Stop !! Think Before You Act !!

I called it, unfortunately ‼️

For the longest time I wanted to speak out

Shout out ‼️ Just stop it ‼️

Just this week I saw a post my another Hustler hospitalised and struck down by illness

Last night I saw a post by a person who instigated me to want to scream stop 🛑 and to be honest it did slightly annoy me …

Well maybe more than a little or I wouldn’t be inspired to write this post

I’m not shutting up anymore

The other day I received a message of an area I should focus on

That message didn’t come while I was hustling

It didn’t come while I was grinding from hard work

It came because I was aligned and it happened with no effort from me

The person that motivated me to write this post wrote in there’s since having a serious diagnosis it’s caused them to reevaluate life and there was a tinge of sadness as they acknowledged going after an accumulation of awards and for no other good reason but to win. To be the best but at what cost

But more to the point … what motivation

They saw lots of late nights. Early mornings and sacrifice

I see so much wasted time that they could have been appreciating a life they now so clearly value but put off until later

And now all they want to do is keep living but subconsciously their send off sentence was still tinged with hustle and grind and inspiring others to do the same

That’s what P’d me off 😱

This person has spent years encouraging others to hustle and grind. Work long days (and nights) and sacrifice time with loved ones for rewards later and nowhere have I ever seen them apologise to the people they have led along the way. There way ‼️ who have probably equally sacrificed and experienced stress and guilt for not living up to or experienced that persons level of success

Stress and guilt are out of alignment with our true nature and anything out of alignment with our true nature causes Dis-ease in our bodies

Read that again…

Anything out of alignment with our true nature causes DISEASE ‼️ in our bodies

And what’s happening to the Hustlers and Grinders ⁉️

What’s happening to this person ⁉️

I previously read what’s motivated them ⁉️

It didn’t pass me by previously reading that while having some holistic forms of treatment they got to a route cause of always hustling

After experiencing poverty as a child no matter how rich they got they feared if they stopped the money would run out and they feared returning to poverty so they just kept hustling whatever the cost

There Health was the cost ‼️

I appreciate this was subconscious but at the same time they subconsciously pulled a lot of people along their fear based journey

Thanks to my Divine Download I know what work was afoot here and now it’s my work to raise awareness and Inspire a more Faith Based Approach to a fulfilling life without Fear

Faith in the yet unseen. Faith in always being supported. Faith over Fear

Namaste 🙏🏻

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