I feel a Shift

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I feel a shift in consciousness or is it just me?

I have documented to myself recently advertisements that I have seen in the TV that have a positive edge to them.

One where by it documents little acts of random kindness and their positive effects, another that includes the song “love is something that when you give it away”.

I particularly like the man whilst waiting on hold on the phone, instead of calculating the time and becoming frustrated chair dances around the office whilst eating chocolate and then shares the chocolate with a colleague.

Cat and budgie is another of my favourites and the paint advert whereby colour is banned and everything is grey and a lorry load of paint is treated like alcohol in the prohibition, a stray pot gets away and a girl paints her apartment and the tag line is “your life is a story” #changeyourstory.

Social network sites are often rebuked but I personally use them as  a way to expand my world and connect to other like-minded people and I have seen things like #100dayshappy and #30daysofgratitude on them. I personally haven’t taken part because gratitude and happiness are instilled in my everyday life but talking of happiness may I take this opportunity to personally thank Pharrell Williams for his amazing song.

I’d love to hear from people to know is it just me or are others noticing a shift in a more positive direction whoop whoop !!!!

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