Cream on my Soul

The other day I “accidentally” found the gift from God that is Elizabeth Gilbert.

I am having a girl crush with her. She says so much that makes sense and says it in a way that feels like I am literally having cream poured over my soul.

I could listen to her all day and all night just to hear her dulcet tones but have the added bonus of wisdom thrown in.

Her words to me just remind me that every one of us whilst actually being pieces of God and vessels as to channel that fact through have this constant battle with our physical selves that tell us that we are not worthy, what we do is not good enough, no-one will want to hear it or see it or read and I loved particularly the other day in the video that I posted that Liz openly admitted that her first book was not that good but hey it’s my first book it’s not going to be good.

She also talked of the pitfalls of perfectionism and how it stifles because we expect stuff to be perfect before we can share it – GUILTY !!

I was listening to Liz on a YouTube talk through my head phones before walking in to a particularly challenging day and that’s when I said to myself “This feels like Cream on my Soul” and then also thought ‘what if I screw up today, I’m new at this and I know I am trying my best and if I make a mistake to hell with it there are worse things going on in the world’

I also then remembered that I am a physical vessel for my non-physical self and the divine is in me all the time and there is nothing that I don’t have the answer to inside of me so how can it not go well? Bring it on !!

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