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If you are depressed you are living in the past

If you are anxious you are living in the future

If you are at peace you are living in the present

Statement 1 Me = Guilty

 Statement 2 Me = Guilty

 Statement 3 Me = Know to be true

 Intention to live in number 3 more and more everyday

 Someone reading this if they acknowledge it or not maybe thinking  “Yeah, but Ali is easy for you” 🤬

I heard the other day when you go after your goal people say you are crazy, when you achieve it they say you are lucky 🍀 

There is no luck involved it. It is just constant consistent action to evaluate what’s working and what’s not and keep doing what’s working and find ways to improve and remove what’s not working and ya know what I have lost count of how many times I have fallen back down the rabbit hole of doing what doesn’t serve me …… again, but that’s ok because acknowledging it and trying again eventually I retrain my brain to do what serve me more often 

Another great statement I heard the same day as I saw the above said “if you are still alive you have not failed, you just stopped ~ As long as you are alive you can start again”

How amazing is that and how liberating and empowering is that thought 😉

Read it again !!!

You have never failed. You just learn’t what works and what doesn’t. Wipe the slate clean and go again ~ Woo, Woo !! 🔥

Once of the most destructive actions in the world is guilt and the other is non-forgiveness. They literally poison your body and who do we refuse to forgive the most ~ if you didn’t already say it ill write it “Ourselves”

Question? Would you drink poison? ☠️

Of course not but that is literally what people are doing when they hash over and over in their mind something they think you should have said or done and feel guilty and refuse to forgive themselves for it and then they wonder why they feel rubbish 🤢

It is said well over 90% of what we fear never comes to pass or is as bad as we thought it would be yet we can ruin over 90% of our days by worrying about something there will never come to pass

 A bit sickening when you think about it like that ‼️Even more sickening is actually I believe those things will come to pass… why because that’s the energy frequency we are sending out like a radio tower tuning in to DoomFM so we resonate back to us more Doom, gloom, sickness, sadness, financial poverty and people say The Law of Attraction doesn’t work.  Oh it does Baby you’ll attract back anything you think about on a consistent bases. No-one said it will only work positively which seems a common misunderstanding in LOA circles

 People wonder why they are broke all the time? 

Because they must be focusing on lack of money more than abundance of money and if you think about lack what are you going to get more of? Answers in the comments section not a postcard please

 “OK, So how can you change the frequency Pollyanna” you maybe asking

 Breath, close your eyes and take 6 slow death breaths 🧘🏻

In through the nose and out through the mouth like breathing through a straw

You are now in the present and what is the Present? A Gift  🎁 

Where do you want to live? In the past, future or present and what do we all want? Gifts 💝 

When ever you feel overwhelm give yourself the gift of 6 deep breaths


Because your brain cannot think rationally in a stressful state and solutions cannot be found in this state of mind.

Not to mention it is quick and free and people say they can’t afford or haven’t got enough time to embark on Personal Development

 Get out of that one Batman 

I have to admit this was advised to me a few months ago while in overwhelm, see I told you I’m not perfect. I keep going back there and the technique I mentioned above I learnt off of John Assaraf but now I remember to breath because I have seen the positive results of doing it and it makes more sense to do it than not do it

 If you have followed my advise, now you are in a calmer state, start thinking about things you are grateful for, no matter how small. 💭 

It’s good to start with someone you love because they will put you in a good frame of mind and it doesn’t have to be human. It can be a pet and then see what else comes to mind? 

For me I start with Gratitude every morning now from having a good nights sleep to the bed I am in and the roof over my head and hot and cold running water etc see we all have something to be grateful for even if we think we don’t and coincidentally this is literally how I started my journey of change with no greater task than that and why do I ask you to do this because you literally can’t think positive and negative at the same time so if you are in a negative thinking state either in the past or the future start thinking about the things you are grateful for 🙏🏻

Even better write them down in a journal and make this a practice every morning so you consciously start you day off right 

Probably most successful person I know either physically or virtually states Gratitude as their number one secret ingredient 

I wasn’t perfect at this either and kept forgetting but eventually I started to change my brain that it has become habit and what is a habit? Just a thought we keep thinking over and over again. 

Can’t change a habit? Let me ask you …..

Were you born knowing how to walk? Ah nope and you weren’t born thinking negatively either. You just learn’t it over a period of time like walking and like any other habit you learn’t over time you can learn to think more proactively for your well-being and who doesn’t want to be in a state of well-being 

Trust me. If I can go from flip flopping from A to B for yearsssssss !! to spending the majority of my time in C if you want to spend more time in C like me literally take a breath and say thank you

As I mentioned I am constantly working on myself and I am currently reading “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer which helps explain as I am seeing it how we are tethered to fear, how it is effecting us and how we can untether ourselves from itIt maybe a book you find useful to and if so I have added an affiliate link here for you to check it out 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post 

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Have an awesomely Attractive Day 💛💙