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My First Ever Regret



Long before I learnt of self-help books or The Law of Attraction or amazing people like Louise Hay I thankfully was able to look at every painful experience in my life and be able to be grateful.

I was able to look at the events and evaluate if I hadn’t gone through that I wouldn’t have that or learnt that or experienced that or grown into the person I AM to today so when talking to people about their experiences I would say “I do not have any regrets, I am glad I had that experience because …………………”

Learning about ‘The Law of Attraction’ in 2010 (at the time of one of most painful experiences) and all the books and audio’s etc I have listened to since have only enhanced my ability to see gifts wrapped in sandpaper as Lisa Nichols would say however over the last few days I am truly struggling to get a handle on my current experience and find the gift or try to convince myself I am not full of regret.

Despite my inability deep, deep, deep down there is an inner knowing that I Am being Divinely Led.

In January this year I was laying in bed when I received an email that Wayne Dyer was coming to London in October 2015.

“Oh, oh, oh” I chirped !!

My partner asked what was it?

“Wayne Dyer is coming to London. He is my most favouritest author. I have more books by Wayne than any other author and he is truly the most effective person I have read. I would just love to see him”

Surprisingly my partner replied negatively saying what was the point. It didn’t work. Asking questions like if it works, Where was my money? Why was I in a job I hated? etc, etc?

This was not a normal response from him and it hurt me physically both by the voracity of his words and there contents.

He’s very money driven and when I apply for a job it is always what’s the salary, have you asked for a pay rise and for evidence reasons to know something is working he needs to see things NOW, now, now or it isn’t working.

Despite not having the current evidence in his eyes I knew like I knew that I am the ‘Master of My Fate’. I had already had so many experiences that we are literally the creators of our own realities that everything else I desire and usually far, far better was non-physical and would be physical in no uncertain terms.

However I am currently physical with as well as non-physical and annoyance raised in me. I was determined to go and secretly treated myself to a late Christmas present ticket.

Now I am not usually a secretive, deceitful person but due to the conversation and the circumstances that I bought my ticket I never found the right moment to say that I had bought a ticket etc then the Universe played it’s part and as part of my new job (that I love) Training that I was meant to be going to next week had been cancelled and there was an available date in London on October 1st. The date I had booked annual leave to see Wayne. Initially I declined but then instinct said ‘Wow there Tiger’ and I back tracked.

I journalled at the amazingness of the Universe. I could travel to London with work, do the Training and then see Wayne Dyer in the evening and as October drew closer I was getting so excited at the prospect of being in the same room as this amazing man and experience the energy.

I was in London at the weekend when I dipped into Facebook just before going to sleep after an amazing experience of spending the evening at the top of the Shard watching the sun go down and the lights come on. I was in rapture of how blessed I am in my life, of another experience to tick off my ‘Live List’ and then my heart stopped in disbelief.

No this cannot be real. What I am reading. I knew I had to read it again but at the same time I didn’t want to because that would make it real while right now it was a misunderstanding. But no it was true. Our beloved teacher had passed. So close, so, so, so close but now not even far. Impossible.

At this present time it is hard to comprehend how I have gone through, I believe Divinely led experiences to achieve being able to see Wayne Dyer to now not being able to feel this mans wonderful presence and how I cannot regret not being able to have that experience.

Probably like most people I have committed to rereading Wayne’s books and watch the film The Shift again to add value to my life even more and live on purpose but I feel bereft. I feel like I was about to have a catch up with an old friend and that has been snatched away from me. When I hear Wayne’s voice I feel physical pain in my chest and tear up. Because I never actually told my partner I had bought my ticket and I am feeling this way I am experiencing my grief alone.

I don’t like being deceitful and don’t intent to do it again and I will have to share my truth soon as I have received an email that they are still holding the event as a Tribute to Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani is going to one of the guest speakers whose wonderful book “Dying to Be me” I read as a recommendation by Wayne and I have already booked my Hotel room to attend and I want to be able to share that experience.

Social media is full of just how a profound effect Wayne Dyer had on so many with all the tributes that it contains and one of the things I read that struck me most was reading that Wayne is with all of us now, all at once, all of the time.

Since learning of his passing some very strange Wayne Dyer related synchronicites have happened that have literally given me goosebumps like I have never experienced before and I have witnessed the pattern emerging. The mention of Maslow’s Higheracy of needs popping into the most random of conversation being one of them and if you have read Wayne Dyers books you’ll realise the relevance and these little things make me smile and remind me how miraculously the Universe works and that we are all truly connected, truly one.

Since starting this post I read how Wayne’s daughters recently drove his car and ‘I can see clearly now’ came on the radio. I felt like mentioning my observations but hesitated thinking I was reading to much into it and then I saw this picture 

Thank you Wayne.

Like most people I have decided to read Wayne’s books once more and the other night I watched ‘The Shift’

I took two things away that I agreed with myself to adopt every day

  1. Let go and let God
  2. Ask ‘How may I serve’

Thank you our Master, Our Teacher. I Am grateful that I lived in your time even if I didn’t physically meet you.


Be Crazy Happy



I love Pam Grout and today Pam has posted a great new blog on happiness.

Just after I read it I look up at my TV screen and see an older gentleman dressed in a Union Jack suit being interviewed in London.

I thought how long have I been reading because the last time I looked it was our local news.

I am no longer a news person as I create my own reality and don’t want it tarnished with the National doom and gloom daily, read all about how horrible we all are and the world is but I do like a dip in to what’s happening near me.

The man Terry Hutt is in fact local to me but has travelled to London for the immanent birth of our 4th in line to the thrown.

Terry said with joy in his voice that 2 years ago he slept rough for 12 days to see Prince George and he said if he has to wait and sleep rough for another 12 days for 2 or 3 minutes to see the new baby it will be worth it.

Terry is hoping that the birth of the baby will be on the 30th of April as that is his 80th birthday. I too hope it will be on this day to heighten Terry’s joy even more because to me Terry is a legend.

He’s following his bliss and doing what makes him feel happy regardless if others think him crazy.

Maybe we should all take a leaf out of Terry’s book and do what makes us crazily happy !!!

I’m getting good at this


I’ve changed lines hoorah !!!

If you’ve read my recent posts that statement will be relevant as will two white ducks and waiting for the pow, pow, pow and that one of my favourite statements is “That Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it work”

Well it definitely does.

Abraham Hicks talks of unwanted things sets off rockets of desire in your vortex of wanted things.

Well in my employment daily I was faced with things I did not want to be part of. I made a decision to seek alternative employment and inspired by Louise Hay’s ‘I can do it’ I believed there are lots of opportunities available to me and I now have fulfilling employment etc.

I sat evening after evening applying for job after job and then I had a telephone interview. During this interview I was saying I was willing to do things that I didn’t really feel comfortable with in a future job role because I was desperate to get a new job.

I sat on my bed (the place to took the call) feeling heavy. It then dawned on me I wasn’t truly being me and I was taking action, action and not inspired action. (another reference to previous post)

I decided then that I wanted a job that I could be totally me and some other things. Tiny details but I wanted a job where I could wear nice clothes and wear nail varnish and not have to wear jeans and T shirt and have to keep my nails short and clean and crawl around machinery and I wanted to work for a forward thinking company that believed in and followed modern legislation and believed in equality and diversity so I made a decision to chill out for a week and relax and come back in a weeks time refreshed and recommence my job search with a renewed vigour and only look for roles worthy of me with the kind of values that I believed in like treating people fairly and kindly.

It was Easter weekend here in England and with 4 days off I was feeling relaxed and as my partner was mainly working I was listening and reading a lot. I listened to a Lilou Mace video with Dr Dain Heer and I liked what he was saying so I bought his book which the Universe was obviously planting in front of me to fall in line with my current thinking.

The book title is “Being You, Changing the World”

In the book Dr Dain talks of asking questions and when faced with something ask does it make you feel heavy or light and also when something good happens, don’t stop there ask “how does it get better than this” to encourage the Universe to bring you more and more fantastic celebrations of life.

On the Sunday, my partners only day off we went shopping and on the way I saw many signs that I believe were signs from the Universe and each time I asked “How does it get better than this?” and the more I did it the more magnificent things I saw. I even saw two white ducks sitting in a field and I had to stifle a laugh.

The next morning I found an email about a job interview. I hadn’t been diligent in reading my emails not thinking that anyone would contact me over the Easter weekend. The email was inviting me to an interview at 9 o clock on the Wednesday morning and to bring all evidence of certificates. This immediately felt heavy because I had a really busy, important week at work and I didn’t know how I was going to attend the interview and also naively hadn’t thought where all my certificates were stashed.

Using the ‘Heavy’, ‘Light’ technique I asked the question to the Universe “What should I do with this situation?” The answer was to email them politely thanking them for the invite but explain my reasons for not being able to attend. This felt light.

On the Wednesday a weird sequence of events happened and then at about half 1 in the afternoon I checked my emails where I was surprised to see I had received an email asking was it due to date and time that I was unable to attend as they could be flexible. I sent another ‘light feeling’ email and they emailed back saying they could accommodate me 5pm that evening but that was it.

Question to self “Should I go?”.

Answer “Go” and it felt light.

Well I had the most unprepared fantastic interview where I was able just to be 100% me and they loved it and now what seemed to be a Train Wreck was in fact definitely me changing tracks “Ka Pow, Pow, Pow !!!” oh and I get to wear nice clothes and grow my nails and wear nail polish and they have an amazing encouraging philosophy of equality and diversity etc, etc, etc.

Pink Elephant alert




I have a habit of waking up during the night and realise that I am thinking about subjects to do with my paid employment or it can become the first thing I think about as I start to rouse before I have even opened my eyes in the Am.

When I catch myself doing this I say to myself “Stop it, stop it, stop it !!!” but it doesn’t always work or I get off the subject and subconsciously find myself back on it again screaming to myself in my head ‘STOP IT !!!”

The other night on a particularly unusual sleepless night when I found myself thinking through a must do list in my head another thought popped in to my head that I am sure now Source placed there –  When someone says to you “DON”T think about pink elephants” you instantly picture a pink elephant.

So I thought about pink elephants and when my mind started to wonder back to work subjects I went back to the elephants but to keep my focus on the pink pachyderm’s I started to build a bizarre story in my head that the elephants were laying under royal blue trees with orange banana’s hanging from its branches.

It worked and I now use it to get me off the subject of work whenever I am not in my paid employment

so now when ever I find my mind wandering on to an unwanted subject I try to remind myself ASAP ‘Pink elephant alert’ and start making up stories about the pink long snouted guys and then I move it from partying pachyderm’s on to pleasurable subjects that I intend to manifest in to my physical reality and imagine that they already are.

Ain’t giving up on me

Recently I haven’t been myself. I have not felt like reading (my passion) or writing (my other passion). Most unlike me and I haven’t taken part in any of my daily inspirational rituals.

Yesterday I had an unexpected bad day and not wanting to repeat the process decided to listen to some inspiring material on my commute which reminded me to send love out to even the most difficult encounter.

The day was definitely much more enjoyable than the previous affair and reading some articles later in the day one made a light bulb go Ping above my head.

Since learning of The Law of Attraction in 2010 I may not physically be living the life of my dreams (yet) but having bad days are extremely rare and feel so uncomfortable now they are not something I want to repeat in a hurry and so rare I can’t remember the last time I had one which Pre reading ‘The Secret’ / LOA was the exact opposite when nearly every day felt like a bad day and the good days were rare and life was so overwhelming many many times I felt ‘I Give Up’

But now …. Thanks to learning about the concepts of The Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics-

I might not be where I hope to be but I ain’t giving up on me.


The Beauty Illusion – Love Yourself Please !


I have to admit I haven’t ever finished reading Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz but what I have read I can totally relate to and one day I promise myself I will complete it and recommend it to everyone.

I was born with a serious bowl condition that was so serious that it only came to light when it killed me at 6 weeks old. Yes it actually made my heart stop. As with everyone The Law of Attraction was working in my life before I ever knew it existed. My mum is religious and tells me the tale how the doctor came to tell her that he had never known a female child ever survive of my condition and suggested to call the minister. I was Christened on the operating table. My heart stopped during the operation and as my Mum (bless her) sat in the corridor alone she prayed and says at that point she felt a calmness come over her and the energy in the corridor changed and she knew then with 100% Faith that I would be OK and with that she heard me cry.

I like the imagines that I have seen recently where people have been wearing things like their colostomy bags loud and proud for the world to see and it makes me want to shout “Hallelujah” because since that operation I have worn a large scar on my abdomen loud and proud because every time I see it reminds me how short my life could have been and am grateful for so many things I have been able to experience since that date.

However as a teen I was very, very close to taking my own life from the emotional pain of bullying. I felt physically sick at the thought of going to school and being constantly reminded how ugly I was but again thankfully LOA stepped in. I was already considering and planning how I could end the pain when a series of events went into action. Thinking back, again without knowing the power of the Universe I think I gave it a ultimatium something like “You need to do something quick to stop this pain or I’m outta here !”

Last night I learnt of the book “The Cosmic Ordering Service” by the late Barbel Mohr and I realise now I had put in a Cosmic Order and I wasn’t let down.

The outcome was, to try to make it short our new family dentist sent me to a specialist puzzled by my unusually high tooth decay after their tests hadn’t identified the reason. Further tests found facial defects internally and this specialist had just pioneered some facial corrective surgery and asked if I was willing to try? Before the actually surgery I underwent 2 years preparational orthodontic treatment and eventually at 16 had a 9 and half hour operation however my life changed the minute I knew I was going to have the operation and the bully’s never bothered me again. I don’t mean I necessarily stopped being bullied but I didn’t let it affect me any more.

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon and his book is about how he noticed the difference in some of his patients after surgery however for some of his patients it had no effect what so ever and this interested him. For me both of my Operations changed my out look on life and one changed my life two years before it even happened and that’s why I relate to Maxwell’s material.

This morning I came across this article accidentally about photo-shopping:

It is so sad that there are so many cases of eating disorders but even the article says that photo shopped images are not necessarily to blame because an individuals attitude towards the images contributes but this YouTube link contained in the article still shocked me what they actually do.

My current favourite car dancing tune is Meghan Trainer – All About The Base. But as well as loving the tune I love the message and it makes me love myself even more. I actually celebrate my curves as I bop along to the lyrics and I have downloaded it. Maybe it will be my new morning ‘Happy’ song but not just yet because Nina Simone “Feeling Good” is currently on the agenda for tomorrow.

I have already blogged that I recently came across the book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends” on It by Kamal Ravikant and say “I Love Myself” over and over again as many times as I can physically remember to do it so if YOU aren’t loving your self say “I Love Myself, I Love Myself” NOW or by the books I mentioned because today’s media’s beauty is all an illusion and your are already Beautiful

Your Ship hasn’t sailed !!!



Over the last couple days I have heard/read two people who both state that there are never-ending possibilities despite us human beings thinking we miss opportunities, that our ship has sailed, we missed the boat but they both separately and systematically said there is ALWAYS another boat, and another and another. Every artificial minute of every artificial day …. being that time doesn’t exist and we invented it. So of course there is going to be limitless opportunities and unlimited possibilities as it is all happening right NOW.

They both said every single second, 24/7 we are being guided and actually both used the same terminology and said our job is to look for the bread crumbs laid out for us. Follow those little nudges from the Universe, listen to our intuition, acknowledge those synchronistic events that make you go “Woah, that’s spooky”. They are leading us where we want to be.

As I recalled this fact of 24/7 messages are coming our way, breadcrumbs are being laid down for us I looked around my working environment and thought ‘what breadcrumbs are here for me now?’ and with that I picked up a label that part of its ID code was LOA (Law of Attraction).

My working day was nearly done and a short time later I am kicking back on my sofa with evening meal on my lap and decide to watch a Catch-up program from the planner and one of the conversations on the TV was with Sir David Attenborough and as I looked up at the TV and said to my partner “What a wonderful life he has had” the TV presenter said “But you weren’t originally the person to present the program were you?” Sir David replied “No not at all, the person who was meant to present it got really ill about a week before the program and they said you’ll have to do it.” There’s synchronicity for you.

My current world view may not be exactly as I envisage .. Yet!!  but knowing there are new boats sailing into my harbour every minute and bread crumbs with my name on them waiting to be picked up makes every morning a far more exciting prospect of potential miracles waiting to happen.


I wrote this post really quickly and meant to write something about synchronicity and Carl Yung and then forgot. Think the Universe was trying to tell me something when I saw this picture later


FP your showing off now



I am currently part-taking in Experiment #1 ‘The Boogie-Woogie Corollary’ in Pam Grout’s new book E:Cubed which briefly involves Game 1: start the day on a happy track, pump the sky in glee, pretend to be a Latin American soccer player scoring a goal and do the Harlem Shuffle and salute the sun. Game 2: Ask for your own personal cosmic joke and game 3: Be grateful for everything.

I always aim to be grateful for everything and since I have recently returned from a lovely holiday I am re-appreciating how lucky I am for the life partner I have and I told them that fact last night.

Unexpectedly I was woken by my partner with breakfast in bed and when they opened the blinds I could see what a beautiful morning it was. Celebrate the sun !!!

This reminded me to start the day with a happy track and the happiest track I could think of was ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams followed by ‘Jump in the Line’ by Harry Belafonte which made me do my Latin American Harlem Shuffle whilst still in bed !!

My busy Sunday involved finding my iPhone 5 box because I admit it, I am a geek freak and have upgraded to a 6, buy some PC speakers for work and get the car cleaned.

I looked on-line for PC speakers and then decided to route around in the attic before I had a shower. I was failing miserably to find the phone box and just as I was about to give up I saw a carrier bag catching my eye that said “Look inside me !!” …………………. no I didn’t find the phone box but I found some PC speakers that I never knew I even had ?!! Oh my goodness Universe you are good !! Cosmic Joke.

But the Universe as I call it or the FP (Field of Potentiality as Pam calls it)  hadn’t stopped there, it was on  a role.

Since we have returned from our holiday we have noticed the cloth roof of our car is looking greenish and slightly mildewy. Prior to going to the car wash I looked on-line at ways of removing it. Various products were recommended and intended to purchase on my return because following manufacturing guidelines I don’t let the car wash guys clean it.

At the car wash one of the employees was unusually friendly and commented at the end of the wash that I would need to do something about the roof soon. To try to cut a long story shortish I mentioned the manufacturer guidelines and my on-line search and he asked what I had found he then asked did I have some extra time and went inside and found some special product and gave my car roof his undivided attention for another half an hour and asked if I could return next week where he would check if it needed another and then put a special protector on it and when I went to pay he didn’t even charge me any extra .. obviously I was very grateful for this unexpected little miracle and tipped him accordingly as he has saved me money, time and effort. Boy FP your good but just to put the icing on the cake …………………

We decided to travel out to a local restaurant for our evening meal to end the weekend and previously I had been catching up on Pam Grouts blog where I read a guest post of someone who had done the Red Pill Corollary which involved hearing one of your favourite teenage songs. The guest poster had explained they loved Prince (who doesn’t) and how she heard “Raspberry Beret” her actual fave Prince song. As we got in the car the DJ came on the radio and said “Next up we have Raspberry Beret by Prince”.

Well now FP only one Cosmic Joke was required. I think you are just plain showing off now !!!!!

That makes me Happy

Today I heard that “Happy” by Pharrell Williams is the most downloaded song of all time and that makes me happy.

What makes me happy about this fact is for me, it tells me that there are a lot of “Happy” people out there who like to listen to “Happy” music.

These kinds of facts are not the main stream facts that our media like to publicise on the front our newspapers or in our mainstream news reports.

They keep the ‘Hell in a Handcart’ details for that to scare the living day lights out of us but ….

There is happy stuff going on also and the more we look for it the more there will be to be found.

Imperfectly perfect


The other week I watched a Super Soul Sunday where the contributor spoke of how you can get anger out of your system in 60 seconds. Just breath gently and think of something else and you can get rid of anger. It’s our choice to feel angry and we can simply just decide not to be angry. I liked this thought and have been practising it.

Making a choice about a situation and labelling it good or bad echoes what I have learnt from one of my favourite authors Greg Kuhn and another bit of Greg I like to think about while I aim to do practices of learning to enhance my personal experience is that ‘I Am Growing a Greater me’ which happens aptly to be the name of his new book, well almost its “Grow a Greater You”.

Inspiringly Greg openly admits that he to practices the advise he is giving to others and that he is not perfect and has bad days. I felt good reading that but not in a disparaging way, just that it makes me feel OK to be human and not always being on top of my game too but my greatest shock was from another Super Soul Sunday when Oprah whilst interviewing a minister openly admitted to not being able to get a handle on not getting annoyed with people who do things that frustrate her and the peace-loving minister said “Me too”. I just thought if there are two people who would have this sussed one is Oprah and the other was a God-loving man.

I am far more sorted than I have ever been in my whole life in getting a handle on being frustrated or angry but feel I am not succeeding in other areas.

Sometimes it just helps to know that people who we may assume have it all worked out still have work to do on themselves as do everyone and you may be doing far better than you assume you are and it is OK to be Imperfectly Perfect