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Happy Song List 27/02/2016

This is a little bit of a cheat today as it is not the first three songs that I heard this morning. It is the first things songs I heard when I got in my car yesterday evening during drive time but they certainly made me feel happy. I hope they elevate your energy equally.

No. 1 = Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove 

I just love the line “Glide like a 747” but I don’t why but who cares what makes us feel good is individual and we should actively seek it out as often as possible.

No. 2 = Irene Cara – Fame

Go on admit it. Who remembers ‘Fame’? Even if you haven’t got a clue pull on your metaphorical leg warmers and spin around the dance floor of life and say “I’m going to live forever” cos we all do you know.

No. 3 = The Muppets – Mahna Mahna

I know it’s silly but it reminds me of being a teenager when me and my best friend used to do an impression of this song and it makes me car dance every Friday evening when I hear it. Great way to start the weekend and on that note have a fab weekend.

Love you all 🙂


Happy Song List 15/02/2016 –

To say the first 3 songs that come out of my happy play list in the morning are eclectic is an understatement but I think today is right up there. Enjoy.

No. 1 = Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell

I have thrown in the video from Pulp Fiction as this is where I first heard this song. There are other parts of the film that I don’t wish to re-watch but when ever I went out on a night out I always tried to get the DJ to play this song as it always got people throwing shapes and raising the energy in the room.

No2. = Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up

This song helps when the world tries to creep in and bother my vibe and it reminds me like the many Law of Attraction books I have read that tell me that we don’t have to accept what seems real and not to buy into the negative doom and gloom press. We can tip toe around all the shit going down and make our own positive reality.

No. 2 = Irene Cara – Flashdance What A Feeling

Woah, thank you Universe. This one gets me every time. This is a real lyric song for me. Not just a Happy vibe song. How many of us have slow glowing dreams that we hide deep inside and pretend they don’t matter or we don’t care because the fear of what might be stops us from even starting.

If you haven’t got this song in some format google it or YouTube it and don’t tell me it won’t make you want to dance through your life and make you passion happen.

You really can have it all. What a Feeling that is.