Category: Law of Attraction

  • Synchronicity Street

      “The sun is shining inside my head” That is a comment I said when someone replied to the comment I sent them. A colleague that wasn’t currently in my office sent me a message saying good morning and asking how I was feeling? I said I was fine and it was a beautiful day […]

  • Why Maria Von Trapp had it right

    I won’t go in to the whole story but the Von Trapp family has a certain resonance with me at the moment so when I heard something to do with the ‘Sound of Music’ on the radio my ears pricked up. The next evening driving home from work the DJ said so many people were […]

  • I nearly peed myself while I wanted to eat a Sxxt sandwich 

    Inspiration to blog hits me in varying rates and sometimes its non stop in the most inappropriate moments with no practical time to live stream my thoughts into a physical written word. Today it hit me whilst driving and I grabbed my laptop the instant I walked through the door. The content was my previous […]

  • Internet or Universe ???

                                After visiting the Wayne Dyer Tribute in London last week I watched a video in my hotel room (now, now, naughty !! ) by Mike Dooley and in the video Mike explained how we need to let the Universe take care of […]


    I Am a spark from the Infinite. I Am not flesh and bone. I Am Light. Paramahansa Yogananda The above is the picture I took whilst waiting for Robert Holden and Anita Moorjani to come on stage to pay tribute to the Wonderful Wayne Dyer. Rob talked of his relationship with Wayne and how he […]

  • My Job is done

    I have nothing more to blog. Shirley Batchelder said it all in 3 words “I said there is one thing,” Shirley Batchelder told WSMV-TV. “I want to put an ad on television.”

  • My First Ever Regret

          Long before I learnt of self-help books or The Law of Attraction or amazing people like Louise Hay I thankfully was able to look at every painful experience in my life and be able to be grateful. I was able to look at the events and evaluate if I hadn’t gone through that […]

  • Be Crazy Happy

      I love Pam Grout and today Pam has posted a great new blog on happiness. Just after I read it I look up at my TV screen and see an older gentleman dressed in a Union Jack suit being interviewed in London. I thought how long have I been reading because the last time […]

  • I’m getting good at this

    I’ve changed lines hoorah !!! If you’ve read my recent posts that statement will be relevant as will two white ducks and waiting for the pow, pow, pow and that one of my favourite statements is “That Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it work” Well it definitely does. Abraham Hicks […]

  • Pink Elephant alert

        I have a habit of waking up during the night and realise that I am thinking about subjects to do with my paid employment or it can become the first thing I think about as I start to rouse before I have even opened my eyes in the Am. When I catch myself […]