Thank you, thank you, thank you…. for reminding me to work on my f’d up money mindset

Thank you, thank you, thank you …. for …..

reminding me to work on my f’d money mindset.

If you haven’t already, please read the quote from Amanda Frances’s book “Rich As Fxxk” above.

Amanda Frances is a very successful multimillionaire yet every day she still has negative thoughts relating to money and everyday she works on those beliefs.

Now I can relate to this because like most people I have grown up with a negative Money Mindset subconsciously picked up from my environment.

One of me earliest memories was coming down stairs when I couldn’t sleep to find my mum doing sums on a tiny notepad in the middle of the night.

This wasn’t going to be the first time I found these notepads or saw her making calculations but I was bemused by why my Mum who didn’t go to school want to do Maths voluntarily?

I now know, many years later. She was trying to balance the books as it were and decipher how on Earth she could make ends meet and pay the bills.

I have sooooo many things to be grateful for, and I Am.

Via The Level 2 of awareness on the Four Levels of consciousness I have manifested many incredible things, experiences and opportunities but financial success was not one of them and I truly believed I would never master my poor money mindset which is a negative self fulfilling prophecy right there of my own creation.

Then I would read a really good money mindset book. Attract money and think I got it sussed and stop doing the positive money mindset stuff and attract lots of circumstances for the money to gradually go away and then as I saw it dwindle “fear and doubt” would set in of how I am going to pay this bill etc and I would reenforce by belief that I couldn’t cure my bad money mindset.

Not aware I was just activating The Law of Expansion.

What you focus on expands so focusing on lack of money expanded and  attracted more situations for a lack of money.

I see now I thought mastering your money mindset was a one time event.

When the money came rolling in you had cracked it and bingo. No more crapadoodle money thoughts and the money would increase and keep on rolling in kinda thing.

Wrong !

I think it was Amanda that first introduced me to the concept that “It’s never going to go away and like Zig Ziglar says about bathing I’m going to have to work on it every day.

That’s not such a bad thing.

To me, It was a liberating thing.

It’s liberating to think I’m not a failure and I can improve my money mindset and consistently working on my money mindset is part of the deal I have to live with and it’s normal.

I can honestly say I truly think I am making progress in my way of looking at and thinking about money. So much so I am now picking up on other people’s negativity around money and their subconscious speech around money.

It’s actually a bit of a weird passion of mine of hopefully switching people on to their subconscious negative language and hopefully helping them understand the detrimental effects of things they say innocently that don’t serve them and hopefully help them change their language to something more constructive.

Remember what I said above about The Law of Expansion?

I was actually inspired to write this blog post because the exact opposite happened to me recently.

I was in a room with several people and one of them mentioned a holiday they booked and someone said how expensive holidays are now and they replied “well the money’s gone now and I’ll just have to learn to deal with it” or words to that effect.

I gave them a positive affirmation to say about letting go and trusting more money will come and suddenly it triggered a whole set of negative comments about money from the other occupants of the room.

Whoa ! I was aghast of the spontaneity of this verbal deluge of negativity around money.

Instead of inspiring people it seemed to create this flood gate of ‘not on my watch will you convince me that money is easy to come by” dialogue.

One person said “it always goes out faster than it comes in”.

“Careful. There’s a negative affirmation about money you are creating there” I replied but the negative affirmations around money continued and I said something I never say out loud. I said “sorry guys but I am going to have to take myself out of this conversation because it’s making my energy crash right down” and I opened Amanda’s book on my phone to put me in a more positive mood. Normally I just out myself inside an Energy Bubble.

I admit I was thinking in quite an indigent manner after the conversation ended and thought “Can these people hear themselves? I gave them a positive affirmation around money and pointed out their subconscious negative speech around money and the detriment of that and it only fuelled them to continue more.

Ahh hello Ali. That’s The Law of Expansion right there. You were focusing on not being surrounded by negative money mindset so activated more negative money mindset.

Then I chose to see it as a gift.

In Ho’Oponopono it is suggested to say mentally “Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks” over and over again when faced with someone who sees negatively and to clean on the situation or think “Thank you, I love You” repeatedly to take responsibility and clean on the negative emotions that are showing up.

Both The Law of Attraction and Ho’Oponopono say ….

Everything is a mirror. There is no “Out there”.

Everything we see is a physical representation of our inner thoughts and feelings.

I chose to see this situation as a gift because it reminded me to be working  on my own money mindset and I can see now. Whenever I hear any negative things being said I can choose to see this as a reminder to clean by saying “Thank you. I love you” over and over because we can become complacent or distracted and the cleaning never ends.

We pick up negative thoughts and energies all the time.

Now that you have read this post. Maybe, whenever you catch yourself thinking or speaking negatively or are in an environment where the conversation matter is negative try mentally repeating “Thank you I love you” and know you are cleaning out old negative thought, programming and beliefs.

You may think it is Hogwash but what have you got to loose? I started a simple Gratitude Practice in 2010 (me the former “Most Negative Person in the World) and I didn’t know then how it was going to change my life. I just followed Inspired Action.

Talking of changing beliefs Dr Joe Vitale my Law of Attraction and Ho’Oponopono Mentor who was once homeless and is now a multimillionaire doing what he loves started saying to himself “the more money I spend the more money I receive and you can tell from the above statement how that worked out for him.

Now whenever I “Feel” anxiety “Feelings” around money and say a large purchase I immediately repeat “I will not worry, I let go and trust. I now have more money than I can spend. I always receive more money than I spend.

I admit I only just starting to dabble with this but to maybe encourage you to try it the other day I felt inspired to give to a colleagues raffle and I won a £25 voucher for a meal in a local restaurant.

I didn’t give to receive. I genuinely wanted to help the cancer charity but I didn’t just let the occurrence go. I acknowledged this as evidence of my thought process and beliefs as changing that more money comes in than I spend, then another situation where I felt inspired to give £10 to another colleagues daughter’s charity fund raising event and they said that’s too much. Let me give you some back. But I checked in with myself and thought “No, Inspired Action suggested this amount.” So insisted I kept it to the same amount and moved on with my day.

A couple days later I was having the tyres changed on my car and I was talking to my partner and he went on his phone mid conversation and thought he’s gone into a scroll hole and stopped talking. He then said “I have just sent you £100 towards the tyres as I drive your car more than mine now”.

I use all situations like this as evidence my beliefs are changing and my affirmations are working which only fuels me to do it more.

Hopefully this post will inspire you to try changing your beliefs to “there is always more money coming in than going” out and use any evidence like examples above to validate change and inspire you to do it more and more and activate The Law of Expansion in Your favour.

After all it worked for Joe and it can work for all of us to and I highly recommend a great book by Catherine Ponder “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”. just tap on the title to be taken through to grab a copy. In it Catherine has some amazing affirmations around multiplying the money you have spent to come back to you tenfold or even a hundredfold.

Now who doesn’t want some of that?

I believe You reading this now. Are a good person. And the world needs good people to prosper and serve the world with their purpose and prosperity and kind hearts.

Ali xoxo

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I’d love to hear your Law of Attraction stories so why not drop them in the comments below

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