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Learning the sad news of this beautiful soul feeling so overwhelmed she felt she had no choice but to take the drastic decision she made I ask you ???

Are you going to live an Ordinary or Extraordinary life from this day forward ?

I am no different than anybody else

I have felt so overwhelmed that I nearly made the same decision due to bullies but thankfully after giving the Universe an Ultimatum what I now know as The Law of Attraction kicked in and a whole series of events ensued

I am now living my best life and achieving a lot of my goals and setting more all the time and know they will all manifest eventually

And the only way they won’t is if I feel they won’t serve any expanded version of me any more

You may think it’s ok for her, she’s just lucky etc but I have not always been like this

I was the most negative person in the world

I would embark on a goal and at the FIRST sniff of a set back give up and feel poor me

But gradually with the assistance of Personal Development and using mindset tools I still get set backs but I just use them as set ups and now I just reassess and restart

I hear in business arenas all the time These two words “consistency” and “compound”

Meaning you have to do things consistently and eventually it will compound and you will see results but the same applies to Personal Development, Mindset and activating the Law of Attraction in your favour however I see people with lifetimes of negative programming try one Personal Development technique and because they didn’t see INSTANT results say “this stuff doesn’t work” and go back to focusing on “the lack of” and negative thinking

(Focus on lack ~ attract more lack)

(Focus on what you want ~ attract more of what you want)

I wrote above “in your favour” ~ you may think I am a total crack pot (I don’t care) you may think The Law of Attraction doesn’t work (it’s scientifically proven aka Quantum Physics)

It’s working Baby if you feel it or not ….. when? ….. now, now, now !!!

What ever you just focused on and thought about sent out an energetic signal to the Universe and you are now attracting that thought back to you ~ good or bad ~ that’s why I said “In Your Favour”

Was that thought attracting magnificence or lack to you? Pain or Joy? Your dream life or your Hell life?

The Law of Attraction works 💯 of the time All the time buts it’s like everything else. It takes consistent effort and over TIME those efforts compound and you see the fruits of your thoughts

I did not say labour on purpose because to me labour conjures up the thought of hard work and for me hard work has a negative vibration around it and negative thoughts and vibrations Block and Repel your magnetising power

Yes you are literally a human magnet 🧲 so please please please watch your thoughts and if you catch yourself thinking something negative “Thank it and Flip it”

Thank it for reminding you want you don’t want so you can remember and focus on what you do want and then …. imagine yourself already living/doing that thing … if possible add more things to it that you can see yourself doing … squeeze the joy out of it like it is an orange and even for as little as 30 seconds trust me you have set your self of the path of positive intention/attraction then …..

You have “Asked” now you just need to “Believe” in the “Yet” unseen and “Surrender “ and “Trust” you will “Receive”

Maybe not tomorrow !! maybe not next week !!! but if you keep those thoughts focused on positive not negative you will Attract that Extraordinary life !!!

Surrender, surrender, surrender and if you feel yourself focusing on the lack of ~ surrender some more and trust that it is coming

And as a Tribute to that beautiful girl who felt so much pain don’t waste another second “Get Shit Done”

As a foot note: I am seeing that Trolls may have contributed to her pain. As a victim of bullies I wish I could wave a magic wand and make them stop 🛑 but I know that won’t happen

The most liberating day for me was when I stopped caring what people thought and came out of the shadows to be my most

authentic self and when I feel myself caring I do something to work on my mindset and switch back

Yes I am human and I have wonky (character building) days but that’s where that consistency comes in

This is a Lifetimes work ~ not a one day thing if you wanna live life on your terms not somebody else’s

If you do not want to waste another day and want to start living life on your terms and need some support feel free to email me at alisonkparsons@lawofattactionlover.com or click on the link below to find out a new way of living a life of Freedom and Joy


Going For Gold

Don’t be like Me !! 

I must admit Today I am Living in regret !!! 😟

But it’s ok because it kicked me up the Butt and not going to make the same mistake twice 🤪

My Dream is to create multiple streams of income and a residual income to allow me to do what I love and love what I do, not be compromised and be able to live a Life of Freedom and Joy and I am on a mission to encourage and help as many others to do the same so why when I saw something I wanted to do did I talk myself out of it? 😢

That old conditioned part of me kicked in and rationalised my desire and all the practical reasons why I shouldn’t do it and unfortunately I listened without even acknowledging it. 

I didn’t walk my talk and have Faith in the Universe and the Law of Attraction and make it happen and now I am sad and extra motivated at the same time !!! 😳

What am I regretting ???

I am huge fan of the Life Force that is Marie Forleo and recommend her for motivation to any one who says I would love to do what you do but …. I can’t afford to give up my job, but I have people relying on me, I don’t know how to start my own business etc and I say it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing Thang !! Check out Marie …. She had multiple part time jobs while she worked on building her legacy and I would loveeeee to Meet Marie 😍

So the Universe gave me an opportunity to fulfil this as Marie was in London yesterday on her book tour for her book “Everything is Figureoutable” ironic when you think I didn’t figure it out 

When I heard of the Tour I checked out the link for Tickets and they were sold out (sad face) then I saw an announcement that surprised by the desire for tickets another larger venue was available and more tickets were on sale “Yeah” (not sad face). This time tickets were available but that’s when the rationalising, boring don’t live for today voice kicked in.

You’ll have to shut the shop for 2 days, travel costs, hotel stay for a very short time event and I let the boring voice win and I thought I was alright with it until I saw a post on Tuesday of Marie on her travels and how great it was and there was a small seed of disappointment 

But fast forward to yesterday and the massive kick in the Teeth and I saw all the B-Schoolers meeting up before the event and having a great time including someone I know and Love was there with them and I could have had the opportunity to meet them too and seeing their posts and the other posts I was like … WTF Girl (in Marie’s  voice)!! What have you done ?!?! You will never get that opportunity again and serious regret set in 😞 

Thankfully I did act on an Opportunity the Universe gave me when I rein-stilled by goal for residual income to Travel more and the Miracle the Universe gave me means I can actually do both and after an incredible Conversation just now I am using Yesterday’s regrets to fire me up 🔥🚀

Initially coming into this I thought I would start it small and build from there but now I am “Hell no, I am going for Gold” and looking for like minded people who want to Go for Gold and turn their Lives around and Live a Life of Freedom and Joy 

The Opportunity I found means you can run your business from anywhere in the world but also start while you still have your day job or paint ducks 😉 because there are no products, no targets or volume to reach each month so nothing gets flushed sooooooo no pressure 🙂 🙂 🙂 … if you know Network Marketing you’ll know what I mean and what a joy this means 🙂 

It is Service based with multiple income streams and a residual income opportunity and the Team Culture and Training is awesome. My Up Line is incredible and supporting me in a way I have never known and I intend to emulate her as a Leader

When I first heard about it it kept me awake at night I was so excited about the gift I had been given only a few days after setting my intention for more Travel and a Residual Income ~ The Law of Attraction is just amazing !!

Do you like I used to, feel sick on a Sunday, hate Mondays. Eventually start dreading Monday when I left the office on a Friday and calculate how long I had until I retired 

If you are ready to start living the Life you actually deserve and start Going for Gold then keep calm and drop me an email but don’t like I did let that rational voice talk you out of something Truly amazing and live in regret because all the best spots are at the Top 🥇

And ….. !!!!

Remember my belief that Age is irrelevant so none of that “I’m to old baloney” 

Entrepreneurs don’t retire. They don’t need to, they love what they do and do what they love. 

“My wish for you is that you truly live a Life of Freedom and Joy”


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