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Little LOA’s


Broke a dish and thought ‘I need a box to put that broken glass in’. A few minutes later walking downstairs and something sticking out from under the stairs catches my eye. A box of the perfect size. 

Watching ‘Strictly come Dancing’ and am having a conversation about a professional dancer who appears to be a very good choreographer. I explain that he has previously won the competition with his now personal partner but for the life of me couldn’t remember her name. The next morning come down stairs and she is on the TV program currently showing.

Leave the house to go to a Christening at exactly the same time as our new neighbour who appeared to be wearing a uniform and leaving for work. After the Christening we are invited to a village pub come restaurant for a meal. My partner informs me that he has just spotted out neighbour waiting tables. Out of all the venues etc etc.

I recently wrote in a previous blog about Ask, Believe, Receive theory and I have noticed that Ask, Believe, Receive has been coming into my awareness a lot recently and it made me think of the book “Ask and it is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks and how it kept tapping on my door and it took about three times until I thought ‘OK I’ve got the message’ and bought the book then yesterday I am reading a book that talked about it usually takes about three times before somebody acts on something then I read of a advised exercise in the same book and the author explains that the exercise was taken from ………… the Jerry and Esther Hicks book …… you guessed it !!!