Thank You

Use BS as rocket fuel to transport you towards your dreams

Bothered by other peoples Bull Sxxt?

Good ๐Ÿ‘

Not gonna lie, being spoken to like Dog, Do Do unnecessarily or a passing unwarranted passive aggressive comment will most likely wrankly for a bit

And let’s face it, whenever is being spoken to like excrement or passively aggressively ever  expected, necessary or warranted? So yes it will smart a little ….

But be smart about it ASAP !!

Instead of brooding on it or plotting your revenge

Serious Neg Abundance Blocking Energy

Use Ho’Oponopono and say “Thank You, I Love You” ๐Ÿฅฐ  (repeatedly if necessary, sorry advisabley)

Am I nuts?

(Probably, but not for this reason)

Forgiveness is one of , if not the Highest Form of Vibration. Even more than Gratitude

It’s been tested, people have had their brains wired up everything and the results were profound and Personal progress was made where before none could be achieved regardless of whatever Personal Development they undertook thanks to the act of Forgiveness

Maybe that is why “Please Forgive Me” is one of the Four main Ho’Oponopono phrases because really there is no “out there”.

Maybe being disrespected is a message to remind you to respect yourself more or that you are not in the best environment for ‘You’ and that you are playing small and deserve better and in this BS situation it is a gift because we can all play small and get complacent at times.

It can also be the superbooster you need to jet propel you towards your dreams

If you find yourself in this situation use it as a catalyst to say “You know what. Enough is enough. I don’t deserve this and I am going to ….” fill in the blank for whatever you desire to do be or have but have been drifting on or never actually taken action on before

Indecisiveness is the killer of dreams but a dream or goal cannot be killed if you never quit.

It’s ok and it’s common to drift. Let life get in the way but use the BS as a trigger button to jolt you back into the present moment and say “oh yes, I forgot myself for a time there. Where was I? What was I doing? Where do I want to go? Do? Achieve?

Not even sure you know what you want? 98% of the World Population don’t apparently according to the book I am immersing myself in at the moment.

No problem ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let the BS be the reminder you need to say now is the time to find out because “WE ALL” have a purpose and start to be one of the 2%

Nobody needs to know and on the surface for a while it will look like nothing has changed but as my favourite quote says

“Once You Make a Decision The Universe Conspires to Make it Happen” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In my Law of Attraction Club I have an exercise called “Switch it To Ditch It”

I used this very exercise for myself once I heard about it and everything I wrote down has manifested in a very short space of time but I admit I have been guilty of drifting too and that’s why I have been probably getting my own BS button triggered so it’s time to do a new updated version of “Switch it to Ditch” It for myself and I have started using my own form of BS

Marie Forleo’s B-School

As a B School Alumni I can take B School at any time for any project old or new but B School is currently running a Live Summer School version and I intended to start it but as can normally happen it is currently on week 3 and I hadn’t started until today

Today I used BS to propel me to start B~School because one of the first things I learned from B~School is

There is no behind in B~School and there is no behind in whatever you desire as long as you decide to just keep going and not quit

Most importantly “Don’t Quit on Yourself because in reality we are all made of Stardust capable of Infinite Possibilities”

If you want to know more about the LOA Club just click on the link below

Law Of Attraction Lover Club

PS: I will be dropping some new modules on Ho’Oponopono and EFT in there shortly as I am an Advanced Ho’Oponopono and Law of Attraction Practitioner if you are not aware as soon to be an EFT Practitioner

Namaste ๐Ÿ™

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