shot to the heart

Shot to the heart !! 


This morning appeared like any other apart from whilst doing up my shoes for work I was listening to an interview with Nelson Mandela’s daughter about a film of his life that has been made and just listening to her speak was so moving and reminded me that I can overcome anything and achieve anything because my wants and woe’s are nothing compared to to what this man has overcome and achieved never wavering from his vision and doing it with such grace and dignity and drove to work feeling light and inspired and grateful for the beautiful vision of a morning purely because of the thought of such and inspirational beautiful human being and now today of all days on the same day that felt so beautiful this morning because of Him I Am ending it with physical pain in my chest and the news of the passing of such an incredible hero of our times but at the same time feeling hugely privileged that I got to live Now to experience such a shining example to us all RIP MR NELSON MANDELA !!




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