Yes SxxT Sherlock

More and more I’ve become aware of the terminology “No SxxT Sherlock” being used when someone states a very obvious fact but today when I heard some very unusual information my brain said I need to blog about this and I want title my post “Yes SxxT Sherlock”.

I have blogged previously that long before I knew anything about the ‘Law of Attraction’ or ‘Quantum Physics’ I noticed how my thought processes seemed to work differently to my other contemporaries.

I wanted to learn and grow and further my education rather than aspire to the mass majority of my class mates choices at the end of our basic education service.

When sent on an Art Project on my first day at college and asked to vocalise our findings my other class mates looked at me like a freak when my observations were totally different from there’s and I saw life and creation instead of desolation and degradation.

When at University and I heard a lecture on cosmology I embraced it totally like ‘Yeah that totally makes sense to me’ when all my fellow students ridiculed the Lecturer after he had left (and these were mature students !!)

As long as I can remember I have heard about oil is running out. We all drive more and more cars etc and one day fuel/petrol/gasoline/diesel will run out however I have never panicked when we hear about resources running out because I truly believe that alternatives will arise like the cavalry to save the day.

And ‘Yes SxxT Sherlock’ I heard of maybe one such case in point on the news. Today a bus was used to Shuttle people from the city of Bath (in the UK) to Bristol Airport that was fuelled by the bi-product of human waste. Now there is a resource that will never run out !!!


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