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Gorgeously Busy


I have been so gorgeously busy I haven’t had time to blog but the Law of Attraction hasn’t stopped and now I am starting to feel a bit more Ahhhh I am trying to get my normality back.

My normality is reading all stuff LAO, listening to inspiring material to and from work and journal and blog etc.

Because I haven’t been doing these normal things the Universe has been showing off big time as if to say “Hello remember me !!”

The other day I had a text message that my mother-in-law required my passport number for our up and coming holiday. Now I always keep them in the same place but mine wasn’t there. I started searching and the more I looked and hadn’t found it I felt I was running out of options and I became more and more anxious forgetting my constant connection to the Universe. Eventually I saw a great big fat “STOP” sign in front of my consciousness and I was reminded of the greatness that we are ALL ALWAYS connected to.

Over time, more and more I have believed in the “Ask and it is Given” philosophy. Believe because I have so many demonstrations that it is true so I stopped and asked for help in finding my passport but I also put a time deadline on it because the info was required ASAP.

I’ve read about this before but not really adopted it but this time I gave the deadline of 7pm the following evening.

The following day a series of events happened when I received a text from my partner saying he had found my passport and this was hours before my deadline so I felt the Universe was showing off.

There has also little things like seeing a car I desire and wonder why everyone I see is a 4 door version and when I designed my car on-line I designed a 2 door version and a short time later a 2 door version went passed. Not only a 2 door version but it had a number plate of M100 PMA and I translated it in to “My 100% Positive Mental Attitude”. You might be thinking ‘Yeah Right’ but I once read that the Universe is communicating to us 24/7 and if you have a strong feeling about something regardless how bizarre you think it is, it is a message. In my crazy little world I squealed with excitement.

Recently I thought how my partner had talked about renovating our bedroom but then never mentioned it again and I thought how nice it would be to do some work on our house to modernise it and less than 24 hours later he offered me two options for my birthday present and one was renovate the bedroom. That’s another reason I have been gorgeously busy as I have working on my new wonderful fulfilling work (check previous blog post) and then in the evening working flat out with my partner on our completely reformed bedroom beautiful luxury bedroom. Maybe a little ungrateful but enjoying the results so much I fantasised about getting the whole house finished (which has been a work in progress since 2003) but my partner has always dismissed my ideas then several hours later after having the thought he brings up the subject and says he’s considering talking to his builder friend to come and give us an estimate to at least give us a ball park figure to play with and even explained how he had been planning to raise the money.

Yesterday I noticed how a neighbour had had there whole frontage done in a patterned concrete and thought how cool it looked and how nice it would be to have it. Tonight there was a knock at the door and it turned out my partner had requested the guys doing this task to come to our house and give us a quote.

Now this is almost scary how I have a random thought and with almost lightning speed it manifests but the real miracle was when I ask the Universe to help not myself but my partner.

I have seen information previously that you can’t influence others but seeing my partners anxiety over a subject that he faced I asked for help for him and this issue. Later that day he called to see what time my train was coming in and then added guess what and he told me a series of events that had happened that day and not only was his concern resolved there was a cherry on top from a totally unexpected source that made the situation sit totally in the comfort zone and I can’t express how happy this made me feel. Even more happy than my own personal manifestations.

Don’t forget to notice the LOA’s happening in your own life then revel in the perfection in them however crazy you think you are for acknowledging them and always show you gratitude but lastly ask “How Does it Get Better Than This?” (a reference from Dr Dain Heer’s book ‘Being you, Changing The World’) because then you encourage the momentum of more magnificent, manifestations to appear.

I’m getting good at this


I’ve changed lines hoorah !!!

If you’ve read my recent posts that statement will be relevant as will two white ducks and waiting for the pow, pow, pow and that one of my favourite statements is “That Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it work”

Well it definitely does.

Abraham Hicks talks of unwanted things sets off rockets of desire in your vortex of wanted things.

Well in my employment daily I was faced with things I did not want to be part of. I made a decision to seek alternative employment and inspired by Louise Hay’s ‘I can do it’ I believed there are lots of opportunities available to me and I now have fulfilling employment etc.

I sat evening after evening applying for job after job and then I had a telephone interview. During this interview I was saying I was willing to do things that I didn’t really feel comfortable with in a future job role because I was desperate to get a new job.

I sat on my bed (the place to took the call) feeling heavy. It then dawned on me I wasn’t truly being me and I was taking action, action and not inspired action. (another reference to previous post)

I decided then that I wanted a job that I could be totally me and some other things. Tiny details but I wanted a job where I could wear nice clothes and wear nail varnish and not have to wear jeans and T shirt and have to keep my nails short and clean and crawl around machinery and I wanted to work for a forward thinking company that believed in and followed modern legislation and believed in equality and diversity so I made a decision to chill out for a week and relax and come back in a weeks time refreshed and recommence my job search with a renewed vigour and only look for roles worthy of me with the kind of values that I believed in like treating people fairly and kindly.

It was Easter weekend here in England and with 4 days off I was feeling relaxed and as my partner was mainly working I was listening and reading a lot. I listened to a Lilou Mace video with Dr Dain Heer and I liked what he was saying so I bought his book which the Universe was obviously planting in front of me to fall in line with my current thinking.

The book title is “Being You, Changing the World”

In the book Dr Dain talks of asking questions and when faced with something ask does it make you feel heavy or light and also when something good happens, don’t stop there ask “how does it get better than this” to encourage the Universe to bring you more and more fantastic celebrations of life.

On the Sunday, my partners only day off we went shopping and on the way I saw many signs that I believe were signs from the Universe and each time I asked “How does it get better than this?” and the more I did it the more magnificent things I saw. I even saw two white ducks sitting in a field and I had to stifle a laugh.

The next morning I found an email about a job interview. I hadn’t been diligent in reading my emails not thinking that anyone would contact me over the Easter weekend. The email was inviting me to an interview at 9 o clock on the Wednesday morning and to bring all evidence of certificates. This immediately felt heavy because I had a really busy, important week at work and I didn’t know how I was going to attend the interview and also naively hadn’t thought where all my certificates were stashed.

Using the ‘Heavy’, ‘Light’ technique I asked the question to the Universe “What should I do with this situation?” The answer was to email them politely thanking them for the invite but explain my reasons for not being able to attend. This felt light.

On the Wednesday a weird sequence of events happened and then at about half 1 in the afternoon I checked my emails where I was surprised to see I had received an email asking was it due to date and time that I was unable to attend as they could be flexible. I sent another ‘light feeling’ email and they emailed back saying they could accommodate me 5pm that evening but that was it.

Question to self “Should I go?”.

Answer “Go” and it felt light.

Well I had the most unprepared fantastic interview where I was able just to be 100% me and they loved it and now what seemed to be a Train Wreck was in fact definitely me changing tracks “Ka Pow, Pow, Pow !!!” oh and I get to wear nice clothes and grow my nails and wear nail polish and they have an amazing encouraging philosophy of equality and diversity etc, etc, etc.