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The Law of Attraction Doesn’t work

Stop Press “The Law of Attraction doesn’t work”

“What I hear you say !!” You are the Law of Attraction Lover” 

Yes I have been proliferating for years LOA this and LOA that but call it an epiphany. Wake up call (same thing Parsons)

If you know my posts I have been not only Law of Attraction Mad but I am passionate about Personal Development and devour content daily
Recently I was drawn to a certain area of study and effortlessly I am being brought to the perfect for Me content which is really relevant to what I am about to say

Sometimes you can be brought to the same information over and over but it only click in the perfect Divine Time you are ready to truly receive it.

I have heard about the Law of Resonance many times 

I have stated we are like giant energetic radio masts sending out a signal, vibration attracting back to us what we ask for “AKA” The Law of Attraction 

I have also heard from the amazing Abraham Hicks you can’t be broadcasting on for example in the UK where I am from Radio 1 and expect to listen to ‘Heart Radio’ because they are on totally different frequencies so you have to retune your frequency to whatever channel “Heart Radio” is playing on if you want to listen to a bit of Abba or Lionel Richie cos it just ain’t gonna happen on Hip Radio one which is a word that is totally out of alignment with that station. It’s probably more like “Sick”

I recently posted on my social media feed about my new best purchase. My UMI EarPods check them out below and I was listening to a podcast during a Social Distancing queue when my mind just popped ……..

I love, love, these !!!

I love, love, love these – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07N3TYDWG/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til?tag=alisonkparson-21&linkCode=w00&linkId=f6a6733c9ee92dab9ba87fc42abc9c9f&creativeASIN=B07N3TYDWG

“Affirmations don’t work !!” Which is another revelation if you know me because I lovvvveddddddd an affirmation.

Now as I said previously. I have heard about the Law of Resonance many times but with the way it was explained in this podcast something just switched 

Maybe because of some of the information I have been ‘resonating’ with a light bulb went on 

Everything we ever want already exists right now. We have to start acting “As If, NOW” is also material I have recently heard over and over again and knew I had to actively practice. 

Trusting that everything we ever want already exists ~ like I trusted that everything is just vibrating balls of energy when I was first presented with Quantum Physics makes it a done deal and that’s what I realised is why The Law of Attraction and my affirmations worked for me “Faith”

I resonated the belief that those un-yet collapsed balls of energy would indeed collapse in to my desired outcome so I didn’t in fact resonate back to me what I wrote my affirmations about. 

“So you may be thinking. I’m confused. Are you saying the Law of Attraction does, or doesn’t work?”

Yes it does but not how I have been previously believing and pontification about 

When I desired something and resonated “Out” Faith in it I resonated or ‘attracted’ it back to me

When I desired something and didn’t resonate ‘Faith” in it’s manifestation I didn’t receive it.

I resonated back to me whatever the lack go belief statement I was subconsciously telling myself so its the Law of Resonance. Not the Law of Attraction at work 

I, you, we can’t stand as one thing and ‘Hope’ to attract something we currently are not.

We just attract more of what we are. Whatever “Us’ styley radio station frequency we are currently broadcasting at.

IE: If we are writing affirmations “I Am so happy and grateful I am a millionaire” but in reality thinking and therefore broadcasting “Why do I always struggle to pay my bills?” You are attracting back to you ‘Channel Struggling to Pay MY Bills” not Millionaire FM

The other day I remembered one of the most productive times in my life was when I heard about and practiced what I like called “Lofty Questions” and decided to adopt ‘Lofty Questions’ again and then I felt an inspiration to post about Christie Marie’s Lofty questions to inspire others so I am guessing here I am doing just that.

Lofty Questions are a bit like affirmations but instead of writing a positive statement you don’t truly believe in hope of attracting it and therefore resonating the lack of it you ask in a way like you already have what you desire and therefor grateful for receiving it and this fits with the “As If’ scenario 

If you feel ‘As if’ you already have something or situation, even for as little as a few minutes a day you are broadcasting you are already your desired outcome and therefore resonating to you the circumstances and situations for its fulfilment 

It’s science Baby. Quantum Science and many have proven it. Consciously and sub-consciously 

If you want to bend reality ‘consciously’ a Lofty Question could be something like this …

“Why do I always (always is a good word for LQ’s) “Why do I always have more than enough money than I ever need to pay ‘ALL’ my bills now and forever more, easily, effortlessly and on time”

I like to add a wow to mine “Wow, why do I always etc, etc” or “Wow, how is my life so amazing I always …..”

My advise is what to do you have to lose? Is Law of Attraction 1.0 working for you. Saying affirmation you don’t truly believe in and hoping for the best or have a play with Lofty Q’s and see what happens and if you want any more advise on how to construct a Lofty Q do not hesitate to head on over to my website alisonkparsons.com or email me at alisonkparsons@lawofattractionlover.com where you can also get a Freebie from me.

Yes I do still believe in LOA but this new 2.0 version 

Also why not check out those amazing earphones from Umi. in the link above .

They are so much more discreet than some other kinds I have had and connect instantly without having to constantly having to go back in to your settings to reconnect

Come in a great case and are perfect to pass the time listening to a Personal Development audiobook, podcast or YouTube video while you wait in a queue and train you brain at the same time 

Also depending on when you read this. Watch this space for my new podcast coming soon titled the same as my blog. Law of Attraction Lover where in the first episode I share my journey into LOA 

Until next time …. Get resonating a Life of Freedom and Joy xoxo