Your Net Worth is in Direct Relationship to Your Self Worth

“Your Net Worth Is in Direct Relation to Your Self Worth”

If people do not appreciate the value of your product or service….

That’s OK … they are not “Your Ideal Client”

I recently I took this affirmation from Catherine Ponders book 📚 “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” tweaked it slightly and write it in my Journal every morning as part of Morning Routine

“I love the Highest and Best in All People, I now Draw to me the Highest and Best People, Clients and Customers”

Recently I had a customer who I probably acquired before I started my affirmation

They didn’t know what they wanted and then decided they wanted something very bespoke

To cut a story very short I completed the item and awaited collection then rather bizarrely I received a note to call them from an expected source

Let’s just say I was blown away by their manner & they obviously knew nothing how a bespoke service works and felt like I had 2 bums holes instead of 1 😜

After the conversation I felt intuitively I should get ready to give them a refund & then I thought actually

I didn’t deserve to be spoken to like that and it’s in both our interests I just give them a refund ~ full stop 🛑

After I did this someone came to me and said that this person had been coming to them for over 45 years and they were rude to them on the very first occasion and obviously dreaded their custom

They say the customer is always right …. Or they are older we must respect them

Rudeness is rudeness and is not acceptable any age or just because they are a customer or client or any walk of life
My advise ~ don’t ignore your gut and know your worth

When I told my partner of the days events he Agreed with my intuition to give them a full refund straight of the bat

By the look on there face when they arrived they were definitely intending to make me a third bum hole shall we say

I obviously took them back when I stood and told them that after our conversation I felt I hadn’t deserved the way they spoke to me and felt it was best I gave them a full refund

They still tried to continue the conversation pointing out things they had found reason to so rude

I actually feel sorry for that person that judging by the conversation with the other business owner who had been doing business with them for over 45 Years they had spend most of their life being angry and rude and….. unliked

And probably why the world was unkind and people were unkind to them

Maybe they will think twice about how they approach people in future and attract a more beneficial life experience in to the bargain
In the 4 Levels of consciousness this is Level 1 ~ Why Me and the level I spent most of my own life for 40 Years until I had an epiphany and I took responsibility for my life and my own Deliberate Creation of a more Positive Way of Living using the Law of Attraction

Now I am on Mission to live in Level 3 and 4 and help as many people do the same and wake up Happy and Grateful using my 5 Step Framework “The G.R.E.A.T Formula” ™️launching very, very soon 🔜 😜

If you would like to know more about it and how to get my gift to you of a no cost Freedom Making Morning Routine drop a comment on this post

Or come over to Instagram at alison_k_parsons follow my profile hit the bell 🔔 notification and make everything go blue and DM me the word “MORNING”

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Collaboration not competition

Wow well that was exciting !!

For me anyway 😁 it reiterated to me why I am doing what I am doing

For the longest time I have had a vision I wasn’t sure how to implement and then last December I had an epiphany whilst doing the One Funnel Away challenge and finally I saw how to bring my dream to reality

The Transformational journey I have been on since is nothing short of miraculous and one I could have never anticipated 

Initially when I joined the challenge my motive was to build a sales funnel and email list for my Brick n Mortar business and honestly the other dream I saw as separate from this at the time however the Universe was conspiring all the time

I have been keeping my cards close to my chest as when I have excitedly shared the possibilities to support others with my vision I have been shut down in the past which was frustrating at times but as Rob Moore shares in his learnings of the secrets of Millionaires and Billionaires “you have to learn to manage your emotions”

It is also interesting that some of those people who poo poo’d my ideas are advocating them now especially in light of yesterdays events

I will certainly be leveraging those platforms but I have no plans to create my origin pieces on them thanks to my learnings in recent months and from the experience gained ~ I see massive possibilities and many other platforms have opened up to me

Ideally I would have liked to launch my plans sooner but Divine Timing and all that and after another massive epiphany in May I have been avidly  building digital assets behind the scenes while I wait for the email to drop that I expectantly  know will be here in the next few days then it will be Action Jackson

Inspired Action is telling me to wait until then 😉

In the past as an employee I suggested ideas that were also shut down only to be used and taken as Their own at a later date and hands up I was not so great at managing my emotions back then and the other day I had an idea to help local businesses and boy naively did I open a can of worms because I am used to connecting with people who collaborate and support each other now, rather than compete but it’s ok because it reminded me how Grateful I am for my tribe and it actually served a purpose …..

During the worm opening session I inadvertently learnt of some information that highlighted a possible issue with what I have been working on so it led to a bit of tweaking prior to launch and showed me a world I thought I should be part of … actually I don’t and infused my passion even more to take full responsibility for my own destiny and highlighted there’s still a competitive world out there that thankfully I am no longer part of and don’t intend to be

Sometimes what looks like an uncomfortable situation is a lesson and a blessing in disguise and not to be so quick to jump to conclusions. Manage those emotions and take full responsibility for My own destiny and not to rely on an employer, economy  or Government etc


How Do You Get to Car

Hands up 🙌 New Week Honesty ‼️

I have a little Level 1 “Why Me?” victim mode going on the last couple days ~ oops 😳

Despite doing enough Personal Development that I knew this was flagging a limiting belief issue and that I needed to get my “Tool Kit” out and follow “Inspired Action” Steps to unravel the “Limiting Belief” it was trying to flag up …
It still needed a fair bit of work before I got the light bulb of why I was having these manifestation events.

Personal Development changed my Life many moons ago and I Am so “Grateful” for that yet only in the last year or so, did I truly understand that “Pain is our Friend” to alert us to a thought that is out alignment with our True Self and a reminder to find a better feeling thought or a signal that something we believe is not serving us, is limiting our potential and if we address it we will come back into alignment to a more beneficial existence.

So like a musician who wants to play at Carnegie Hall to manage these limiting beliefs that were blocking my full potential now I know the limiting belief I was harbouring I Am Practice, practice, practicing reaching for a better feeling thought to enhance my Manifesting power and attract “My” desired outcomes.

We all go through the 4 Levels of Consciousness but the more we stay out of level 1 and hang around in Level 2 and 3 and sometimes even 4 we are destined for a more blissful experience

The quickest way I feel to get out of level 1 is take Full “Responsibility” for our lives what ever they look like because ….

Then we have the power to change anything we don’t like into something truly desired


If You Are not Dead You’re winning

“If You Are Not Dead You Are Winning”

I was in privileged position to Listen to Rachel Hollis be interviewed by Vishen Lakhiani a few days ago and Rachel’s words are still rattling around in my brain ~ people are focusing on 2021 because 2020 was “so terrible” news flash shit happened before 2020 and it will happen in 2021 and beyond, sorry guys ~ we just have to deal with it ~ please be aware I Am paraphrasing because I can’t remember it word for word but I will listen again when it goes Live as a podcast 

The interview also discussed putting our real selfs out there regardless of the results and when I heard her say this I thought thank you for your honesty and maybe it’s time I should voice my opinion 

I am truly sorry for anyone who has lost a loved one or a job or a business during this time but people died and businesses failed and people lost jobs before the virus and maybe we all got a little numb to these everyday occurrences and we needed to be reminded of this fact and become more compassionate but put a label “Global Pandemic” over it and it seems like none of these events ever happened outside this situation and it has been wrapped in a blanket of fear and overwhelm and I am seriously concerned for people’s health and Mindset well-being especially when focused on the end of the Covid rainbow when we get to the other side and shit still happens but people’s mindset are even less able to cope ~ that’s the real tragedy here 

I thankfully had been passionate about personal development decades before the current situation evolved and carry out a morning routine practice that has supported me but I see people who have put skin in the game, or have accepted their cheese has moved and pivoted their personal situations and who also have experienced massive personal loss and disruption are feeling guilty to express they are ok or have succeeded even prospered during this time

Something you don’t know about me ~ I try to stick to a To Do list but often get wildly off course and a long time ago that would have riddled me with guilt and anxiety and negative self talk but these days I am a dichotomy of wanting to be more organised and stick to a list and more recently I am experimenting with surrendering to flow and acting on and tuning in to Intuition and when my copy of Rachel’s book arrived it brought back the interview and I felt an inspiration to write this post however it was quite late in the day and I decided I would post it the next day after transferring it from Evernote where I write everything first in to my blog platform

The original copy ended a few sentences back and was titled something else then but then :I didn’t see this coming happened …..

quick note: acting in flow creates a lot less stress and guilt when I diverge away from the ‘To Do’ list

So one of my facets is I have a weird and wonderful shop when I paint and sell hand carved wooden ducks and I also create bespoke orders and before I had time to transfer this copy a client came into enquire about personalised gift idea

When I took the client details I enquired if they had a daughter by a particular name recognising their’s and they asked what made me ask that and I explained who I was and they used to work with and be friends with my Mother and during my teens I had become close friends with their daughter until families came along etc and we lost touch

The lady then got emotional and apologised and said “I’m sorry, I still get upset when I think about them and it’s been 5 years now. Silly I know” Picking up on my confusion I guessed, they continued “You don’t know XXXX died 5 years ago of cancer”

Whoah ~ I definitely did not see that coming and now we are both moved emotionally

After the lady left the shop and I went to sit at my work station I guess instigated about current events and I thought about this post and how this beautiful kind soul lost their physical life 5 years earlier I literally said out loud “Well, if you are alive your are still Fxxking Winning”

Meaning what ever the situation if you have the luxury of breath in your lungs you are still winning because you can literally change your life by the quality of your next thought, and the next and next and the next

My book has recently arrived so I don’t know the exact contents but the subtitle tells me it’s just the antidote some people need right now so I have dropped the link below to preview it for yourself

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post 

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Have an awesomely Attractive Day 💛💙

If you are depressed you are living in the past

If you are anxious you are living in the future

If you are at peace you are living in the present

Statement 1 Me = Guilty

 Statement 2 Me = Guilty

 Statement 3 Me = Know to be true

 Intention to live in number 3 more and more everyday

 Someone reading this if they acknowledge it or not maybe thinking  “Yeah, but Ali is easy for you” 🤬

I heard the other day when you go after your goal people say you are crazy, when you achieve it they say you are lucky 🍀 

There is no luck involved it. It is just constant consistent action to evaluate what’s working and what’s not and keep doing what’s working and find ways to improve and remove what’s not working and ya know what I have lost count of how many times I have fallen back down the rabbit hole of doing what doesn’t serve me …… again, but that’s ok because acknowledging it and trying again eventually I retrain my brain to do what serve me more often 

Another great statement I heard the same day as I saw the above said “if you are still alive you have not failed, you just stopped ~ As long as you are alive you can start again”

How amazing is that and how liberating and empowering is that thought 😉

Read it again !!!

You have never failed. You just learn’t what works and what doesn’t. Wipe the slate clean and go again ~ Woo, Woo !! 🔥

Once of the most destructive actions in the world is guilt and the other is non-forgiveness. They literally poison your body and who do we refuse to forgive the most ~ if you didn’t already say it ill write it “Ourselves”

Question? Would you drink poison? ☠️

Of course not but that is literally what people are doing when they hash over and over in their mind something they think you should have said or done and feel guilty and refuse to forgive themselves for it and then they wonder why they feel rubbish 🤢

It is said well over 90% of what we fear never comes to pass or is as bad as we thought it would be yet we can ruin over 90% of our days by worrying about something there will never come to pass

 A bit sickening when you think about it like that ‼️Even more sickening is actually I believe those things will come to pass… why because that’s the energy frequency we are sending out like a radio tower tuning in to DoomFM so we resonate back to us more Doom, gloom, sickness, sadness, financial poverty and people say The Law of Attraction doesn’t work.  Oh it does Baby you’ll attract back anything you think about on a consistent bases. No-one said it will only work positively which seems a common misunderstanding in LOA circles

 People wonder why they are broke all the time? 

Because they must be focusing on lack of money more than abundance of money and if you think about lack what are you going to get more of? Answers in the comments section not a postcard please

 “OK, So how can you change the frequency Pollyanna” you maybe asking

 Breath, close your eyes and take 6 slow death breaths 🧘🏻

In through the nose and out through the mouth like breathing through a straw

You are now in the present and what is the Present? A Gift  🎁 

Where do you want to live? In the past, future or present and what do we all want? Gifts 💝 

When ever you feel overwhelm give yourself the gift of 6 deep breaths


Because your brain cannot think rationally in a stressful state and solutions cannot be found in this state of mind.

Not to mention it is quick and free and people say they can’t afford or haven’t got enough time to embark on Personal Development

 Get out of that one Batman 

I have to admit this was advised to me a few months ago while in overwhelm, see I told you I’m not perfect. I keep going back there and the technique I mentioned above I learnt off of John Assaraf but now I remember to breath because I have seen the positive results of doing it and it makes more sense to do it than not do it

 If you have followed my advise, now you are in a calmer state, start thinking about things you are grateful for, no matter how small. 💭 

It’s good to start with someone you love because they will put you in a good frame of mind and it doesn’t have to be human. It can be a pet and then see what else comes to mind? 

For me I start with Gratitude every morning now from having a good nights sleep to the bed I am in and the roof over my head and hot and cold running water etc see we all have something to be grateful for even if we think we don’t and coincidentally this is literally how I started my journey of change with no greater task than that and why do I ask you to do this because you literally can’t think positive and negative at the same time so if you are in a negative thinking state either in the past or the future start thinking about the things you are grateful for 🙏🏻

Even better write them down in a journal and make this a practice every morning so you consciously start you day off right 

Probably most successful person I know either physically or virtually states Gratitude as their number one secret ingredient 

I wasn’t perfect at this either and kept forgetting but eventually I started to change my brain that it has become habit and what is a habit? Just a thought we keep thinking over and over again. 

Can’t change a habit? Let me ask you …..

Were you born knowing how to walk? Ah nope and you weren’t born thinking negatively either. You just learn’t it over a period of time like walking and like any other habit you learn’t over time you can learn to think more proactively for your well-being and who doesn’t want to be in a state of well-being 

Trust me. If I can go from flip flopping from A to B for yearsssssss !! to spending the majority of my time in C if you want to spend more time in C like me literally take a breath and say thank you

As I mentioned I am constantly working on myself and I am currently reading “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer which helps explain as I am seeing it how we are tethered to fear, how it is effecting us and how we can untether ourselves from itIt maybe a book you find useful to and if so I have added an affiliate link here for you to check it out 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post 

I am a multi passionate person and this blog is just one facet so if you liked what read and want to see all my facets why not check out my Full Website at (PS: There is a little Freebie over there) …. or read some of my archive blogs that might just touch your heart 💙💛 in just the right way today and ….

Have an awesomely Attractive Day 💛💙

I have gone from the “Fxxx” word to the “Fxxxx” word in one week

I got asked an interesting question this week and it hasn’t left me and I know there are no accidents so it was perfectly placed there by the Universe because my brain was already dabbling with a similar situation 

The person was aware and a follower of the Law of Attraction and asked “why is it when I set my goals they don’t work”

Not knowing enough about this persons situation I admitted I can’t answer that question for you but what I can tell you is, which was a subject of a recent blog post which I titled “The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work” is that we get what we are not what we want if there is a mismatch there and I briefly explained the premise of that post which I recommend reading to get the full story but basically I said if we use affirmations to say “I Am so happy and Grateful I am a millionaire” but your brain doubts that fact and says “no your not, you’re broke you are resonating broke. Not millionaire so you attract (Law of Attraction style) broke .com not rich FM as someone I love and admire calls it.

I found using lofty questions a better way to get around the statements that our brain may not believe and that sometimes in hindsight what seems so uncomfortable and separate from our desire actually has a purpose many years later as I had experienced only the day before when I could see the connection of something that happened 21 years ago and didn’t turn out as I planned only has its true meaning become evident now 

When I met this person I was already coming out the other side of a Frustrating situation that made me shout “Fxxxxxxxx” at the top of my voice in a public space.

This is so not me but I actually found the situation very liberating so I did it again a few times with this time, some fist bumping on the desk 
I was then able to breath and ask the question what is this situation trying to tell me?

I am far enough down the Personal Development journey to know enough now that bumps in the road are signs that we are a little off course but it can still take me some time in the mist of frustration to get to that point and that is because the brain shuts down to rational thinking in the state of stress or anxiety so we keep wading forward with our muddy thoughts with no possibility of finding the best possible solutions which taking some deep breaths will allow us.

Once I had taken the breaths I honestly didn’t have all the answers of why what was happening was but I had the realisation that because I had decided to Level Up I was finding certain things frustrating because they don’t fit in with my next level desired way of Living so I had Faith this was a sign of movement towards my desired goals were starting to take shape and manifest 

From that realisation I had a sense of peace and excitement all at the same time and the synchronicities started to flow again and I told this person how I had come across some of the material that inspired my blog post mentioned previously after seeing a conversation with Dr Michael Beckwith and him saying how we can learn through pain or we can learn through pleasure and they are called Kensho and Setori and one of the most profound, for me sentences I ever heard “Pain Pushes until Passion Pulls” 

I also learnt from Dr Michael about the 4 levels of Human Development and number 1 is victim mode ~ why is this happening to me and then level 2 is being done by us which is the mode I keep reverting back to and I aiming to live more in 3 and 4 which he expresses far more eloquently than me but 3 is through us and 4 as us and that if we are in level 2 by us maybe what is meant to be 3 and 4 is different than what we think we should be doing and that is why we bump up against obstacle because what we think we should be doing isn’t actually our purpose 

In my frustration mode then breathing state I thought “was the obstacles a sign to go a different path and stop this activity?”

A short time later I had 2 prior engagements that took me away from my then current thinking state and then later a sequence of events happened that made me think “Oh my days, that is what I call a sign and stop being a wingy little B and pull up your Boss Babe pants” It was a clear sign to keep going 

That’s also a good example of when things aren’t working out how you want to go, do something completely different and enjoyable and open up the good feeling thought channels again and allow the synchronicities to happen 
Later that day a situation that I decided to have Faith working out well did exactly that reminded me to always focus on the Faith F word instead of getting wrapped up in things that make you scream FxxK 

Last night someone warned that traffic was bad and I thanked them for the heads up and said looks like I need to get a podcast prepared for the journey then the podcast I chose wouldn’t play and it started to play a different one with Lisa Nichols and Lisa said something that really struck me. 

She said when people set a goal they focus on the goal and think it will be easy and then get surprised when they face struggle but just because you set an intention to achieve a goal and then focus on the goal no-one said the journey was going to be easy. What they should teach is to decide on a goal then focus on the journey to get to that goal and do what it takes”

See no accidents and talking of no accidents and as a final note to this blog post. After my own particular struggles and frustrations this week and my refocus on Faith I heard a Tony Robbins quote that said 

“Everything Happens for a Reason and a Purpose and it serves You”

I have consumed some incredible content this week and have ended my week on a massive high but what I also learnt. That many of the people I admire and who are massive thought leaders now went through massive struggles and dark nights of the soul and were still going through them when they started to get public acclaim but they just kept on going when the going got tough.

One person said when you go for your goal they say you are crazy and when you achieve success they say you are lucky 

They’re not crazy they have the same brain as you and there was definitely no luck involved they just kept showing up regardless what showed up on the journey for them, like an aeroplane that’s of course 98% of the time but eventually it still gets to it’s destination and so can you if you have Faith on the outcome

It might be worth mentioning since my realignment every morning I have been the first here since and the shutters have been down and I have had time to do the things I wanted to undisturbed ~ funny that 😉 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post I am a multi passionate person and this blog is just one facet so if you liked what read and want to see all my facets why not check out my Full Website at (PS: There is a little Freebie over there) …. or read some of my archive blogs that might just touch your heart 💙💛 in just the right way today and ....

Have an awesomely Attractive Day 💛💙

“Don’t Die with your music with you”

Today 5 years ago was the Transition of the Man who literally changed my life Dr Wayne W. Dyer.

Reading one of his books on a bus on the way back from London after spending an incredible day in Tate Britain I read the words “Don’t Die with Your Music still in you” and the story behind it .

The next day I started my blog and if you have seen my website they are featured on the home page and cover banner on my Facebook page of the same name.

Now that music can come in any shape or form but means just share your gift with the world 🌎 .

I was meant to be spending an evening with Wayne Dyer in London on the 1st of October 2015 at a Hay House event and I was in London when I learnt of his passing after a glorious bank holiday weekend and I was back there the next day for work and while in the hotel I watched Wayne’s film below “The Shift”.

I admit I cried, I cried for Wayne, I cried for not seeing him in person and I cried for myself because of a scene in the film as my heart ached because I was not fulfilling that part of myself.

I can thankfully say less than 2 years later that part was fulfilled and then some and then some.

I can thankfully say I know longer sense that loss and My Passion is for no one else to feel it and die with their music still in them and that’s why today in honour of Wayne I share the full version of the film with you and hopefully it inspires to share YOUR music with the world 🌍 xoxo

Arigato 🙏🏻

The Law of Attraction Doesn’t work

Stop Press “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work”

“What I hear you say !!” You are the Law of Attraction Lover” 

Yes I have been proliferating for years LOA this and LOA that but call it an epiphany. Wake up call (same thing Parsons)

If you know my posts I have been not only Law of Attraction Mad but I am passionate about Personal Development and devour content daily
Recently I was drawn to a certain area of study and effortlessly I am being brought to the perfect for Me content which is really relevant to what I am about to say

Sometimes you can be brought to the same information over and over but it only click in the perfect Divine Time you are ready to truly receive it.

I have heard about the Law of Resonance many times 

I have stated we are like giant energetic radio masts sending out a signal, vibration attracting back to us what we ask for “AKA” The Law of Attraction 

I have also heard from the amazing Abraham Hicks you can’t be broadcasting on for example in the UK where I am from Radio 1 and expect to listen to ‘Heart Radio’ because they are on totally different frequencies so you have to retune your frequency to whatever channel “Heart Radio” is playing on if you want to listen to a bit of Abba or Lionel Richie cos it just ain’t gonna happen on Hip Radio one which is a word that is totally out of alignment with that station. It’s probably more like “Sick”

I recently posted on my social media feed about my new best purchase. My UMI EarPods check them out below and I was listening to a podcast during a Social Distancing queue when my mind just popped ……..

I love, love, these !!!

I love, love, love these –

“Affirmations don’t work !!” Which is another revelation if you know me because I lovvvveddddddd an affirmation.

Now as I said previously. I have heard about the Law of Resonance many times but with the way it was explained in this podcast something just switched 

Maybe because of some of the information I have been ‘resonating’ with a light bulb went on 

Everything we ever want already exists right now. We have to start acting “As If, NOW” is also material I have recently heard over and over again and knew I had to actively practice. 

Trusting that everything we ever want already exists ~ like I trusted that everything is just vibrating balls of energy when I was first presented with Quantum Physics makes it a done deal and that’s what I realised is why The Law of Attraction and my affirmations worked for me “Faith”

I resonated the belief that those un-yet collapsed balls of energy would indeed collapse in to my desired outcome so I didn’t in fact resonate back to me what I wrote my affirmations about. 

“So you may be thinking. I’m confused. Are you saying the Law of Attraction does, or doesn’t work?”

Yes it does but not how I have been previously believing and pontification about 

When I desired something and resonated “Out” Faith in it I resonated or ‘attracted’ it back to me

When I desired something and didn’t resonate ‘Faith” in it’s manifestation I didn’t receive it.

I resonated back to me whatever the lack go belief statement I was subconsciously telling myself so its the Law of Resonance. Not the Law of Attraction at work 

I, you, we can’t stand as one thing and ‘Hope’ to attract something we currently are not.

We just attract more of what we are. Whatever “Us’ styley radio station frequency we are currently broadcasting at.

IE: If we are writing affirmations “I Am so happy and grateful I am a millionaire” but in reality thinking and therefore broadcasting “Why do I always struggle to pay my bills?” You are attracting back to you ‘Channel Struggling to Pay MY Bills” not Millionaire FM

The other day I remembered one of the most productive times in my life was when I heard about and practiced what I like called “Lofty Questions” and decided to adopt ‘Lofty Questions’ again and then I felt an inspiration to post about Christie Marie’s Lofty questions to inspire others so I am guessing here I am doing just that.

Lofty Questions are a bit like affirmations but instead of writing a positive statement you don’t truly believe in hope of attracting it and therefore resonating the lack of it you ask in a way like you already have what you desire and therefor grateful for receiving it and this fits with the “As If’ scenario 

If you feel ‘As if’ you already have something or situation, even for as little as a few minutes a day you are broadcasting you are already your desired outcome and therefore resonating to you the circumstances and situations for its fulfilment 

It’s science Baby. Quantum Science and many have proven it. Consciously and sub-consciously 

If you want to bend reality ‘consciously’ a Lofty Question could be something like this …

“Why do I always (always is a good word for LQ’s) “Why do I always have more than enough money than I ever need to pay ‘ALL’ my bills now and forever more, easily, effortlessly and on time”

I like to add a wow to mine “Wow, why do I always etc, etc” or “Wow, how is my life so amazing I always …..”

My advise is what to do you have to lose? Is Law of Attraction 1.0 working for you. Saying affirmation you don’t truly believe in and hoping for the best or have a play with Lofty Q’s and see what happens and if you want any more advise on how to construct a Lofty Q do not hesitate to head on over to my website or email me at where you can also get a Freebie from me.

Yes I do still believe in LOA but this new 2.0 version 

Also why not check out those amazing earphones from Umi. in the link above .

They are so much more discreet than some other kinds I have had and connect instantly without having to constantly having to go back in to your settings to reconnect

Come in a great case and are perfect to pass the time listening to a Personal Development audiobook, podcast or YouTube video while you wait in a queue and train you brain at the same time 

Also depending on when you read this. Watch this space for my new podcast coming soon titled the same as my blog. Law of Attraction Lover where in the first episode I share my journey into LOA 

Until next time …. Get resonating a Life of Freedom and Joy xoxo 


Learning the sad news of this beautiful soul feeling so overwhelmed she felt she had no choice but to take the drastic decision she made I ask you ???

Are you going to live an Ordinary or Extraordinary life from this day forward ?

I am no different than anybody else

I have felt so overwhelmed that I nearly made the same decision due to bullies but thankfully after giving the Universe an Ultimatum what I now know as The Law of Attraction kicked in and a whole series of events ensued

I am now living my best life and achieving a lot of my goals and setting more all the time and know they will all manifest eventually

And the only way they won’t is if I feel they won’t serve any expanded version of me any more

You may think it’s ok for her, she’s just lucky etc but I have not always been like this

I was the most negative person in the world

I would embark on a goal and at the FIRST sniff of a set back give up and feel poor me

But gradually with the assistance of Personal Development and using mindset tools I still get set backs but I just use them as set ups and now I just reassess and restart

I hear in business arenas all the time These two words “consistency” and “compound”

Meaning you have to do things consistently and eventually it will compound and you will see results but the same applies to Personal Development, Mindset and activating the Law of Attraction in your favour however I see people with lifetimes of negative programming try one Personal Development technique and because they didn’t see INSTANT results say “this stuff doesn’t work” and go back to focusing on “the lack of” and negative thinking

(Focus on lack ~ attract more lack)

(Focus on what you want ~ attract more of what you want)

I wrote above “in your favour” ~ you may think I am a total crack pot (I don’t care) you may think The Law of Attraction doesn’t work (it’s scientifically proven aka Quantum Physics)

It’s working Baby if you feel it or not ….. when? ….. now, now, now !!!

What ever you just focused on and thought about sent out an energetic signal to the Universe and you are now attracting that thought back to you ~ good or bad ~ that’s why I said “In Your Favour”

Was that thought attracting magnificence or lack to you? Pain or Joy? Your dream life or your Hell life?

The Law of Attraction works 💯 of the time All the time buts it’s like everything else. It takes consistent effort and over TIME those efforts compound and you see the fruits of your thoughts

I did not say labour on purpose because to me labour conjures up the thought of hard work and for me hard work has a negative vibration around it and negative thoughts and vibrations Block and Repel your magnetising power

Yes you are literally a human magnet 🧲 so please please please watch your thoughts and if you catch yourself thinking something negative “Thank it and Flip it”

Thank it for reminding you want you don’t want so you can remember and focus on what you do want and then …. imagine yourself already living/doing that thing … if possible add more things to it that you can see yourself doing … squeeze the joy out of it like it is an orange and even for as little as 30 seconds trust me you have set your self of the path of positive intention/attraction then …..

You have “Asked” now you just need to “Believe” in the “Yet” unseen and “Surrender “ and “Trust” you will “Receive”

Maybe not tomorrow !! maybe not next week !!! but if you keep those thoughts focused on positive not negative you will Attract that Extraordinary life !!!

Surrender, surrender, surrender and if you feel yourself focusing on the lack of ~ surrender some more and trust that it is coming

And as a Tribute to that beautiful girl who felt so much pain don’t waste another second “Get Shit Done”

As a foot note: I am seeing that Trolls may have contributed to her pain. As a victim of bullies I wish I could wave a magic wand and make them stop 🛑 but I know that won’t happen

The most liberating day for me was when I stopped caring what people thought and came out of the shadows to be my most

authentic self and when I feel myself caring I do something to work on my mindset and switch back

Yes I am human and I have wonky (character building) days but that’s where that consistency comes in

This is a Lifetimes work ~ not a one day thing if you wanna live life on your terms not somebody else’s

If you do not want to waste another day and want to start living life on your terms and need some support feel free to email me at or click on the link below to find out a new way of living a life of Freedom and Joy

Going For Gold

Don’t be like Me !! 

I must admit Today I am Living in regret !!! 😟

But it’s ok because it kicked me up the Butt and not going to make the same mistake twice 🤪

My Dream is to create multiple streams of income and a residual income to allow me to do what I love and love what I do, not be compromised and be able to live a Life of Freedom and Joy and I am on a mission to encourage and help as many others to do the same so why when I saw something I wanted to do did I talk myself out of it? 😢

That old conditioned part of me kicked in and rationalised my desire and all the practical reasons why I shouldn’t do it and unfortunately I listened without even acknowledging it. 

I didn’t walk my talk and have Faith in the Universe and the Law of Attraction and make it happen and now I am sad and extra motivated at the same time !!! 😳

What am I regretting ???

I am huge fan of the Life Force that is Marie Forleo and recommend her for motivation to any one who says I would love to do what you do but …. I can’t afford to give up my job, but I have people relying on me, I don’t know how to start my own business etc and I say it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing Thang !! Check out Marie …. She had multiple part time jobs while she worked on building her legacy and I would loveeeee to Meet Marie 😍

So the Universe gave me an opportunity to fulfil this as Marie was in London yesterday on her book tour for her book “Everything is Figureoutable” ironic when you think I didn’t figure it out 

When I heard of the Tour I checked out the link for Tickets and they were sold out (sad face) then I saw an announcement that surprised by the desire for tickets another larger venue was available and more tickets were on sale “Yeah” (not sad face). This time tickets were available but that’s when the rationalising, boring don’t live for today voice kicked in.

You’ll have to shut the shop for 2 days, travel costs, hotel stay for a very short time event and I let the boring voice win and I thought I was alright with it until I saw a post on Tuesday of Marie on her travels and how great it was and there was a small seed of disappointment 

But fast forward to yesterday and the massive kick in the Teeth and I saw all the B-Schoolers meeting up before the event and having a great time including someone I know and Love was there with them and I could have had the opportunity to meet them too and seeing their posts and the other posts I was like … WTF Girl (in Marie’s  voice)!! What have you done ?!?! You will never get that opportunity again and serious regret set in 😞 

Thankfully I did act on an Opportunity the Universe gave me when I rein-stilled by goal for residual income to Travel more and the Miracle the Universe gave me means I can actually do both and after an incredible Conversation just now I am using Yesterday’s regrets to fire me up 🔥🚀

Initially coming into this I thought I would start it small and build from there but now I am “Hell no, I am going for Gold” and looking for like minded people who want to Go for Gold and turn their Lives around and Live a Life of Freedom and Joy 

The Opportunity I found means you can run your business from anywhere in the world but also start while you still have your day job or paint ducks 😉 because there are no products, no targets or volume to reach each month so nothing gets flushed sooooooo no pressure 🙂 🙂 🙂 … if you know Network Marketing you’ll know what I mean and what a joy this means 🙂 

It is Service based with multiple income streams and a residual income opportunity and the Team Culture and Training is awesome. My Up Line is incredible and supporting me in a way I have never known and I intend to emulate her as a Leader

When I first heard about it it kept me awake at night I was so excited about the gift I had been given only a few days after setting my intention for more Travel and a Residual Income ~ The Law of Attraction is just amazing !!

Do you like I used to, feel sick on a Sunday, hate Mondays. Eventually start dreading Monday when I left the office on a Friday and calculate how long I had until I retired 

If you are ready to start living the Life you actually deserve and start Going for Gold then keep calm and drop me an email but don’t like I did let that rational voice talk you out of something Truly amazing and live in regret because all the best spots are at the Top 🥇

And ….. !!!!

Remember my belief that Age is irrelevant so none of that “I’m to old baloney” 

Entrepreneurs don’t retire. They don’t need to, they love what they do and do what they love. 

“My wish for you is that you truly live a Life of Freedom and Joy”

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On a mission to help others create a life of freedom and joy using the Law of Attraction