The Magic Path of Intuition indeed



The other day rightfully so I was advised that miracles were actually the standard operating  procedure of the Universe however yesterday I noticed when I stopped believing in miracles they have appeared to stop happening.

However I am still aware of the magnificent power of the Universe and that we are being sent messages all the time.

Something I have been putting my energy in recently hasn’t worked as planned and I have been a little ‘Ok what next Universe’ whilst still holding my focus on thinking the perfect opportunity will arise at the perfect time and I shall have to accept that and accept that time may not be tomorrow or next week or the next decade. I reminded myself of my heroine ‘Louise L. Hay’ and how for Louise some of her achievements I admire she hadn’t achieved until she is older than I am now.

I never take any notice of adverts on the sides of Facebook but this afternoon something caught my eye. A book by Florence Scovel Shinn (The Magic Path of Intuition). Someone else I admire. ‘Do I have this book? I don’t recognise the cover.” I thought.

I decided to check both forms of eReaders I use. “Nope, not in my collection”

I have had several gut feelings today and the thought that I never take any notice of adverts and that Florence was referred to in another book I was reading only two nights ago made me think I should buy this book.

I just started reading it and there was a introduction by Louise Hay of how she felt a kinship towards Florence for a very long time and that this manuscript was only found in 2012 despite Florence passing in 1940 and how Hay House was approached as possibly the most appropriate publisher for this type of material and Louise wrote how she is still continuously astounded in how life works in wondrous ways.

If Louise L. Hay still gets astounded by the miraculous workings of the Universe I to am going to keep believing in miracles like the miraculous way this book came to my attention even if really it is actually the norma way of things.

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