Who is this person ?

Last night I finished a book within hours of buying it for £ 0.77p on kindle app. The title caught my eye as I knew too many times I have let this be my downfall and thought if I can find a way to over come it ‘That would be helpful’ and for £0.77p … bargain. The book was by Vishwanath and called “How to destroy self-doubt”.
Well it wasn’t what I was expecting but then ‘Pow’ !! It was telling a story of how three Deities came to a village and the villagers wanted to meet them but the Deities were on the other side of a thick forest they believed wild animals inhabited. Only three people came forward to meet the Various God figures for fear of the animals and death. Prior to the trip the forest gate-keeper was instructed to whisper some advise in the three courages villagers ears to aid and survive the journey. However one by one they all perished and in the end it was the gatekeeper that made the trip successfully and came back with much knowledge. Cut to the Batman style Kapow !! The moral was –  If you could drop doubt, fear and anxiety there is nothing you would fail at.
Anxiety about the future was the actual statement but I thought if I did in fact lead my life by dismissing fear doubt and anxiety which I, like the villagers that perished have fallen victim too, acknowledged them if they rise and remind myself that they are all false and listen to my inner voice – hey ho as the the picture below says –
Less than 3 months ago I was a stressed little puppy about money now I Am paying bills for someone else without any hesitation or stress and I’ve gone from fearful Fanny Annie to “Who cares? What’s the worst that could happen?”

Who is this person and what have you done with the old one? I “DONT” want her back.

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