Unwavering Faith in The Universe

When I purchased Gabby Bernstein’s book Super Attractor I also purchased for $1:11 (clever Gabby adding an up sell) a set of meditations

Because my Morning Routine had to change in early 2022 due to a change in circumstances I started listening to 2 of these meditations every morning while dressing and one of them is called Morning Mantras and the other Unwavering Faith in the Universe

This change in circumstances was meant to be temporary while I worked on other stuff but the reality was far different than sold on the tin ( ever find that?) Making it far more difficult to work on the projects I had planned

It hasn’t been an easy road to hold unwavering Faith in the Universe but slowly as I see subtle changes I have stronger and stronger Unwavering Faith that everything is working out in my favour.

I am currently listening to and reading another book I first heard of from another author called The Gap and The Gain by Dan Sullivan and Dr Benjamin Hardy and maybe it is because of this book I have become more aware of the incremental change that appear before me

In the loalover.club I already have a section based around the Gap but I trust that I will be updating this once I have finished the book from a new fuller awareness about the Gap and in Gain

If you have an Intention, a goal or dream you still Wish Fulfilled a tip I suggest is start Journaling every little win or gain you observe in your daily life and you will start to see how far you have come instead of how far you have to go. It will also bolster Your Unwavering Faith in the Universe and the yet unseen as you get closer and closer to your desired outcome

A few days ago I learnt something amazing about our desires via Regan Hillyer but I will save that for another post so watch this space

Also watch this space for free access to the Law of Attraction Lovers Club (something I Am working on after an Inspired Action the other day).

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