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  • You must take the Path What Path? The Path of Least resistance. I am living proof.   So my blog is titled Law of Attraction Lover and that I am and while I believe its premise I am by no means full proof or have it all sorted. It makes sense to me that we are non-physical having a…

  • Bless the blessing I had a habit of listening to inspiring information on my commute to work that I adopted from Ali Brown and made 21st century as Ali’s version was listening to Anthony Robbins cassettes via a walkman on the subway and mine was listening to YouTube video’s via the app on my smart phone. Now…

  • One Love

    One Love

    This is not really a Law of Attraction story but one I felt compelled to write it. Over the Island unit in the am before we went off to our prospective vocations yesterday my partner asks what a piece of post was. I explained it was just junk mail that I get since turning 50…

  • I nearly peed myself while I wanted to eat a Sxxt sandwich 

    I see bloggers that I admire reblog previous posts from time to time. I have felt compelled to reblog this post with Marie Forleo and Elizabeth Gilbert. Reason being I have finally embarked on Marie Forleo’s B-School which was a dream of mine and Marie’s interview that I include in my blog post is part…

  • LOVE to Manchester 

    I haven’t blogged in ages and planned to blog this morning then woke to what had happened in Manchester. So out of a mark of respect all I want to say is my thoughts are with everyone involved and their loved ones 💔

  • ARK 4

    Maybe not effectively an act of random kindness but definitely an act of kindness when this beautiful lady was introduced to Yoga

  • It’s time for all of us to turn up the light

    Just want to spread the word to as many as people as possible to get your dancing shoes on as Pam suggests because anything that raises our vibration raises the vibration of the whole Universe and why not play the song ‘Happy’ as a good tune to do it to – Namaste world 🙂

  • Happy (Accident) Song

    I have definitely had a peak and trough week. No violins required but just a brief description of where this is going. I am at a point now that I am wet myself with excitement. A few weeks ago I was watching the UK Voice TV program and Boy George made a comment on the lines…

  • Dancing with the Stars…and the moon and the people in coffee shop lines

    As promised !!!

  • Happy Song List 22/02/2016

    Happy Play List seems to playing ball and back on track. Hope you enjoy todays first 3 …… No. 1 = Jem – Finally Woken I will get of the Cream for Your soul subject I promise but I can’t help what comes out but this song always makes me feel amazing. It also has…