16 Sep

We are all Jedi Masters. It’s just that some of us have forgotten to use the ‘Force’

What the Flux

Flux is a state of change. Like a cell or body dividing and growing, or aging and dying. Always moving, always changing. The most interesting Flux of all is the Vacuum Flux! It is also known as the Quantum Vacuum Fluctuation.

When you are looking for an electron for example, you have to “renormalize” the data you have collected in order to see the electron. This is because when you look deep into matter, at some point all you can see is an infinite field of seemingly chaotic energy. Once you “renormalize” the data however, you can then observe the tiny tiny bit of energy that is the electron. But hold on, just a minute here, what exactly was the infinite field of energy we had to “renormalize”? Well my friends that infinite field of energy is the vacuum flux. It is the space between! Like the Dave Matthews Song…

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