I Am a spark from the Infinite. I Am not flesh and bone. I Am Light.

Paramahansa Yogananda

The above is the picture I took whilst waiting for Robert Holden and Anita Moorjani to come on stage to pay tribute to the Wonderful Wayne Dyer.

Rob talked of his relationship with Wayne and how he felt Wayne’s work had evolved into three different stages. He showed pictures that you may have seen on the internet of his children spreading his ashes on the waters he swam in and the picture that appears to have Wayne’s face in the water. Rob told of an event about a butterfly in his car that he relates to a sign from his mother that recently passed and how a friend rationalised it and then discussed that many people have documented strange occurrences since Wayne’s passing. I had to in the first few days and didn’t feel confident to share them and rationalised them also and then Anita told her story of orange flowers and an orange on her table at the “I Can Do It” conference days after his passing which I already learned about from Pam Grout’s blog post and Anita gave a description of how she felt in the other realm in her NDE (Near Death Experience).

If you haven’t already read it. Read Anita Moorjani’s book “Dying to be me” and it will make sense. I read it as soon as it came out because of Wayne’s recommendation and it blew me away. I have told everyone for years that Wayne Dyer is my favourite author but I have bought more copies and recommended Anita’s book to more people because I felt inspired to as I felt it would help people in pain or fear from dying or when they have lost a loved one.

Anita explained how when she was in her NDE she was part of all things all at once and could be in all places simultaneously. I had read Wayne saying how he called upon the spirit of people and if you wanted an answer on a particularly hard question you could ask Einstein for help or you wanted to express your artistic side you could call on Picasso’s spirit. Despite reading this and ‘Dying to be me’ I only really got it when Anita and Rob discussed people may want to call on Wayne but feel he needs to be with his children right now so calling on Wayne would be selfish.

Anita said from what she learnt from her NDE everybody could call on Wayne and no one would be pulling him away from anyone else as he can be everywhere all at once and that Wayne’s purpose was to teach and reach as many people as possible and despite touching so many people with his books and audio and via the internet he could still only reach a certain amount of people and now he has the capacity to reach the whole Universe and there would be nothing more Wayne would like than everyone to call upon him.

This is when I understood what Wayne was referring to when he said he calls upon St Francis and now I didn’t feel so silly when I thought I was receiving messages from Wayne.

Perhaps he was trying to tell everyone who knew him and loved him that he knew it.

On entering the Troxy, the Venue where Wayne would have been in the physical but now entered in his Infinite state I was handed a green band which I must admit assumed was my sign to say I was part of this event if I wanted to go outside for some not so fresh air etc. Towards the event Rob Holden explained how in his latter chapter Wayne emphasised the importance to meditate and use a method called the “I AM MEDITATION” and Rob said he has practised this for three years now and his life has changed phenomenally. We all then took part in a ‘I Am Meditation’. Now I have to admit, despite hearing over and over the benefits of meditation I am rubbish at practicing any kind of practice and I do not have anyone physically close to me on my wavelength to share with the stuff I share here but when I took part in what was only around 6 minutes of the ‘I Am Meditation’ with everyone else in that beautiful Art Deco auditorium I was hooked and thought that’s it, surely I can find 6 minutes somewhere each day and the pay offs sound amazing.

This morning as I unpacked (all my free books because I was given two goodie bags of Wayne’s books which I already own so have decided I will give copies to people when the ‘Inspiration’ calls) I found my green band and I noticed in the day light it had some writing on it and it said “I AM LIGHT” – DR WAYNE W DYER.

What I know now more than ever is that “WE ARE ALL LIGHT’” and should meditate to get in contact with that part of us that is “LIGHT” and our lives will be truly phenomenal.

Namaste perfect beings

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