ARK’s 2

Last week I arrived in London at 5:30pm where I made a short tube journey to my hotel.

At first the tube was surprisingly clear when a smartly dressed young man got on looking frustrated and angry. Rather bizarrely to me whilst huffing and puffing to himself he started tossing old tube tickets over the floor of the tube. He also threw away a plastic Oyster card and someone handed it back to him thinking he had dropped it accidentally . He snapped at the kind commuter that it was rubbish.

The next station a man got on and if I am honest was scruffily dressed with a long grey pony tail carrying a guitar. Nievily I just assumed he was a musician on his travels.

He then started playing said guitar.

I was actually enjoying the impromptu performance but even more enjoyable/amusing was the way people acted like nothing was happening.

The tube got busier with ever stop and he kept on playing and people were squeezed in like sardines and I watched as people looked miserable and annoyed having to share the tube with busker but the busker however had a big smile on their face.

When the angry smartly dressed young man squeezed passed me to get off the tube he turned to a boy in school uniform and said “stay in school or you might end up like that” I thought it was quite cruel and uncalled for but I also thought ‘who had it made’ because the busker appeared far happier than Mr Suited and Booted.

Tonight I saw this video and made me happy.

Let me know how it makes you feel?

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