forget to get it out of the cupboard. Very shortly after leaving the house I exclaimed “Oh Pooh” (or words to that effect) very loudly. “What ?!!” my startled partner asks. “I’ve left my Weight Watchers popcorn in the cupboard. This led me go to my phone to delete the ‘Points’ I had previously tracked and as we travelled on I started to feel sleepy and placed my phone next to me on the seat, in my drowsy state thought I must not forget to put my phone in my bag.

As we walked in to the Mall there was some serious weather going on. Storm force winds and heavy rain and we made a mad dash for the entrance to shelter and as I shook myself off I said “phooey” (or words to that effect). “What?” came another startled response. I’ve left my phone on the seat. Story short, we went to Nando’s  and I delved into my bag to retrieve my Nando’s card and I looked at my partner “You are going to kill me ………. I’ve forgotten my purse (wallet)”. My partner replied that it wasn’t a problem but I explained I needed my card to get the tickets out of the machine at the cinema.  Deathly Silence !!!

Before finding LOA and for quite a long time after I’ve always been a panickier but as time goes on with the help of LOA and other materials I Am so much more calmer and less fearful so I acknowledged the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, took a deep breath and said “Thank you Universe for your help in getting our cinema tickets” and then breathed again and I knew and felt it was OK. After our meal I asked “I know it’s blowing a hoolie but we can just go and see if we can get the tickets so we know where we are at” IE: do we have to drive home and get my purse – sad face !!.

As we walked towards the entrance I could see a cinema employee standing next to a dead looking ticket machine. I thought that’s handy I’ll ask him for advise. Before I even opened my mouth he said “Sorry its cash only I’m afraid, no cards. There’s something wrong with our system”. I explained I’d prepaid and he said that is fine, as long as you have your booking reference number (on confirmation email on my phone that I had picked up off the seat on the way over to the cinema) you can collect them at the till over there. Thanks Universe for your help, bit drastic for all the inconvenience to other cinema users who wanted to use their cards that evening but once again I asked you for help, stated it as already fact, relaxed, let it go and therefore no longer vibrating at a negative energy level and enabling it to manifest.

I’d remembered “The Universe doesn’t acknowledge DON’T” in the shower the following morning (My Universal Telephone) which is also my new Pam Grout styley messaging service, I’ll explain later but I had one more “Dont forget” that I’d forgotten about.

Just before work I quickly picked a Tony Robbins post from YouTube to listen to on the way to work. (New daily ritual, which is a bit ironic if you listen to my choice which I have attached). Before getting into my car and pressing play I asked the Universe “Please help show me what I need to do to make a living off of Internet Marketing, succeed and help my partner. Without even knowing it I had the answer in my ears  with my Tony Robbins pick of the day. Todays choice was particularly inspiring and ironic at the same time in its messages from the point of what I’ve been experiencing and thinking. My partner was very P’d off the other day coming home from work. He’s self-employed, works his guts out but is only making a living, not a profit. He’s not the same mind-set as me but it made me think and decide  to really investigate and learn about Internet Marketing over the Christmas period hence my question.

Todays Tony Robbins was just about this subject and how and why some people achieve and some don’t. In the clip he had two guests and one John Reese tells a story of working in a video rental store where every day he’d take two magazines. Entrepreneur Magazine and Auto Trader. 1) to get into the mind-set of successful people and learn from them and 2) to pick out the car he was going to drive. He explains that one day his boss asks why he has these magazines and his boss advised him not to do that to himself as it was very, very unlikely to happen. This triggered a memory of only two days earlier that I did not acknowledge the resonance of at the time, which is a usual thing for me. I need a sledge-hammer or 3 times before the Thomas Edison moment and the light bulb finally goes on. Two days earlier as I was walking in to work, earphones in, listening to Tony, I passed a colleague outside on his phone. We graciously raised hands and moved on.

Later the same day I see the same colleague and he unexpectedly asks “Do you normally do that ritual?” (his actual words) “What ritual?”. Walking to work with the head-gear in”, “Oh that’s a new thing I Am doing, listening to Tony Robbins every morning”. Now I thought this person was actually an intelligent open-minded person and that’s why I confided in him but he replied “Awwww, you ought to stop that habit, it will get you in all sorts of trouble” bemused and taken back and not confident (then) to defend my actions I ditheringly replied “It’s just something I’m doing each morning, randomly picking a YouTube vid to listen too” and he replied “Well you need to randomly listen to something else”. “Obviously I didn’t take his advise as I was listening to Tony Robbins this morning as mentioned and I Am so glad I did in more ways than one because hearing John Reese’s story about choosing his Porsche, defying his boss plus proving him wrong then remembering my colleagues responses was my trigger and I thought “Right”, I’ll prove you wrong as well. I WILL break out of this paid employment and I will find a way and thanks to John Reese and Tony Robbins, because of you I’ll find it sooner than later.

I pulled up in work and reached for my  security fob. Fob, that was the thing I told myself I must not forget to pick up.

photo (2)

Like attracts like – sure does !!!

Today I Am living my bliss and I must be just one big Bliss magnet.

Appears to be normal day, bit excited because later I maybe test driving my new car that Universe has kindly lined up for me – perfect timing and all that ( I may or may not blog about that later to evidence LOA interaction).

But the main purpose of this post is how I just love the unexpected WoW’s that make the normal go kapow !!!! (bat man styley).

Today was Secret Santa day in our office. Last year I was the new girl and no-one really knew me and I still thought people don’t really know me but I obviously wasn’t keeping my cards as close to my chest as I thought I had.

I was literally shocked and stunned and extremely grateful to receive my gift. Now two things rock my boat, anything to do with quantum physics/law of attraction and books so you will understand my elation when you see the attached photo.

Evernote Camera Roll 20131217 142653

I was so genuinely appreciative, as everyone started to disperse I wanted to get back to my desk and be the first to email my gratitude to all the prospective Secret Santa’s.

A short time later I was alone in my office and I thought I may rock through a couple of pages however for some unknown reason drilling started not far from my office and I became aware that I had a slight headache and was finding it difficult to concentrate with the background noise.

This lead on to me filtering through my bag trying to find some headache tablets which wouldn’t reveal themselves so decided it was an opportune moment to have a clear out and as I was spreading the contents all over my desk (and the bag crumbs ukhhh !!) in the bin I came across my comfort Art materials  that I carry around with me and the sketchbook that I placed in there after my visit to Tate Britain in September, promising myself Turner styley to aim to sketch something as often as I could yet it has remained in there empty ever since.

On my desk there is a Company cup that I use as a stationary holder and the other day whilst reaching for a marker I accidentally touched the one and only pencil in the cup and I actually had a physical feeling in my gut that I don’t get from any other stationary. It was a really nice feeling but at the same time it was like “Oh !!”. I thought about the feeling and wondered what it represents? Is it something connected to my core, my higher self, my purpose?

I can do the roughest doodle to explain something and people have commented ‘Oh look how good that is’ or ‘I could never draw like that and you do it so easily’ but until that feeling in my tummy I hadn’t really acknowledged these comments because – hands up I admit it – I Am full of self-doubt and lack confidence in my abilities.

My art materials were in front of the cup and this triggered my pencil memory so I took a pencil and my sketchbook and decided to doodle nothing in particular but just for the feeling of an art material in my hand. It felt delightful and to enhance the experience I used my phone to listen to some music. Louis Armstrong came on ‘La Vie en Rose’ and then I used my pocket watercolour set with no water but just the tip of my tongue and I thought this is blissful – this is what life is all about, this is how life should feel like.

My little blissful doodle for no other reason than – BLISS !!


Well my energy must have been buzzing because a colleague came into the office and seeing my book on the desk they asked “Do you have any idea who gave that to you yet as you seem so happy and someone seems to know you well.” I explained I still have no idea but I can only think of 4 people who would know what to get me.

The colleague said who she thought it might be. She felt it was the Managing Director/ my Line Manager. I too had to admit out of the 4 people my instincts are also saying them as I did mention my love of reading physics books during my appraisal. My colleague continued that this person probably gets his wife to buy his present after explaining the persons interests if known.

The colleague I was speaking to shares an office with the Managing Directors wife and added that they may have spoken to their daughter for advise as what to get because their daughter works for the BBC and their job means they have something to do with Programs that include Brian Cox. I nearly fell off my chair as I have been a fan of Brian Cox long before he came on the radar as ‘Thinking Women’s Totty’ but what really knocked my socks off was my colleague thinking that maybe the bosses daughter ‘Might be’ able to get my book signed by Brian.

I said I couldn’t ask that but my colleague was positive it was worth a try and explained that the daughter was home for Christmas so would be able to collect the book to take back to London and that my colleague was determined to ask her colleague on my behalf.

Moral of my post

Just feel it’s an example of how fast things can escalate with a small bit of positive energy and a massive amount of gratitude, you get more things to be grateful for.

Signing off now as I am off to test drive my new car.

It’s not your job to like me – it’s mine

Today I noticed that something’s have been quite challenging. Stupid things happening I find frustrating and wondered “hmmm what Am I sending out there to make this happen?” 

It continued when I finially plucked up enough courage to go back to the gym. I came into contact with a trainer who spews negative comments (I am assuming subconsciously) and made some sarcastic comments about me thinking, I had left the gym. I was furious and thought right lady, I try to ignore your spew but that’s it you’ve hit the limit today and your actions are so unprofessional I am writing a letter of complaint to the manager.

I did come home write that letter but a short time later I questioned my motives, was it competition, one up monship, ego, perhaps this was a lesson from the Universe to practice compassion, unconditional love regardless and I found I didn’t really care anymore and deleted the letter.

A short time later I was reading something I really like in “You are a Bad Ass” by Jen Sincero which was saying when you break out of the norm, dare to risk don’t be surprised that things suddenly go wrong for example If you open your dream pastry shop and suddenly somebody comes crashing through the front window take it you are on the right track and just keep going, your faith will be rewarded then I saw this picture on Facebook


I send blessings to the lady as she probably is not even aware she is acting like this and that there is another better way and I send blessings to myself for consistently trying to break out of the norm, ask questions and retrain my habitual old negative thought patterns 

Today Matthew “I like myself”

Other peoples LOA is Buzzy – Part 2

Just randomly thinking while a passenger on the way to the hairdressers of how it seems that most people around people who have a dream or goal don’t support that person and this strong feeling came over me and from inside this voice said “I WILLLLLLLLLL !!! succeed”. Then I realised I was thinking about a scene from Anchorman “I have a dream that burns deep inside me like a great golden eagle and Veronica says “I too have that dream” and Ron mocks her.

“The ladies can do stuff now and your going to have to learn how to deal with that”

My hairdresser is the only person I know who had a dream and actually took the risk to follow that dream because it seems as Ali Brown described ‘it just became to difficult to stay where he was’ and over the years I’ve known him I have built a relationship that he is someone I can openly discuss stuff and know he won’t mock and will support and encourages, he even brainstorms on my behalf becoming animated by other people who want to step out of the hum drum.

Today he mentioned that his girlfriend noticed that my daughter is connected to someone on Facebook that was featured on a recent TV program recently, something to do with cosmetics and asked isn’t that what my daughter is interested in?

This opened up a conversation about my daughters goals and my own steps I had been taking and my hairdresser explained about a business question he had been pondering on and how he mentioned it to a client recently and the client explained some options to him that neither his accountant or bank had proposed but when faced with these options both agreed that these were actions he could take and it was wonderful to see how inspired this was making him, ready for his next step. Another story he explained was a lady client was talking about her husband hating his job but not knowing what else to do because he thought he had only one skill set. My hairdresser asked what is he interested in and she said he loves anything to do with bikes. Well there you go then, why doesn’t he open a bike shop?  Actually there’s a bike shop down the road for sale. He said he saw the same client recently and her husband did in fact buy the bike shop and she said he’s happier than he’s been in years.

I told him that when Steve Jobs died I saw a picture that really struck me and I have kept it ever since. When we have a question whether we articulate it or not we have asked. If we believe it or not we are creating our realities via The Law of Attraction so the real question should be are we going to ASK randomly and haphazardly and subconsciously or are we going to ASK deliberately, specifically and with focus.

After the hairdressers we were going Christmas Shopping and decided to use a different city than we usually use and as we dropped down a hill, turned left ready to go up another hill something inside me made me look left and there in front of me was the Bike Shop and smiled to myself. I love how the Universe works and other people’s LOA is always so buzzy !!

photo (1)

Feeling honoured, feeling blessed and amazingly grateful

The other day I read, the easiest way to get to where you want to be, ask the question “what would my life feel like if I were free.”

This made me think of another question which I journaled, which was” what do I need to do NOW to ………”. And wrote down a persistent desirable goal.

Then randomly a post on Facebook by Ali Brown attracted my attention, I clicked on the link and downloaded a free audio. It made me come alive and I went to bed excited and inspired.

It activated me to listen to a YouTube clip of Tony Robbins on the way to work and I used my lunch break to re-listen to the free audio and take notes. My brain went into overdrive brainstorming all the things I needed to do. I even improved in my performance at work and when approached and was requested to do something for a colleague it flowed out of me instantaneously and I achieved the task in 5 minutes. I realised this is just the way I Am, this is my  “Aliness” working at her normal, well Aliness !! But it wasn’t until this moment that I recognised that I hadn’t truly been, being Ali.

Later I watched a Wayne Dyer Youtube clip talking to Anita Moorjani (author of “Dying to be Me”, a must read) and Anita had said what she learnt from her experience was that our purpose was not to be positive, our purpose is to be ourselves.


In the Ali Brown audio it reminded us that when you make a decision the Universe supports you and offers you opportunities and not to operate from fear operate from faith and I knew thus to be true because ….

it reminded me of times that I had made a decision and gone, ‘right that’s it enough is enough’ I am amazed at the seemingly ‘miracles’ that show up and I go whoa that’s a coincidence (Universe supporting me, no coincidences but naive me didn’t know that back then) then something negative would happen and confidence comes crashing down and fear sets in, all self belief flies out of the window … Back to same old same old until the next time – Fish Tank syndrome (check out Greg Kuhn)

From my new perspective and knowledge about the Law if Attraction I can see now why the “Coincidences!” showed up and know NOW I have to give fear the boot and walk on in faith because thoughts become things and as my desire is now my most predominant thought (Napoleon Hill), if I maintain the right vibration ‘I Am THAT, I AM, it is done, thank you !’ (Neville Goddard/Moses Code inspired quote say to myself more and more when I think about a desired outcome).

As if a gift from the Universe saying “well done, keep doing what you are doing.” I had written a blog post based on an experience I had just had and called it “Playing the Pam Game” and Pam Grout actually tweeted me and liked my post, hence – feeling honoured, feeling blessed and feeling amazingly grateful.


For me if I was a 14-year-old girl, getting that tweet from Pam Grout was like getting a tweet from One Direction !!

Look for the blessings, look for the signs and look for the things to be grateful for because they are there and the more you look, ye shall find and the more you find the more things you will have to be grateful for …… remember we are all tuning forks really and we can only attract what we focus on ………….. FREEDOM PLEASE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH – I AM THAT, I AM !!!!

Playing the Pam Game

Today I’ve been Playing the Pam Grout game.

For any of you, as I am, are aware of Pam Grout you’ll be aware she often blogs “Why I Am the luckiest Person on the Planet”

Sorry Pam but today without planning it I was playing the “Why I am the luckiest person on the Planet”

Usual day, come home from work starting to prepare evening meal. Sat down with a small snack and a coffee to relax and hadn’t picked a TV program to watch but had to switched it on and while it was playing away to it self I did pick up on the presenter saying “after the break I dare anyone not to get moved by this story”.

I casually paid attention about a young boy who had developed a condition that affects his muscles and then the mother explaining how a friend asked did they know anyone who could a adopt a 3 legged no tailed dog and continues that the minute her son and the dog meet the energy in the room changed. Then my attention picked up. Owen the little boy knows he’s different and knew ‘Haatchi’ the dog is different. As described by a friend on the VT. First they save Haatchi and then Haatchi saved Owen. This dog is the most gentlest animal I’ve ever seen and the connection between the two of them was phenomenal. Everyone on the VT spoke of how amazing Owen is and for the first time ever I could actually physically feel the gentleness in spirit in both dog and Owen and physically feel this special connection through my TV screen. I could actually feel my heart swelling inside my chest and said while clutching my chest

“Oh my God I Am so grateful, I AM the luckiest person alive.”

I felt So lucky for my health and so lucky for my vision and hearing to be able to experience such a ‘Heart Warming’ story coming out of my TV and just completely blessed by the whole experience and my own physical presence.



A few months ago during reading a book (which slips my mind) the author started talking about people who by their attitude of mind over came the most horrendous situations where many others had perished and some via the most indescribable life experiences actually thrive and become stronger or are actually defined by it, giving them as Napoleon Hill calls it ‘a definiteness of purpose’.

I’d forgotten about this book until whilst getting ready for work and doing up my shoe laces up, I was listening to Nelson Mandela’s daughter talking about the film “Nelson: A long walk to freedom” due to be premièred that evening in London about the film and her father.

The presenters on the morning TV program asked how Mr Mandela was and commented that would it fair to say that you are not ready for him to go just yet and she agreed. Zindzi  did explain that at the end of the day her father was 95 and frail but did not allude to a very imminent passing.

At the weekend I was unusually and expectedly low and wondering was I deluding myself about the power of my thoughts creating my reality as I haven’t seen much evidence of late that it’s working and holding the Faith was becoming more and more difficult. Thankfully John Assaraf posted a very poignant quote on Facebook and via asking for higher guidance my instincts moved my attention to a Neville Goddard iBook I had not yet started to read “You Faith is your Fortune”. I Am loving it I don’t think I have ever highlighted a book so many times, it’s a multicoloured array of blobby paragraphs.

Listening to Zindzi reminded me of the book I mention above and how it describes what Nelson Mandela has gone through and what an amazing guiding inspiration he is to all of humanity. “My goodness” I thought to myself. What right do I have to feel sorry for myself and feel like giving up on my goal when my goals/dream are nothing compared to what this man not only aspired to but aspired to even more via atrocious circumstances that I shall never need endure and yet only showed dignity, generosity, comparison, peace and forgiveness to his perpetrators and all of man kind and all with an amazing humour and positively.

Get over yourself and get on with it I told myself because here is proof that you can and will achieve whatever it is you so desire because Nelson Mandela had a vision that was so huge it seemed impossible and as the man himself said :

photo (17)


And he is living proof of that you can achieve anything via the power of your imagination to become manifest.

I felt liberated and optimistic on my way to work and spilling out gratitudes Willy nilly because I felt grateful that I shall never have to endure what this great man did. My life seems gifted and privileged.

How ironic then that on a day that started so magnificently ended with me sitting in still numbness apart from the physical pain in my heart that felt like someone shot me in my heart the minute I heard the words that Nelson Mandela had passed away.

I have read that sometimes people hold off death because of a loved one so desperately wants that person to stay, they wait for them to be out of the room etc and here’s Nelson Mandala’s daughter who openly admitted that she was not ready for her father to go is here in England for the premier of the film of his life and he passes away whilst she and many, many others were actually watching the première.

The Universe surely does work in mysterious ways.

What warmed my heart the most was President Obama’s words “He has gone home”

Rest in peace Madiba

shot to the heart

Shot to the heart !! 


This morning appeared like any other apart from whilst doing up my shoes for work I was listening to an interview with Nelson Mandela’s daughter about a film of his life that has been made and just listening to her speak was so moving and reminded me that I can overcome anything and achieve anything because my wants and woe’s are nothing compared to to what this man has overcome and achieved never wavering from his vision and doing it with such grace and dignity and drove to work feeling light and inspired and grateful for the beautiful vision of a morning purely because of the thought of such and inspirational beautiful human being and now today of all days on the same day that felt so beautiful this morning because of Him I Am ending it with physical pain in my chest and the news of the passing of such an incredible hero of our times but at the same time feeling hugely privileged that I got to live Now to experience such a shining example to us all RIP MR NELSON MANDELA !!