It’s not your job to like me – it’s mine

Today I noticed that something’s have been quite challenging. Stupid things happening I find frustrating and wondered “hmmm what Am I sending out there to make this happen?” 

It continued when I finially plucked up enough courage to go back to the gym. I came into contact with a trainer who spews negative comments (I am assuming subconsciously) and made some sarcastic comments about me thinking, I had left the gym. I was furious and thought right lady, I try to ignore your spew but that’s it you’ve hit the limit today and your actions are so unprofessional I am writing a letter of complaint to the manager.

I did come home write that letter but a short time later I questioned my motives, was it competition, one up monship, ego, perhaps this was a lesson from the Universe to practice compassion, unconditional love regardless and I found I didn’t really care anymore and deleted the letter.

A short time later I was reading something I really like in “You are a Bad Ass” by Jen Sincero which was saying when you break out of the norm, dare to risk don’t be surprised that things suddenly go wrong for example If you open your dream pastry shop and suddenly somebody comes crashing through the front window take it you are on the right track and just keep going, your faith will be rewarded then I saw this picture on Facebook


I send blessings to the lady as she probably is not even aware she is acting like this and that there is another better way and I send blessings to myself for consistently trying to break out of the norm, ask questions and retrain my habitual old negative thought patterns 

Today Matthew “I like myself”

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