What’s happening around me !!

Feeling Grateful I Am one of the dry ones !!

Moorland and Burrowbridge are literally 2 and 9 miles from where I live.

Burrowmump at Burrowbridge is one of my favourite places on earth and feel very privileged that I can literally jump in my car be there in ten minutes.

Heartbreaking to see it like this and feel so much for the residents.





2 responses to “What’s happening around me !!”

  1. I feel the same! 🙁 I can’t believe the utter devastation there right now, it feels so weird to see these beautiful places (that I also adore and visit regularly) on the main news and under so much water! The willow/basket making place shocked me the most, I didn’t realise how deep the flood water is until I saw that image! Glad you’re safe from the flooding xx

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