My Happy Song is Yazz

I am grateful for all the words I have read by the amazing authors over the last 15 years or so since being handed Susan Jeffers “Feal the Fear and Do It Anyway”

My circumstances may not have changed much on the outside but over the past few days I have come to learn I have definitely changed mentally because if I had to face what I have faced before reading the books I have read and more so since reading ‘The Secret’ in 2010 I would have been an emotional puddle right now.

Two days ago my partner and I were meant to fly to Jamaica for a dream holiday and my daughters wedding but instead it is 5am as I write this and I am laying in bed after having surgery following breaking my leg in three places just by carrying out such a mundane task as carrying out the trash.

Yes I was heart broken and in devistating disbelief at first with the multitude ofconnotations.   Missing such a presious time, not being there for my daughter, depriving her of my partner giving her away, not being able to continue temporarily with the course I have been training for, loss of income etc however despite going through these feelings almost instantaneously I felt there must be a purpose and I have met twi people in unexpected circumstances who have asked me the same question and I have constantly reminded myself nobody has died and there are people far worse off.

I have also noticed crazy amounts of Little LOA’s in action as I call them when I see the Law of Attraction at play in my life. One being, I have recently thought how nice it would be to have a swanky camper van and having the time luxury to travel to see numerous amazing places and as we are traveling to the hospital yesterday morning shortly before arriving we follow a brand new swanky camper van with ‘LOA’ in the registration place 😀.

There was a possibility of permanent nerve damage following the op and I sensed anxiety in the staff as more and more time passed and I couldn’t move my toes or feel their touch and I began to feel it rise in me but refusing to be ruled by fear because I feel that subconscious fears may have been a contributor to my situation. At 3am I Asked for the ability to move my toes and went to sleep making positive statements regarding my health and I woke an hour later with this little piggy going wee wee wee all the way home.
I then chose a Bob Proctor meditation from my YouTube app to aid me to sleep and instead of making me sleepy it has inspired me to think “The Only Way is Up”

Maybe this time recuperating I will finally write my book and start to make artwork again.  


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