All We Need is Love


I haven’t been able to blog for a while or feel inspired too in truth but the main preoccupation of my thoughts are not the atrocities of Charlie Hebdo magazine but how people have reacted to it.

Yesterday I saw an article with tips about the Law of Attraction. To be honest it was nothing I hadn’t read before but I still read it in case there was something new and one of the suggestions that I have read in the past was not to listen to the news and since I read this I do avoid the news as much as I can but there are always moments when the news comes on the radio whilst in the car or on the morning TV Program which is exactly how I first heard of the events at Charlie Hebdo on the car radio and as I dressed for work and picked up snippets of various news reports on AM TV my thoughts weren’t on hate for these people, my thoughts were to send out LOVE to all humanity.

It was instinctive but it wasn’t always like that.

Initially when I read material and advise about not judging people that carry out actions that are hard to comprehend I would have to work at this not judging people, practising unconditional love, to remember that at the true 99.99% level of who we are, we are all perfect and had to keep working at it but I think it was when I read something recently that struck me, that my instinctive act of LOVE originated from.

Part of the information was using an analogy about feeling poor and hard done by and looking at wealthy people and thinking ‘Look at them, why do they get all the money? Why am I so poor? I hate that they are so rich and I am so poor …. ra ra ra etc etc’ and explaining by these actions all you are doing is keeping yourself poor because you are focusing your powerful thoughts on your poverty and therefore attracting more poverty to yourself and by looking at their wealth you are actually make them wealthier. I have blogged about this recently but in this situation I was thinking if I hate these people for what they have done or get angry all I will be doing is perpetuating hate and creating even more anger in the world and the only way we are going to solve the problems of our world is through LOVE and putting our attention on LOVE and our attention on the things we love and taking our attention away from the things we don’t love. If we get angry etc all we’ll be doing is perpetuating the thing we hate and want to obliterate so nothing gained.

This morning in the background I heard a news reporter discussing yesterday being at the Rally in Paris and how what they experienced was a celebration of Joy and Unity. Hearing that made my heart sing.

A few months ago I blogged about my own personal perception that I felt there was a Shift happening in humanity. What I have read since that post was I am not alone or actually I needed to wake up Sister because this bandwagon has been rolling for quite a while. From the snippets of news I have seen or heard and things I have seen on social media all I am seeing from this situation in Paris is ‘Solidarity’ ‘Unity’ people of various faiths standing together. People showing acts of love in various ways. Stories of selfless acts and heroism. Situations that arose because of what happened in Paris last week.

My picture above was saved from a post I saw on Social Media related to a Charlie Hebdo.

Part of my morning ritual is to pick something inspiring to listen to from YouTube and on the morning that I decided to send my LOVE to all humanity and beyond afterwards I randomly picked Gregg Braden talking about the power of our hearts. In the video Gregg discussed a tool that scientists can use to measure how far our heart radiates outside of us which was several feet and added saying that it doesn’t mean that the radiation or effects of it stop there it is just that the tool cannot measure any further than this distance currently and in fact whose to say the potential of how far our hearts can reach? It could be infinite.

Just think of the potential of that and how we could affect the world, that in any given situation we automatically sent LOVE out in to the world.

I read once we can never know what is at the Source of an experience, the true purpose, bigger picture therefore we shouldn’t judge.

Let’s not judge just Love !!!!!!!!



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